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Glorfindel of the Golden Flower ([personal profile] golden_years) wrote in [community profile] gondolindrim2014-04-07 09:40 pm

getting back into things

What is it about life that always lands you being caught by friends when you're at your worst? But, it's alright, I'm feeling much better now. So much so that I let Lio buy me a pint.

Glorfindel: Ecthelion, you must have a talent for finding me in embarassing situations...

Ecthelion: It's not one that I use often.

Glorfindel: I'm afraid that's due to me hardly ever getting embarassed.

Ecthelion: Well, that's lucky for you, I suppose. How are you doing?

Glorfindel: Lovely. Really all I need to do is find myself some new trouble to get in to, and I'll be back to myself. *stretches* Maybe visit Turu one of these days and do some errands for him?

Ecthelion: Well. He does always have a lot of errands to do. Were you thinking of anything in particular?

Glorfindel: Hmmn. *ponders and points at Lio's nose* Something that helps with my friends' stress levels but still gives me time for a pint or six before bed.

Ecthelion: Perhaps keep an eye out for silmarils?

Glorfindel: Why are those here? Isn't that bad?

Ecthelion: *shrugs* Good question. Why is half the population here? Why is Fëanor here?

Glorfindel: *considers* Well, I certainly didn't do it. I've been... *careful* away. But! I'm back to save the day for you!

Ecthelion: Weird things are happening here. We had a murderous cult.

Glorfindel: Which you fixed? *shrugs* Then we'll take the rest together just like old times. Weird things, or no.

Ecthelion: *frowns* Actually, I was stabbed.

Glorfindel: *also frowns* Does no one watch your back when I'm not around? I don't want to see any more blood. *cue memories of blood in the fountain and a slight grimace*

Ecthelion: I was trying to watch Finrod's back, actually. And hopefully you won't.

Glorfindel: *almost too seriously* I won't allow it.

Ecthelion: Strange things are happening here, Glor. I don't know that we'll be able to avoid it.

Glorfindel: No. I'm not watching you die ag... *shit, slipped, softly* We will fight this. We will win. That's how it must be.

Ecthelion: *freezes* What did you say?

Glorfindel: You wouldn't believe me anyway. *sad smile* But it does make a little more sense now, with everything else... well, let's start by saying it wasn't my mission that I was returning from when you found me the other day.

Ecthelion: Are you… from the future? *has heard tales from others who have traveled here through time, like Maglor*

Glorfindel: Just a few hundred years. Maybe more, time is different in Mandos. *after a moment of staring intently at his hands, very quietly* You die defending the city. I die defending the few who escape the flames.

Ecthelion: *nods grimly; has heard this, although hasn't asked for details* I hope that doesn't come to pass this time.

Glorfindel: I... don't know what I can say or change. But surely, if I'm here, there must be something? And if nothing, well, I shall spend the time keeping you and Turu out of trouble so you can buy me ale

Ecthelion: *grins* You'll be getting a lot of ale then.

Glorfindel: Great. *puts an arm around Lio's shoulder* You should start now. I bet we could even force that king of ours out for a night, if you're buying.

Ecthelion: I'm sure we could. But it's hard to get him out!

Glorfindel: His loss. Who wouldn't want to spend a night with us?

Ecthelion: Only fools. Come along, we'll get good and drunk.

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