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(crash landing)

Ai, dear Ulmo, what's happened? *sitting on the ground, rubbing his head with both hands, before looking around and trying to get his bearings* Such a splitting headache. Everything shook for a moment and now... and now?

*rises* Is this not Gondolin still? But everything... Eru... this is not right.

*checks himself finding his sword, knitting needles, a book on Telerin-style child-rearing (which he'd been planning to lend to Fingon), and a pouch of gold*

Where is my wife? My sons, even. *under his breath* Varda, I swear if this is because I said your entire paper is a lie I will hunt you down.

Well, I suppose I should try to find -someone- familiar and figure out what in Eru's song is going on.
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*Fëanor's out on his daily stalk around the city, causing mild-manered elves to scatter in his wake, when he spies a familiar face*

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It is... have you been here before?

*quite certain no one's mentioned him being in the city before*
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Strange things have been happening here, brother. There's something wrong with timelines - we've all been pulled from different places and times, to arrive here, and no one seems to be able to get back from whence they came.

*his eyes narrow* Eru sneezed? And what's that about Kanafinwe? Have you seen him already?
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Perhaps it is for the best. *because Kanafinwe as a female? that sounds even more crazy than Eru being ill*

Anyone who followed me was touched by madness in some way. *this is said in a tone that's both wry and grim at the same time - it's funny but it's true*

Your children seem to be behaving, but to be honest, I don't see much of them. *or anyone at this point* No, we have not. I've... got some thoughts on it though. But perhaps you should speak to your son - the king - first.