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Oh excellent, a visitor!

Elros: *smacks his hands flat at Feanor's door*
Fëanor: *goes to see who is there*
Elros: *beaming up at him*
Fëanor: Elros! Where's your father?
Elros: I gave him the slip. Can I come in?

Fëanor: Gave him the slip?
Elros: uh huh. He was lookin' at something and I was gone, Poof! Right through the garden
Fëanor: *lets him in* That is naughty of you.
Elros: I'm a bad kid *says it like he's saying cool kid*
Fëanor: Indeed you are.
Elros: I don't follow no rules
Fëanor: Hmm.
Elros: I wanted to see you!
Fëanor: I would be glad to see you, but not if you're being bad for it.
Elros: he wouldn't say yes if I *asked*
Fëanor: *shrugs* You could try!
Elros: how! I'm already here!
Fëanor: Before you snuck away.
Elros: I can't time travel, grandada
Fëanor: *arms crossed at this freshness*
Elros: ...can I?
Elros: o.o did you make a thing that can time travel?
Fëanor: I meant that you might have have asked before you snuck away. *frowns*
Elros: oh. *looks incredibly disappointed* *squirms* I'll ask next time. I don't think ada will say yes, though
Fëanor: Send me a message, if he says no, and I will visit you.
Elros: ! Smart! You're smart!
Fëanor: I've been told so before.
Elros: I'm still glad I came to see you *kicks his feet* I haven't seen you in FOREVER
Fëanor: It HAS been a while. Come, I'll give you something to drink.
Elros:  *trots along behind Feanor, chattering about things he's done with Elrond and attempts to make contact with humans* but ada gets all weird when I talk to them
Fëanor: Weird how?
Elros: all, 'don't talk to them!' and 'let's change the topic!' when I ask about them! *grumpy Maglor face*
Fëanor: He must not like humans. He wouldn't be the only elf.
Elros: but I'm part human, grandada *sad look*
Fëanor: oooh. Well. That's not very nice of him.
Elros: I just wanna know more!
Fëanor: What kind of more?
Elros: just all about them! Humans are neat!
Fëanor: You're pretty neat.
Elros: but I know all about me
Fëanor: Humans are fragile.
Elros: I see a human here sometimes!
Fëanor: Here in the city?
Fëanor: There are lots of them.
Elros: no, here! I sneak away a lot. This is the first time I was brave enough to knock. *pokes around*
Fëanor: You are going to be in SO. MUCH. TROUBLE. *glad this isn't his kid*
Elros: Don't tell Ada!
Fëanor: *scolds* You shouldn't be sneaking off.
Elros: but I wanted to see yoooou
Fëanor: Yes, you've said, but it's still very naughty of you.
Elros: why can't I go where I want? Ada can
Fëanor: Because you're not an adult.
Elros: that's so unfair
Fëanor: What's unfair about it?
Elros: that he can do more just because he's been around longer
Fëanor: Psh. When you're an adult you'll be able to do what you'd like.
Elros: that's going to take another... *counts on his fingers* ninety years!
Fëanor: Yes, well. Then you're free.
Elros: *flops on the ground in protest* UGH
Fëanor: See, adults can't do that.
Elros: Really?
Fëanor: Really.
Elros: I like being able to fall on the ground
Fëanor: Get it all in now, then, my boy.
Elros: yes, grandada!
Fëanor: Keep falling.
Elros: *falls again*
Fëanor: Good!
Elros: you are wise, grandada
Fëanor: It's true, I'm the most brilliant of elves.
Elros: *totally believes*
Fëanor: *tells him brilliant tales*
Elros: *fascinated* *but notices the sun setting* ...I asked Elrond to pretend to be me and I don't think he could manage it for THIS long. I should go home, grandada
Fëanor: I will walk you home.
Elros: kay *grabs Feanor's hand*
Fëanor: Because wee elves should not walk alone at night.
Elros: I can take anything *still holding Feanor's hand though*
Fëanor: Like that monster over there?
Elros: o.o what monster? *against Feanor's leg*
Fëanor: *grins* Never fear!
Elros: where's the monster!
Fëanor: He's gone, he trembled in fear at the sight of you.
Elros: GOOD
Fëanor: *brings him to his house*
Elros: I'll sneak inside. Ada won't know
Fëanor: Let me tell you something. He'll know.
Elros: shh shh. He won't
Fëanor: Good luck, child.
Elros: *goes to sneak in*

That child is in so much trouble.

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