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Never have clever children.

Maglor: *over-brushes Elrond's hair*

Elrond: Ow.

Maglor: Sorry, darling. *tries to be gentler*

Elrond: Be careful, Ada!

Maglor: *chuckles* Yes, little lord!

Elrond: *leans as Maglor brushes*

Maglor: *works out the knots carefully then sets to braiding*

Elrond: Lots of braids?

Maglor: Is that what you'd like?

Elrond: Uh huh.

Maglor: Then I'll put in lots of braids. *this suits him, it'll take awhile*

Elrond: *is very good, sitting still*

Maglor: *rather broody as he plaits Elrond's hair*

Elrond: *notices, since he's not humming or singing* What's the matter, ada?

Maglor: What do you mean? Nothing is wrong.

Elrond: You're not singing.

Maglor: *pauses in his braiding; damn perceptive child!* Should I sing?

Elrond: If you want.

Maglor: *resumes braiding* Perhaps you should sing.

Elrond: Will it make you feel better?

Maglor: I will like it very much!

Elrond: Okay. *begins singing a simple tune Maglor has taught for him, in a sweet voice*

Maglor: *smiles; Elrond does have a nice voice; keeps braiding*

Elrond: *sings several songs during the lengthy braiding process*

Maglor: Very good! You remember so many of them.

Elrond: Of course.

Maglor: *finishes the last plait and refrains from kissing Elrond's head, lest he mess up the neat braiding* There you go.

Elrond: *shakes his head, feeling the braids whip around* Thanks, ada! *beams*

Maglor: *amused* You're welcome.