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Finrod: *in agony, despite a generous dose of tonic and brandy*

Turgon: A servant sent for me. What happened? We're going to the healers.

Finrod: Agh! Turu... No... Bring them... *presses a hand to his eyes*

Turgon: *nods and hurries to get them fetched*

Finrod: *moans, torn between pain and thoughts of the forest*

Healer: *comes*

Finrod: *twisted on the bed*

Laimist: *gives him a painkiller and gets started*

Finrod: *swallows it quickly*

Laimist: *frowning when she can't find signs of infection or illness*

Finrod: *hisses, hardly feeling better* More...

Laimist: I gave you enough to knock you out. *frowns* Which you haven't.

Finrod: *groans* I don't care...

Laimist: *gives him more*

Finrod: *breathes* Thank you...

Laimist: *frowns* You're cut, but none of them seem to be infected in any way. And well, you check out just fine. Except the pain.

Finrod: *the last dose takes the edge off enough to stop him wanting to scream* I wish I could tell you...

Laimist: Describe it.

Finrod: Agonizing.

Laimist: Where?

Finrod: Everywhere. *closes his eyes* Mostly my head and neck.

Laimist: *checks carefully*

Finrod: *nothing to be found*

Laimist: *sedates him more in the hope he sleeps and reports her lack of findings to Turgon*

Turgon: I want you to stay with him.

Laimist: Yes, sire.

Finrod: *falls into a drugged sleep*

Laimist: *sits in the other room with her notes, puzzling over it*

Finrod: *is quiet*

Whispers of wolves: *in Finrod's dreams*

Finrod: *brow furrowed slightly, mind bent on the whispering*

Laimist: *comes in to check on him when the moon has risen*

Finrod: *is vanished*

Laimist: *runs to get help finding him*