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I still regret nothing.

Turgon: *cprs Finrod after pulling him out of the river*

Finrod: *coughs*

Turgon: Hi. You still with me?

Finrod: *nods, coughing some more* ...Yeah.

Turgon: Great, great.
Turgon: I have no idea where we are and I can't see any eagles to flag down for directions.

Finrod: *sits up with a groan* Well.

Turgon: I kept my grip on you the whole way down. I want praise for this.

Finrod: Thank you... *rubs his forehead*

Turgon: We have no food, our horses are missing, but going down the waterfall got us away from the terror bird.

Finrod: We can hunt. Are you unhurt?

Turgon: I'll be fine.

Finrod: What do you mean by 'will be'?

Turgon: I got a little cut up. I'll heal.

Finrod: *nods* So long as that's all...

Turgon: Oh yeah. Nothing's broken.

Finrod: I can't believe you did that...

Turgon: Wishing I'd told Maglor I was leaving about now.
Turgon: Well, we weren't going to outrun it!

Finrod: *tries to wring the water out of his hair and clothes* Well. I guess we should keep going. Or set a camp.

Turgon: Let's find somewhere out of sight.

Finrod: *nods, getting up*

Turgon: *offers his hand*

Finrod: *takes it* Thanks.

Turgon: How long can elves go without food again? You were the one who just got off the ice.

Finrod: I don't remember. Weeks, if there's water.

Turgon: We'll be fine then.

Finrod: We will be. I've still got a knife. *looks around*

Turgon: Maybe I can make animal friends. Some sort of ranger thing.

Finrod: Well, we're out of the mountains, so at least that's a clue.

Turgon: What do we do if orcs attack? Run or sell the other out?

Finrod: *lightly smacks him* Don't talk like that.

Turgon: I'm not serious. If Orcs show up, we go for the eyes.

Finrod: *grumbles* One never knows.

Turgon: Finrod, I'd only sell you out to relatives and only if it was to embarrass you.

Finrod: Hmph. Let's just make our camp there in those trees.

Turgon: How very Sylvan of us.

Finrod: We'll fish from the river.

Turgon: And try to make our way back home. It should be easy when the stars are up.

Finrod: *nods* I hope you're right. You're the only one who knows the way back.

Turgon: Yeah. Okay, gonna let you in on a thing. There's a secret entrance.
Turgon: If we can get to it, we can get home safely.

Finrod: *nods* We'll aim for that.

Turgon: But for now, let's lay down and try not to hurt for a while.

Finrod: Alright. Just for a little while, til evening.

Turgon: Yeah. Let's go. Are you ready to wrestle a bear if it comes to it.

Finrod: *manages to refrain from an eyeroll* Yes.

Turgon: Good, because as the king here you have to fight in my stead if there's something in the caves we find.

Finrod: We don't need a cave. A rocky outcropping is fine!

Turgon: I demand the luxury of a cave! Especially with soft, spongey moss.

Finrod: *does roll his eyes*

Turgon: I also need something for my cuts. *turns his back on Finrod to take a look around, and does have a bloody shirt from a cut on his back*

Finrod: *frowns, though he likely looks the same* We'll look for arnica too.

Turgon: Thanks. Okay, my 'elf eyes' see something promising that way *points* Let's go.

Finrod: *grumbles* Hopefully not a bear.

Turgon: No, it's a rocky outcropping, Mr. Picky.

Finrod: Good. Good. *aches all over*

Turgon: *starts walking, eyes out for things that think elves are tasty*

Finrod: *looking for useful plants; not great at identifying plants, but can spot some*

//A bit later…//

Turgon: This bird keeps staring at us. I think it intends to eat us.

Finrod: It's tiny.

Turgon: All the better to eat our eyes.

Bird: cheep cheep

Finrod: He's cute!

Turgon: you'd think that, wouldn't you

Bird: *fluffs and preens*

Finrod: *puts some skewered fish on the fire coals* You're just a pessimist.

Turgon: Pretending my enemy is tiny and flickable helps, actually.

Finrod: Well, alright.

Turgon: The fish smells good.

Finrod: *pleased look* See, we won't starve!

Turgon: Good work. *grins* Go team Fingon.
Turgon: Damnit.
Turgon: When I merge our names, we just become my brother.
Turgon: Tur-rod?

Finrod: *laughs* Ridiculous!

Turgon: I do my best. *nibbles on a stem of a plant*

Finrod: We're lucky there's wild garlic. *turns the fish*

Turgon: Unvarnished fish. The horror.

Finrod: *grins* Shut up...

Turgon: But if I shut up, the only one you can talk to is the little fire bird.

Bird: Cheep!

Finrod: Well, he seems talkative enough.

Turgon: But all he has is gossip.

Finrod: Ah, and you have...

Turgon: Oh, wisdom.

Finrod: *shakes his head* Here, I think it's done.

Turgon: *holds out a flat broad left to put the fish on*

Finrod: *carefully places*

Turgon: *sets it on a part of a log they flattened with bark removal and wills it to cool*

Finrod: It won't take long.

Turgon: Hungry enough to eat an orc.

Finrod: *grimaces* Gross, I'm not! But I am hungry. *starts picking the fish apart*

Turgon: No, I suppose that would be monstrous.
Turgon: *digs in too*

Bird: Cheep! Cheep!

Finrod: *is not a bad cook, especially with fish*

Turgon: Yeah, I'm glad we found garlic. This is nice stuff.

Finrod: Me too. *eating happily* Did you find arnica?

Turgon: Yeah. I'll live through the night.

Finrod: Very good. So shall I.

Turgon: Oh yeah, I suppose you should get to live too. But if I leave you out there, I won't have revealed my secret passage to another...

Finrod: *gives him a baleful glare*

Turgon: *scoots closer and gives a one-armed hug*

Finrod: You'd starve without me.

Turgon: I would.