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Elros: *tries to ninja his way back inside after his visit with Feanor*

Maglor: *oh no you don't; is waiting right there*

Elros: *doesn't notice him, thinks he's gotten away with it and starts walking normally* *whistles a little*

Maglor: *coolly* Hello, Elros.

Elros: *little scream*

Maglor: *arms crossed* Come here.

Elros: ... *fidgets and walks towards Maglor as slow as he dares*

Maglor: *waits*

Elros: *stands in front of him*

Maglor: Where were you?

Elros: *squirms* I went to see grandada.

Maglor: Without permission.

Elros: ...yes.

Maglor: Even though you know that is unacceptable behaviour.

Elros: *squirms* You would have said no, ada.

Maglor: You do know it was unacceptable behaviour, do you not?

Elros: *meekly* Yes, ada.

Maglor: Yes what?

Elros: I know it was bad. *head down*

Maglor: And so you did it why?

Elros: *squirm* *mutters* Better to ask forgiveness than beg for permission.

Maglor: Excuse me?

Elros: Thing I heard.

Maglor: I'm very cross with you right now, Elros.

Elros: I was safe!

Maglor: That you are safe is not the point. The point is that you deliberately disobeyed me.

Elros: *unhappy squirming, moving from foot to foot* But ada, I just went a little bit.

Maglor: Do not "but ada" me. What you did was wrong, disrespectful, and a violation of trust. Now, you're to go to your room, and you are not to leave until I say it is time to eat.

Elros: *quietly* Are you going to be mad forever?

Maglor: Forever? No. But I am very angry right now, Elros.

Elros: ... *quick hug* Thanks for not being mad forever.

Maglor: *sets a hand on his head* Go on now.

Elros: *hugs just a second longer and trudges off to his room*

Maglor: *will think of a punishment when less irate*

Elros: *opens his window and pokes his head and elbows out to sigh*


Elros: *climbs down from the window and sits down with his crayons to write an apology letter for Maglor*

Maglor: *wondering wtf to do with him*

Elros: *opens his door and carefully does not step outside* ADA! ADAAA!

Maglor: *sighs and comes into the hallway; well, at least he technically is in his room* What is it?

Elros: *thrusts the letter out at Maglor*

Maglor: *takes it* What is it?

Elros: 's my apology. I wrote it all down, ada.

Maglor: Ohh. Well, thank you, Elros.

Elros: *quick nod* 'cause I am sorry, ada.

Maglor: I'm glad to hear it.

Elros: *quick hug and darts to his bed*

Maglor: *still going to punish him*

Elros: *just feeling better now that he actually said sorry*

I don’t know what I’m going to do with that child.