Mar. 3rd, 2014

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Baini: *snuck into Lio and Celegorm's room after Lio's gone to work to sleep on Celegorm, but distracted by a raven in the window*
Kak and Baini: *proceed to have a 'KEEP AWAY' screaming fight with each other*
Celegorm: *is awake now and not happy about it* Hey! HEY! You two stop it. I want to get some sleep. *rolls over*
Kak: where is the captain!?
Baini: go away! Stupid bird! Go away! *hops on top of Celegorm and puffs up three times her size to scare Kak off*
Kak: *CAW*
Celegorm: *picks up Baini by the scruff of her neck* Stop it! *looks at the bird* He's out. Why do you need to see him?
Baini: *paws flail in the air*
Kak: *with dignity* I want a raise and I'm taking it to the top
Celegorm: *plops Baini down on his lap* Stay. And no clawing. *narrows his eyes at Kak* What have you done to deserve a raise?
Kak: I realized that I and my queen are the only flying members of the guard.
Baini: ravens thieves! *but stays put in Celegorm's lap, claws in*
Celegorm: *cocks an eyebrow* Members of the guard? Since when? Lio has to trust members of his guard. *looks at Baini* You're not helping, little one.
Baini: I sorry. *headbutts Celegorm's chin*
Kak: we were hired! We applied! It's legal! I brought down a thief.
Celegorm: *pets Baini* It's okay. *turns to Kak* You'll have to wait until Lio gets back, then. I know nothing about him hiring any crows. But wait outside. I want to get some sleep. *flops back down*
Kak: lazy! The sun is up!
Baini: you go away! You get out of sunbeam! *curls up on Celegorm's back where the beam should be!*
Kak: *angry flutter and flies away*
Celegorm: Whatever. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. *snuggles into his pillow*
Baini: *purrrrrrr*
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Fëanor: *has the first silmaril safely stowed away, but can't stop thinking of the second one - it burns in his thoughts, until suddenly all is quiet and then he wonders why*

Fëanor: *decides it's time to pay Celegorm another visit; stalks over to his house and pounds on the door*

Celegorm: *sighs and opens it* Father. What brings you over on this fine, sunny afternoon?

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