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Glorfindel's back

Glorfindel: *finds himself wandering in the offices of the guardhouse, trying to figure out how he can best be of help... by snooping through paperwork*

Finrod: *comes into his office, and...someone is already there?*

Glorfindel: *having a hell of a time with (unknown to him) raven-script* What in Varda's name...

Finrod: ...Glorfindel?! *entirely surprised to see him; hasn't the entire time he's been in the city*

Glorfindel: Yes? *carefully puts the paper down* ...and you are Finrod? It's been some time since we've crossed paths.

Finrod: *awkward smile* Yes, I'm Finrod.

Glorfindel: I suppose I've stumbled into your office instead of Lio's, haven't I? *charming, joking* Sorry. I only try to sneak behind my close friends' backs.

Finrod: You have, but luckily I don't have any confidential papers lying about. When did you get back?

Glorfindel: I noticed. I haven't been back very long, actually. And I've been hiding a bit, since that last trip was a little rougher than expected.

Finrod: *thinks he means the Aredhel trip; nods* I imagine so. Would you like a cup of tea or anything?

Glorfindel: Tea is alright if you have nothing stronger. *looks at some of the papers again* Your handwriting is horrid. How do you ever know what is going on?

Finrod: I have coffee? *no alcohol in his office anyway* And that's not my handwriting, it's that bloody bird. Don't ask.

Glorfindel: Sure. Wow. I leave for a while and suddenly everything gets weird.

Finrod: *puts on some coffee* It's weird for me too, but I'm trying to be fair.

Glorfindel: As I recall, you've always been fair. *hint of flirtation* But I suppose there is nothing pressing that I can put my attention to?

Finrod: *little chuckle* You'd have to ask Ecthelion about pressing. Things are relatively quiet at the moment, aside from my uncle and a human with some severe paranoia. *hands him a cup of coffee*

Glorfindel: *accepts with a nod* Which uncle? Haven't they both been prone to paranoia? *not sure why either would be here, but...*

Finrod: Fëanáro. He's the only one here. *so far as Finrod knows*

Glorfindel: Escaped Mandos, did he? *might have to look him up* Well, I don't care to mess with him, so I'm just going to have to find something more interesting to do.

Finrod: Escaped or something like it. He's very different from…how he was. But as one of Gondolin's star officers, I'm sure there's plenty for you!

Glorfindel: Ah, but I said interesting. I don't need to focus my attention on all the little things. I'm pretty sure it's why we keep Lio around. *joking*

Finrod: *laughs, then takes a sip of his coffee* Well, then what kind of interesting things appeal?

Glorfindel: Not sitting around and doing paperwork comes to mind. Do they even let you outside, Finrod?

Finrod: Outside the building or outside the city?

Glorfindel: Either, both. I'm quite fond of exploring the mountains, myself.

Finrod: I ride in the parks, but rarely outside the city. *a bit wistful*

Glorfindel: That should change. I'll have to steal you. This is what happens when I leave the city to workaholics.

Finrod: *grins* I'd be game for that. I've been dying to get out. Turgon and I talked about a holiday but… *shrugs with a "well you know Turgon" air*

Glorfindel: His idea of a holiday is leaving his office for his bedroom. Can you take the time off?

Finrod: I can!

Glorfindel: *grins* Great. When are we leaving? Perhaps I should leave Lio a note to say we're eloping? *teasing*

Finrod: *laughs* Or we could just leave them to wonder. Give them something to do! *just kidding though; is far too responsible for that*

Glorfindel: We could set up a series of clues on letters for them to find... or just go. *chuckles*

Finrod: The former would take far too long!

Glorfindel: You should have thought to set it up instead of dealing with this bird scribble. But now, I'm here and it's too late.

Finrod: Ah well. We shall have to plan a trip, nevertheless.

Glorfindel: Pssht. Plan. Let's just grab a few things and head out at dawn.

Finrod: *shakes his head, grinning* You're a madman, Glorfindel.

Glorfindel: Sometimes. But why shouldn't I be? Life is too precious to waste away on paperwork.

Finrod: True, true.

Glorfindel: Seriously though. *smiles, not looking that serious* Tomorrow? Next week? Right now?

Finrod: Next week. *firm nod*

Glorfindel: Ah, playing it safe. Well, it gives me time to plant ideas in Lio's head as to why we're going. Mountains ok, or would you prefer another destination?

Finrod: *kind of mischievous grin* Beyond the mountains.

Glorfindel: Sure. Let's pick a direction and just go for a while.

Finrod: *stretches out in his chair* Deal. I haven't even seen my city.

Glorfindel: Truly sad, Finrod. You've become like a bird in a cage.

Finrod: Perhaps I have...

Glorfindel: *somewhere between musing and flirtatious again* I've always thought birds more beautiful when they are free to fly.

Finrod: Indeed… Though I can't say I've ever really attempted flight, as it were.

Glorfindel: *grins* Soon, pretty birdy.

Finrod: *chuckles*

Glorfindel: It will be good for you. Varda, I will be good for you.

Finrod: *arches an eyebrow casually* You will be good for me?

Glorfindel: I'm good for everyone. *shrugs*

Finrod: Well, I'll keep that in mind!

Glorfindel: *laughs* I suppose you can keep me on your mind, if you want.

Finrod: *wry shake of his head* I think you might be mistaken in assuming you're good for everyone!

Glorfindel: I claim innocence.

Finrod: Of course, of course...

Glorfindel: It might be a lie, but I can claim it. *stretches, grins* Sure you still want to travel alone with me?

Finrod: Absolutely.

Glorfindel: I like you, Finrod. This will be glorious.

Finrod: *agrees*

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