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Ecthelion is hard at work in his office when he gets interrupted...

Celegorm: *knocks on Lio's door, then sticks his head in* Busy? Need an interruption? I hope so, because here I am.
Ecthelion:: *looks up from his work and grins* I could use one. Please, interrupt away.
Celegorm: *plops down in a chair across from the desk* Huan needed some dog treats, so I thought that was a good excuse to get out...and come see you. What are you working on?

Ecthelion:: There's this weird preacher going around, talking about doomsday and the end of the world. I've been reading the reports on him, trying to see if there's any connection to the old murder cult. *sighs* Not the most uplifting thing. Dog treats sound better. Did you get any cat treats for Baini?
Celegorm: Of course. She'd whine if I didn't. *rubs his chin* Preacher? I'll keep an eye out for him.
Ecthelion:: Yes. He's got very wild eyes. And he keeps talking about abandoning a sinking ship. You can't miss him. I'm going to have to assign a guard to track him.
Celegorm: *arches an eyebrow* That does sound crazy. I guess no more crazy than the city being a sentinent being, though. Maybe you're right...maybe it is more of the cult.
Ecthelion:: Do you think your father is right about that? *rubs his scar from the battle without thinking* I'm worried that if it is, the murders will start up again. Although, this is different: it's a human this time, not an elf.
Celegorm: *shrugs* Who knows? He's crazy, too...but he does stumble upon good ideas from time to time. Couldn't hurt to get his take on it. I'm not sure he's still speaking to me after our last encounter, though.
Ecthelion:: Hmm. Maybe I'll pay him an official visit. Although, as you say, who knows with him.
Celegorm: Just be careful. *puts a piece of chocolate on the desk* I might have gotten a couple of treats for you, too.
Ecthelion:: *smiles* You spoil me. *takes the chocolate and nibbles on it* Oh, there's been a couple of new arrivals to the city that you might be interested in.
Celegorm: *grins* I try to. Spoiling you is part of my job. So, who else is in town?
Ecthelion:: And you do it so deliciously too. Glorfindel, from the future. And your uncle - I haven't spoken to him myself, but Turgon said he's from an alternate version of this city.
Celegorm: *groans* Just what I need...another family member to irritate me. Maybe this version will be likeable...and sane. How's Glorfindel? I met him a long, long time ago.
Ecthelion:: He seems… all right. He's from a future where this city was destroyed and went up in flames. There's stuff about it in the future histories. Maglor knows of it too, I'm sure. Evidently we all died here. *frowns* …I wonder if that's what that preacher is on about.
Celegorm: *looks concerned* It could be...but this reality is different from that one. And if we know how it happened, we can try to avoid it.
Ecthelion:: *nods* Well, just having everyone here changes it all. So, yes, I hope that changes it enough to avoid it. Anyway, Glor came right from then, so he seems a bit … traumatized.
Celegorm: Oh. Well, I can understand that. I came here immediately after dying, so...yeah. It's traumatizing.
Ecthelion:: Yeah. I can't blame him. Perhaps you could talk to him? Maybe telling him you went through the same thing might help?
Celegorm: Absolutely. Do you know where he's staying?
Ecthelion:: I think at the palace. Let me find out and I'll get you the information.
Celegorm: Okay. Maybe I can do some snooping around on Uncle while I'm there. See if he's still an asshole, though I think I probably know the answer to that one. *wry smile*
Ecthelion:: Evidently your father is the one who found him! Can you imagine?
Celegorm: *laughs* Really? I bet that was a lot of fun...for both of them.
Ecthelion:: I'm just surprised we didn't have to arrest either of them for public brawling. *laughs*
Celegorm: Me, too! You know it had to have crossed Father's mind to take a swing at him.
Ecthelion:: I'm almost disappointed!
Celegorm: Just give it time. *grins*
Ecthelion:: We can sell tickets. *laughs*
Celegorm: *laughs, too* And take bets on who will win!
Ecthelion:: *shakes his head, amused* I'm a terrible Captain of the Guard.
Celegorm: No, you're not. *stands up and walks round to Lio* You're just a bit cheeky. I like cheeky, by the way.
Ecthelion:: *grins up at him* How did I know?
Celegorm: I'm horribly transparent. *leans down and kisses him*
Ecthelion:: *kisses back* See how bad I am? Kissing at work!
Celegorm: Truly awful. *tugs at Lio's arm* What do you say we get out of here? You can be as bad as you want back home.
Ecthelion:: *stands* Sounds good to me. All of this can wait a bit. *gestures to his reports*
Celegorm: *arm round Lio's waist and pulls him close against his chest* And I can't wait. *rough kiss*
Ecthelion:: *returns the kiss eagerly* Then let's get out of here.

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