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Great-Grand-Ada sent a package for me and I opened it before Ada saw it! It's these little sticks that make all sorts of colourful marks like they're filled with paint and I am going to make a work of art for Ada.

Elros: *working on his masterpiece with his markers*

Elros: *on the bathroom walls*

Maglor: *Eru kill me*

Elros: *drawing a family portrait*

Maglor: *the house is too quiet; comes into the bathroom*

Elros: *putting the finishing touches on grand-ada*

Elros: *also has a huge star in the picture for Earendil*

Maglor: *softly clears his throat*

Elros: *turns around and BEAMS* Ada, I decorated the bathroom!

Maglor: I see that... Would you like to tell me about your drawing?

Elros: *gets up and points like a proud artist* that's me and Elrond, I'm the taller one, and that's you and uncle Mae and that's grand-ada and that's other ada *points at the star* and that's nana *points at a bird*

Maglor: That's very extensive!

Elros: I did lots of research, ada!

Elros: if we go to see my other uncles I can add them too

Elros: I wasn't sure how to do other grand-ada...

Elros: his crown was hard

Maglor: *nods* Other grand-ada?

Elros: the one you kiss

Maglor: *cough* ...Ah. Right. Technically, that would be your great-grandfather.

Elros: great-grand-ada

Elros: his crown was hard

Elros: and I don't know what grand-nana looks like, really

Elros: but I can do them later!

Maglor: Great-grandada didn't always have a crown.

Elros: oh. *ponders, rubbing his chin*

Maglor: Just like your father wasn't always a star. So, you could give him just a circlet.

Elros: kay. Gold or silver, ada?

Maglor: Whichever you like. *kisses his head* Artist's license.

Elros: I like gold!

Elros: you can sit and watch!

Elros: *gets started on Turgon, drawing him beside Maglor*

Maglor: Gold it is then.

Maglor: *figures the wall is already ruined, so what does it matter if he keeps drawing*

Elros: *really incredibly proud of his art too*

Maglor: But Elros, do you think maybe next time you could draw on paper or canvas instead of the walls?

Elros: sure! This was just a really important picture

Maglor: Even the important ones. Especially the important ones. I mean, what if I want to put this one over the mantel?

Elros: but you see this room every day!

Maglor: *grins* So I do, but I use other rooms every day too!

Elros: can I put one in your room? *climbs onto Maglor*

Maglor: Yes. But only on paper. *pets*

Elros: Deal!

Maglor: Good. *kiss*

Elros: *snuggle*

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