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Fëanor: *has the first silmaril safely stowed away, but can't stop thinking of the second one - it burns in his thoughts, until suddenly all is quiet and then he wonders why*

Fëanor: *decides it's time to pay Celegorm another visit; stalks over to his house and pounds on the door*

Celegorm: *sighs and opens it* Father. What brings you over on this fine, sunny afternoon?

What else? )
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Baini: *snuck into Lio and Celegorm's room after Lio's gone to work to sleep on Celegorm, but distracted by a raven in the window*
Kak and Baini: *proceed to have a 'KEEP AWAY' screaming fight with each other*
Celegorm: *is awake now and not happy about it* Hey! HEY! You two stop it. I want to get some sleep. *rolls over*
Kak: where is the captain!?
Baini: go away! Stupid bird! Go away! *hops on top of Celegorm and puffs up three times her size to scare Kak off*
Kak: *CAW*
Celegorm: *picks up Baini by the scruff of her neck* Stop it! *looks at the bird* He's out. Why do you need to see him?
Baini: *paws flail in the air*
Kak: *with dignity* I want a raise and I'm taking it to the top
Celegorm: *plops Baini down on his lap* Stay. And no clawing. *narrows his eyes at Kak* What have you done to deserve a raise?
Kak: I realized that I and my queen are the only flying members of the guard.
Baini: ravens thieves! *but stays put in Celegorm's lap, claws in*
Celegorm: *cocks an eyebrow* Members of the guard? Since when? Lio has to trust members of his guard. *looks at Baini* You're not helping, little one.
Baini: I sorry. *headbutts Celegorm's chin*
Kak: we were hired! We applied! It's legal! I brought down a thief.
Celegorm: *pets Baini* It's okay. *turns to Kak* You'll have to wait until Lio gets back, then. I know nothing about him hiring any crows. But wait outside. I want to get some sleep. *flops back down*
Kak: lazy! The sun is up!
Baini: you go away! You get out of sunbeam! *curls up on Celegorm's back where the beam should be!*
Kak: *angry flutter and flies away*
Celegorm: Whatever. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. *snuggles into his pillow*
Baini: *purrrrrrr*
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Theoden: *sitting by the window with a book, so utterly bored*

Dagnir: *keeping him in place by napping on his lap*

Fëanor: *comes to visit*

Theoden: *can see him come from out the window* *calls out* Just come inside! It's not locked!
Which has worked out pretty well so far )

You know, I'm getting the impression my boyfriend and my cat don't get along.

But! This brace is great! Maybe now Boro will stop fussing so much. And I can get around better when Artamir finally visits.
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We've got to get that silmaril hidden away from Fëanor somehow. I think out of the city is probably our best bet.

Celegorm: *peers around the edge of a tree near the wall, then turns back to Lio* Are you sure about this? I mean, I'll totally sneak out, but I don't want you to get in trouble.

Ecthelion: I'm the captain of the guard, they're not going to stop me.

Celegorm: *grins* No, but Turu might throw a raging fit. You okay with that?

Ecthelion: *grins back* I'll handle it.

Celegorm: *squeezes his shoulder* Then, lead the way, Cap'n.

Let's just walk free... )

Now I just have to explain to Turu what happened.
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Theo and I had a visitor last night. Quite a welcome one.

Theo: *trying to get around in the house and dodge the
cat while on crutches*

Dagnir: mrow! Mrow!

Theo: Feanor said he's working on some sort of leg brace
for me...

Boromir: *frowns at the cat* That thing is a hazard. *scrambles behind Theo* Sit down and let me get whatever it is that you're up looking for..

Theo: A book I was reading.

Dagnir: *affronted look at Boromir*

Boromir: *finds the book* Here. Now sit down. You're not going to get well unless you rest.

Theo: if I rest more, I will turn into a mushroom.

You still need to rest. )
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Turgon: *brings his gifts to Aredhel and Maeglin* Let me in, little elves!

Maeglin: *little shriek and hides, 'cause game*

Turgon: hello?

Aredhel: *laughs and opens the door* Nice to see you, brother. Mae thinks you're playing hide and seek with him

Turgon: Mae, no, I brought things!

Maeglin: *peeks out* presents?

Turgon: Yes! For winter!

