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Finrod and Turgon set out on their adventure.

Turgon: *finishes setting things up so his work can be done without him for the next few weeks*

Finrod: *pokes his head in* Hey.

Turgon: I better have the world's best time, Finrod.

Finrod: *grins* You're so pessimistic.

Turgon: Of course I am. *prim* I'm the wise, after all. The horses should be saddled with our supplies already.

Finrod: Great! I'm ready and made arrangements with Lio, though he's not too happy.

Turgon: Lio deserves a bit of suffering.

Finrod: *grins* How mean!

Turgon: Hey, he's the one who shacked up with Celegorm.

Finrod: No accounting for taste. Are you ready?

Turgon: I'm ready. I packed extra underwear.

Finrod: *laughs* You would.

Turgon: I'm just thinking ahead! *heads down to the horses*

Finrod: We'll be fine!

Turgon: We're going to end up in a flashflood after terror birds chase us on foot halfway up a mountain.

Finrod: *rolls his eyes fondly*

Turgon: *hands Finrod the map* To the ocean. As you wished.

Finrod: You're my favorite cousin.

Turgon: *grins and tugs Finrod into a one-armed hug as they walk*

Idril3: *following behind them wondering what's going on*

Finrod: *playful bump*

Idril3: *pug bodyslam to Finrod's knees to join in*

Finrod: *laughs* Down!

Turgon: *picks up his dog and nuzzles* You better be good for Gelgannel, Idril3.

Idril3: Rrrglr?

Finrod: *aww*

Idril3: *just tries to lick them both now that he's high enough*

Finrod: We will miss you, Idril3.

Idril3: *stubtail wags so hard he's going back and forth in Turgon's arms*

Turgon: I will miss you so much, office.
Turgon: Goodbye, office. Goodbye, coffee machine.

Finrod: Hellooooo fun!

Turgon: *like he's greeting death* Hello, fun.

Finrod: *ruffles Idril3's fur wrinkles* Come on.

Turgon: *sets Idril3 down at the pug deposit area and escapes the city with Finrod*
Turgon: So much empty space.
Turgon: I miss my walls.
Turgon: Let's go back.

Finrod: No! Turu!

Turgon: Fine. I will soldier on. For YOU.

Finrod: And look, we're still alive.