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After the battle with the cultists is over, and the wounded have all been taken to the House of Healing, Fëanor stays behind in the sewers with the remaining guards. As they scurry about quickly, removing the dead bodies of the cultists, and collecting evidence, Fëanor prowls around the altar room, trying to determine the source of the bad feelings and the evil magic. With the death of the cult members, and the disappearance of the leaders, the feelings are weaker, but not gone. Finally, he stops in front of the altar, and examines it thoroughly.

This is it. It must be destroyed. *pulls his sword out*
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I can't believe it's after midnight and I'm just getting home from work. I really hope we catch a break in these murders soon...

Angwen: *yanks the bell to Lio's home*
Ecthelion: *just dozed off; sits up* What the heck....
Angwen: *at the door, waiting and resisting the urge to yank again*
Ecthelion: *stumbles out of bed and to the door; not bothering to dress, only wearing his pajama pants*
Angwen: *quick bow* Hello, sir. I think there's going to be a murder tonight.

So much for sleep… )

Ecthelion: *heads to the palace*
Turgon: *composing a message for Lio for when he thinks Lio will wake up*
Ecthelion: *knocks* Boss?

Now time to talk to the king… )

He wakes early in the morning on the couch. Turgon is gone, so he splashes some cold water on his face and makes his way to the office...
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Sergeant Gwaedhon: *handing out assignments for the day and tracks down Boromir* Would you handle the co-worker interviews at the House of Artificers? I was halfway through until the latest break.

Boromir: *takes the file from Gwae* Sure. I'll grab Theo and we'll head over right now. *walks down the hall and finds Theo* Hey. Are you free right now? I want to finish up the co-worker interviews.
I am SO free )

I was a little disappointed you can't play with the artificer's toys when you're on the job, but I think we made some progress. That poor dwarf.

OOC: You might notice some inconsistency near the end of this chat. I got confused about elf races halfway through when giving out the clues from Mareke, and had to modify the lines from what was originally written. Do not blame Boro's player for any bad writing, that was all my editing.
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It looks like my brother's got his share of bad luck. I'm going to ask Lio to have someone watch over him, although as subtly as possible. Arakano has always struck me as someone who wouldn't want a babysitter.

Turgon: *lets Gwaedhon in once the healer has left*

Gwaedhon: Sir *bows to the king and steps inside* Hello, prince Arakano. I have some questions for you
Baby's second police interview )

If whoever that elf is has become a third victim, well, couldn't happen to a better elf and you know what, I've got to stop thinking people are worthy of death. This is a bad path to go down, after Eol. I still keep thinking about Maeglin as a 'problem'.

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Ecthelion: *in his office, making a chart of all the clues they have in the murder case so far; rather paltry, sighs*

Theo: *knocks, still hasn't realized Nuala's nature* Captain! It's very important!

Ecthelion: Enter!

Theo: *comes in, nearly tripping over Dagnir who hops onto the desk* This woman's found another body.

Ecthelion: Crap. Miss. Come in.

This has the potential to go very badly... )
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Dagnir: *runs out of an alley like his tail's on fire, and looks back and forth before seeing Nuala being harassed by a raven by a salescart. Makes a decision and strides over to get her attention*

Kak: Oh, it's you again. Go away, pussy.

Dagnir: *no time for this* MROWL *grabs Nuala's skirt with a paw*

And more trouble looming )
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 photo Emilie-de-Ravin.jpg

Grindi: *heading back after a day of work at the House of Artificers, head in the clouds*

Grindi: *or as much as a dwarf's head can be*

Rae: *sits on the edge of the road, holding her ankle* Ohhh..*winces* Ouch. I knew this would happen.

Grindi: *?* You fine there, lass?

Rae: *baleful look* No, sir. I...I think I hurt my ankle. *pulls up her skirt and it looks sort of blue-ish*

Grindi: well, let's take a look at it. *crouches down to examine* that's a nasty bruise you've got there

Rae: *flinches* Yes, sir, and it really hurts. *bats her eyes* If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you help me to my house? I'd be forever grateful.

Grindi: *smirks and puffs up* sure, lass. *emphasizes the lass and offers his hand*

Rae: *struggles to her feet and leans heavily on the dwarf* Oh, thank you! My house is just over there.

Grindi: *helps her, practically lifting as they walk*

Rae: *points to a small, non-descript house* That's it right there. It should be unlocked, if you could just help me inside...

Grindi: *nods* just hold on, nearly got you there...

Rae: *opens the door and shuffles inside, makes eye contact with two elves waiting in the dark* On the sofa will be just fine.

Grindi: *leads her there and never sees it coming*

Rae: *nods at the elves and they grab him from behind, knocking him out with a sleeping drug* Excellent. I think the ciy will be pleased with this one.
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I showed Lio my sketch of the symbol, but he didn't recognize it. We really need a break in this case.

Ecthelion: *in his office, going over the now very organized files on the murder investigation*

Boromir: *knocks on the door* Captain? I have something you should see.

Mysterious symbol remains mysterious. )
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Sex and murder...well, not quite like it sounds. Both were discussed, though, to varying degrees.