Maeglin: *runs out to him* PRESENTS! )
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Turgon: *walking with Lio and stops to watch a doomsday preacher* *eating some caramel popcorn they got from a stand*

Ecthelion: What is that?

Turgon: Street theatre, maybe

Ecthelion: He seems serious...

Turgon: Huh.

Preacher: *going on about the toxicness inside the city*

Turgon: The sewer system isn't that bad

Ecthelion: Does he know about the cult and all the murders, I wonder.

Turgon: You want to detain him? *doesn't sound disapproving of this idea*

Ecthelion: He's not actually doing anything...

Turgon: Well, for questioning.

Ecthelion: *considers* Let's listen a bit more.

Preacher: And it will all come to a head and we will realize we should have abandoned this sinking ship when we still had our chance!

Ecthelion: Oh uh.

Turgon: Gel told me that around this time of year people give each other gifts, in his time. So I got you something

Ecthelion: You did?

Turgon: I did. *leads him away from the preacher* You like lingerie, right?

Ecthelion: Well. On women?

Turgon: No no, for you.

Ecthelion: Well, I've never worn any...

Turgon: Model for me? *steps into the tower and tugs off his cloak*

Ecthelion: ....

Turgon: *fetches Lio a box filled with chocolates and different coffees*

Ecthelion: Oh, thanks!

Turgon: I thought you'd like this more

Ecthelion: I do. *grins*

Turgon: Don't give any of the good ones to Celegorm

Ecthelion: Can't I share?

Turgon: :< I don't want to give him happiness by accident

Ecthelion: *laughs* I'll try to be miserable while sharing.

Turgon: Oh good. *hug* Happy something. Solstice, I think

Ecthelion: *hugs back* To you too. I'm sorry I'm without a gift.

Turgon: It's not like you knew that you had to get one. Next year! If we remember

Ecthelion: We'll make a note!

Turgon: And see about checking on the cult

Ecthelion: I will. Do you suppose it's the same cult? Or a new one?

Turgon: That's what my brilliant captain finds out

Ecthelion: *nods* Yessir.
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He's been making a stew - still kind of new to this cooking thing, so he hopes it comes out all right.

Celegorm: *opens the front door, stomps the snow off of his boots* Honey, I'm home.

Ecthelion: *comes out of the kitchen* Hey!

Celegorm: *pulls the coffee out of his pocket* I got you a little something. I hope it's not too vanilla-y. My browsing got cut short.

Ecthelion: *takes it with a smile* Oh thanks! *sniffs at it* It smells good. Why, what happened?

Celegorm: *sighs heavily* I saw Father...or, rather, he saw me and decided it would be a fine time for an argument.

Well, that doesn't sound promising... )
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He can't stop thinking about that other silmaril…

Celegorm: *huddles against the cold, is out shopping for an after holiday present for Lio* Hmm...maybe some flavored coffee...
Fëanor: *taking a walk (or perhaps "stalk" is more appropriate) around the city; spots him, and approaches quietly*
Celegorm: *picks up a bag of coffee and sniffs* Not bad. Maybe a bit too much vanilla. *doesn't turn around* Father.
Fëanor: Turkafinwë.

A nice reunion! )

Well, that didn't work out as I had hoped.
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Maglor: *sends a note to Fëanor, to arrange to meet; at least he hopes*
Maglor: *not sure Feanor will agree*

Fëanor: *not sure either, after reading the note; asks one of his wolves* What do you think?

Wolf: *just gives him a baleful canine look*
Wolf: *chicken?*

Fëanor: *throws him some chicken while reading the note over and over*


Fëanor: *decides to call Maglor*

Maglor: Hello?

Fëanor: Hello. *still not clear on phone etiquette*

Maglor: Atar?

Fëanor: Yes. You sent me a note.

Maglor: I did. And...are you willing to meet?

Turns out, he is. )


And no, Maglor doesn't actually have some sinister ulterior motive. )

Well, that was futile.
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Maglor: Turgon, I hope you realize that the children are staying with me.

Turgon: I have a feeling you'd take over the city if I tried to separate you.

Maglor: Quite right!

Turgon: Although I would like you to work out visiting with their grandmother, please.

Maglor: Fair enough. She can visit them, and they her. If they choose.

Turgon: Give 'em time to get to know her too, before getting their opinion on visits.

Maglor: *wry grin* I'm not that much of an idiot, Turu!

