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And so ends Gondolindrim

By this point you've probably noticed the game has passed on with a whimper. I present to you: the epilogue.

A great deal has been going on under the city while the citizens have slept. Cults, some more beneficial than most, have been at work with the strange whispers of the discord that has pulled people from their time and places.

But everyone felt it all at once. The discord ceased and the harmony of the universe returned. People suddenly felt at peace.

It had many effects.

Some people have returned. Some are still here.

Melkor remained a little girl. She grew up, became a woman, and returned to her status as a valar when she passed away but her time as a human tempered her anger.

Gondolin remained safe. The great evil never came to pass. Eventually only time eroded it away as elves returned to Valinor, or moved onto new experiences.

These days you can find Turgon in Vancouver, being catty over lattes with Maglor. He stayed in Middle Earth for the coffee.

He's on Idril45428 of pets. Right now he and Maglor own Idril4 (for short) and Rockstar, a pair of pugs.

Many humans, their time no longer existed and they remained in Gondolin. In fact to keep the harmony, many of the people closest to them were summoned to keep the time as straight as possible. People who thought they'd never see their families again were re-united. Thanks to Theoden, Eowyn, and Theodred, there was an enormous royal Rohirrim population outbreak.

And that oliphaunt baby not only grew up happy and healthy, but Eressil was able to find much more to keep it company and it lived happily ever after.

What happened to your characters? Any ending you like is possible for them when the universe was put right.

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