Boromir: *sitting at his tiny desk in the corner of the guard house, shuffling papers.*

Theo: *on his lunch shift and hunts down Boromir, coffee and donuts in hand like a good Rohirrim, even if he's not going to Boromir's house* Hey there.

I'd rather discuss murder than do paperwork. )

*a few moments later, at the crime scene, in the middle of the alleyway*

And now things get really interesting... )
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Though the summons given to her by one of the Ecthelion's guards made her a bit apprehensive, she knew there was nothing to worry about. She would not have been under suspicion for the murder, but it was understandable that they would want to ask her about the circumstances surrounding her discovery of the body.

To that effect, Lúthien has made a point of arriving promptly at the time detailed in the summons, and one of Ecthelion's secretaries sees her in. She curtsies politely.

Lúthien: I have come as requested, my lord. How might I be of assistance?

Lúthien recalls discovering the body )
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Things have been going very well lately. That means there's bound to be a crisis.

Nyel: *rushes into Lio's office* Sir, there's just been a report of a dead body. *not going to say murder, because the body could have just appeared*

Yeah, that's a crisis... )

It's always something.
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Takes place two hours after the body is found, on the other side of the city

Cristaer: --and so we must all meditate on what our dreams are telling us. Of the future and most especially of the present. *steps down from his podium in the alley, nodding to his followers*

Rae: *rushes up to him* I agree. Meditation is key to our cause. Your words always inspire me so much. *worshipful look*

Cristaer: I couldn't do what I do without all of you. We are a community... Walk with me, Rae?

Rae: Yes, of course. *feels proud* I want to to tell you that I am completely committed to the cause. Whatever you need for me to do, just say it. I will do anything. Anything at all.

Cristaer: I'm glad to hear that. In fact, we could use help with the solution to that which troubles us. Are you willing to bring us *searches for the word* newcomers to our fold?

Rae: *nods enthusiastically* Yes! I will go door-to-door if you need. There are many newcomers now. I can recruit as many as you'd like.

Cristaer: a different kind. Like the one we gave back to the city the other night.

Rae: Oh...*blinks a few times* I think so. What kind of...offering did you have in mind?

Cristaer: The city is hungry, Rae, and it has brought its meals to it. These newcomers are important, and we must treat them as such. The city has told me in my dreams how we are to return the newcomers to it. But... we must not draw undue attention to ourselves, simply grabbing them off the street.

Rae: *nods slowly* I will meditate on your words and ask the city to reveal the ones it wants first. *stops and closes her eyes* If I concentrate, I can hear it, the rumbling of the city itself. *opens them and looks at Cristfaer* May the city's will be done.

Cristaer: *bows to her* May the city's will be done.
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The day is beautiful, perfect for going out and wandering through the city. There's a market she enjoys visiting; a bazaar where they sell an assortment of things, from food to garments to decor. To follow the main road would take some time, but she'd learned of an alley that would get her there quicker. Perhaps not the safest route, but her father isn't there to chastise her so she takes it anyway.

The alley curves rather than turning sharply, and as she walks through she begins to notice an odor. Is that... blood? She picks up her pace, lifting her skirts slightly so she can hurry along, until she rounds a corner and sees the figure crumpled there. For a moment, she freezes at the sight, before running to check on the young man. When she crouches beside him, it becomes quickly obvious that no amount of healing magic will do him any good. He isn't breathing. No pulse, either. She looks up and down the alley, but there is no one else in sight, and no sign of a struggle. It didn't seem like he'd been killed here, but that didn't mean his killer wasn't still nearby.

Hopping to her feet, she runs the rest of the way to the mouth of the alley, face paler than usual, until she spots the now familiar livery of Turgon's guards. She approaches one and flags him down, looking shaken.

Luthien: Guard! Please, come quickly. I think-- Someone's been killed.

Angwen: *turns around, may look masculine from behind, but...* Where? *stubs out her cigarette on the ground*

Luthien: *gestures back to the alley* I'll show you. *she turns and leads the guard, but hangs back once they come near the body* I found him like this, only moments ago.

Angwen: *crouches down, looking over the body, noting that the marks seem to be the same on both sides of the body* Huh. Don't see that this often. I need you to do something for me, princess. *looks up at Luthien* Go and find another guard. Tell them to go straight to the Captain about this.

Luthien: *nods* Yes, of course. *she leaves to find another guard, passing along the information that word needed to be sent to Ecthelion immediately*

Angwen: *slips supplies out of her pack to start marking off the area*

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I spend my days talking with cats and kings.

Turgon: *tries on the outfit at the tailor* What do you think, Lio?

Ecthelion: Snazzy.

Turgon: I'll get it!

Ecthelion: It's impressive.

Turgon: *pays* Sorry I wasn't at the masquerade last night. I've got a rather nice excuse for it. *grins over at Lio* Finrod appeared yesterday!

Well, that's good news! )

Boy, Turu was in a good mood. I sure hope Finrod sticks around and keeps him cheery. But I wonder what the cat was on about. Guess I'll be checking out the alleys.


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