Turgon: *kisses* Good.

Maglor: *quick kiss back* I got you something.

Turgon: Is it coffee? I could wreck a coffee.

Maglor: *grins* No, it's not coffee. But we could go get coffee and you could wear it.

I manage not to say 'Idril is a spoiled brat' outright. )
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Alvegil: *steps out of his apartment building, repeating the directions to the festival grounds to himself* And he said he'd be waiting outside. All right. Let's try not to end up on the wrong side of the city.

Boromir: *has changed out of his uniform into normal clothes and heads to the festival*
In which we face a mighty beast! )

Still not enjoying this sudden winter, but it is better than the cold winds that would blow off the sea in Dol Amroth around this time. My new warm things will help.

So close!

Nov. 30th, 2013 08:46 pm
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Elros: *hears a noise outside at home and peeks out the door*

Noise: *further out in the dark*

Elros: *wanders off after it*

Noise: *is Dagnir yowling for lady cats*

Elros: *picks Dagnir up* hi!
In which Dagnir is briefly catnapped )

Operation: Make Ada Get Me A Pet has begun.
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Skittering Noise: *in the corner of Aredhel's bedroom*

Aredhel: What... do we have a mouse? *starts looking to the corner, peering in*

Ruby: o.o *two big eyes peer out*

Aredhel: *startled* Ah! Is... who are you?
Nobody here but us bunnies )
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Turgon: *has gotten Idril away to a more secluded part of the festival* There's two things I need to tell you

Idril: What is it, dad?

Turgon: Mng. Well, you know you married a human, yes?

Idril: *nods* yes

Turgon: well. Er.

Turgon: You had a son.

Turgon: and he had two sons.

Turgon: and those two sons are currently in Gondolin

Idril: I have grandkids? And WHAT ELSE? )

I need distraction. Where is Yaban... )

Yaban's the best. He's just so wonderful!
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Despite the many, many distractions on the part of the people who presumably run this city, the Winter Festival is here!

Too warm for ice skating, but there is an ice sculpture contest as well as the usual animals on display (this year we have a walrus), and the many many different kinds of festival food!

Also available are many vendor booths, very good if you want a special winter coat or some other craftwork.
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Yeah, I know I probably shouldn't have spied on my brother, but Turd-u is trying to make it more of an issue than it should be. I think someone needs to be taught a lesson...after I find somewhere to hide the silm. And find a way to get back in Lio's good graces.

Celegorm: *comes home from scouting out new locations for the silm in his pocket. has been unsuccessful*

Ecthelion: *stops and just looks at him when he comes in*

Celegorm: *walks in and sees Lio looking odd* ...what's wrong?

Ecthelion: You've been using the cat to spy on Turu and Maglor?

Oh, crap. )
Maybe this will help ease things with Lio.

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Turgon: no putting it off. *pats Idril3's head and phones Lio*

Ecthelion: Hello?

Turgon: 'lo. You busy?

Ecthelion: Not at the moment, no. You need me?

Turgon: Yeah. Don't bring Celegorm, or tell him that you're coming to see me.
It's not exactly fair to do make someone do this to their boyfriend, but Lio did say he was my captain of the guard first )

Now for my next task and I'm done dealing with any Feanorian but Maglor for quite a while:

Off to see the uncle )

EDIT: Have added to the Feanor/Turgon chat.
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Maglor: *goes to Turu's office*

Gelgannel:: Hello, sir

Maglor: Is Turu in? *mainly a rhetorical question, because it's Turgon*

Gelgannel:: shall I tell him you're here?

Maglor: Tell him to come out.

Gelgannel:: *goes to do so*

Turgon: *confused and comes out of his office* Maglor?

Maglor: Hey. Come on, I have to tell you something. Hopefully I won't regret it. )
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Considering everything else that went down, admitting the cat is spying for me seems somewhat trivial.

Celegorm: *stomach in knots, hurries over to Maglor's house and knocks on the door, hoping his Father isn't inside* Kano? You there?

Maglor: *comes to answer* Tyelko, oh good, it's you. *lets him in*

Celegorm: *steps in, looks over his shoulder, then looks around the room* Are we alone?

Maglor: *nods* Yes, Nelyo's out with the twins... Why? What is it? *has his own ideas, but Cele seems more anxious than he expected*

Gee, I wonder what it could be. )


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