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Despite the many, many distractions on the part of the people who presumably run this city, the Winter Festival is here!

Too warm for ice skating, but there is an ice sculpture contest as well as the usual animals on display (this year we have a walrus), and the many many different kinds of festival food!

Also available are many vendor booths, very good if you want a special winter coat or some other craftwork.
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Day 18: Finally settled enough to apply for job at guard instead of hiding out at the walls and staring down at the water. Got sick of people trying to talk me out of suicide. Miss Dol Amroth.

Daily affirmations part of the journal time.

Good things: Indoor plumbing. We had this in Dol Amroth, but this is worlds past what we had. Hot water on command! I have never been so clean.

Elven wine is almost a decent version of Dol Amrothian vintages, so I suppose I'll survive. I've been sampling after striking up a friendship with a winemaker. Haven't got enough money to frequent the taverns to expand my palate.

Extensive library at the House of History. Very good.

And I'm going to die well before dragons destroy this city.

No swans have attacked me in weeks.

Plans for Tomorrow: First day of training as a guard! They were very excited when I told them what my former duties as a Swan Knight entailed (bodyguard work, standing perfectly still for hours.)
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*sitting on Maglor's kitchen counter hitting a cold piece of meat with a cup to soften it before eating*
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I go to boss elf's house, time for kitten lesson. Lesson go well. Now spend time show kittens that water not from palace still just good.

Dagnette complain.

Kittens, bah!

Now how get off this collar. I scratch and pull and it no go off. Stupid elf. I'll show elf. I'll get human with other human I like.
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I'll be arriving soon with my ladyfriend Eowyn, but the festival is in full swing already.

It has: Rides (nothing very advanced, but there are horses), booths (food, goldfish, crafts, jewellery, etc), and a whole lot of spring flowers, as well as live music.

Avoid the ent.
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Head of the House of Artificers: Ready, sire?

Turgon: *nods and reaches out. Flicks the switch, activating reception towers around the city*

House of Artificers: *burst into cheers when nothing explodes*

Turgon: you've all done very good work, and I'm honoured to have you as citizens of my city. *mentally thinking 'and now I can harass Lio and Finrod without even getting out of bed'*

Okay, messengers have been sent out to hand the authorized people their 'phones', which is such a weird word to even say. But I'm going to give Lio, Ar, and Finrod theirs in person. I'm not sure Idril should have one.

They're neat little devices, made with similar principles to the Palantirs, but relying on technology so they don't have to be massively powerful magical devices.

They're a thin rectangle, made of metal, with a button to turn it on to tell it who you want to call, if they have another device, and a button to end it. They couldn't get the telepathy to work with all the races and without having to rely on the massively magical element. They run on their own power under means I'm not actually sure I followed when the lead developer was telling me.

They've got more in the works to hand out to the guards, to help them keep track of each other so there isn't another 'wandering around blind in the sewers with cultists coming after them' incident.
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Nyel, Theo and I searched for Finrod in the city sewers and got a bit more than we expected.

Theo: *wishing he had more waterproof boots as he straps on his armour*

Boromir: *pulls on his armor and his pair of already ruined boots* No used in ruining a second pair, right?

Theo: just pull me out if I fall into the sewage

How about *not* falling into the sewage? )
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Rae: *walks into the room where Finrod is held, followed by three
other cult members* Brothers, I see that our guest has been suitably
restrained. *kneels down in front of Finrod* Your time is drawing

The city is restless. )
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Dearest Lio:

I lost Idril2 when I was walking her by your house. If you see her, can you return her to me?


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Dear Maglor:

I have been reminded by Lio that as competent as I believe my cousins to be, it is still required that you have a guard with you outside the city.

And he is perfectly correct.

Please see Lio for finding a proper escort.

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The brothers -gon prepare for the festival )

I couldn't get down from that stage soon enough with the way the rain's coming down. At least the umbrella salesmen are doing swift business. *tugs robes around tighter and tries not to shiver*

I've still got business out here before I can go in where it's nice and warm. And the kingdom really doesn't need to see how the cold makes me feel so... out of sorts. Which is why I've been ignoring Gelgannel's attempts to bundle me up. Brave face and all that.

I don't know where Fingon's gone off to. I never did ask why he picked out that particular guard, either. I suppose I could go ask the guard...

*looks up, rain falling on his face* At least it's just rain and no thunder or lightning. Just wish it was with spring or summer, so it would be warm.
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Day one of the festival has begun!

As Gondolin doesn't exactly get snow-covered, in the main park (avoid the ent) there's a variety of tents and activities set up for the citizens to participate in!

The highlight of this winter festival is the venues showcasing the new cultures that have come to the city, with music, dancing, and food on display.

As well, there will be fireworks once the sun sets.

And tomorrow night there'll be the masquerade ball!

(Do your own festival logs, or simply reply to this post with your own adventures and chat threads. There'll be an official ball one tomorrow)
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It's good to know I get along 0 for 0 of Feanor's kids so far. That's really good for my confidence. And not terrifying at all dealing with a bunch of giants glaring down at me or mocking me.

There's two more in the city, according to the report the captain gave us. Let's see what happens if I meet one of the other ones.

Studying elf anatomy to answer questions has been enlightening. I'm really glad I'm bigger than a regular Rohirrim, let me tell you.

Work related, I have nothing to do. It's my two days off. I like how the winters are here, back in Rohan it'd be covered in feet of snow already and we'd be counting off what's frozen to death. Although... *looks up at the clouds, noticing them gathering and dark grey*

I hope that's rain coming.
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I had the guards that managed to capture it bring it to my office in a cage. I'm calling it Idril2 for now. I measured it with my re-acquired* sword, it's three feet long.

Oh, also, I ran into two new Feanorians today and I'm feeling a bit stressed but watching this thing tear into apples is cheering me up, at least.

For those of you just tuning in, that means of Feanor's spawn, there is only Curufin and the twins remaining.

Caranthir and Maedhros... I just feel sorry for them. I know what they can do, but they're innocent and they seem to feel the weight of the future/past on their shoulders. I was prepared to tear into Caranthir when I went to his apartment and couldn't bring myself to do it when I saw how young he was. As for Maedhros, seeing him as he was made me remember when I actually rather liked him. And for Fingon's sake, I'll stay on good terms with his favourite person.

Celegorm? I told Luthien he was planning to go on a hunting trip with our grandson.

I have no idea what to think about Maglor yet. I'm done dealing with that side of the family for now, I need to see Arakano tomorrow to see how he's faring at the House of Healing. I think I'll drag Fingon along. He's been giving me good updates on his progress of preparing for the winter festival, so that's something that delegated well.

*One of the downsides of going from warrior king to bureaucratic king is that sometimes you discover you were using your sword to hold notes for you.
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One of Lio's helpful little humans found a descendant of mine as a new arrival and got them set up.

I've been putting off getting acquainted due to the whole 'little brother coming back from the dead but still might die again' thing, but I do want to meet him.

Of course, in my experience, family seems to come with loads of complications.

I've had the histories that feature him sent and there's barely anything, besides a genealogy (seeing the chaos my cousins caused in his father's life noted as well), and so I've really got nothing to go on, besides the fact he's missing his twin.

I've sent a messenger with summons.


Dec. 8th, 2012 10:27 am
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*wakes up in Celegorm's backyard, sits up and rubs his eyes with both hands*

Where am I? *shocked, BOTH HANDS!!* What is happening???! And why does that dog dish have Huan's name on it?
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I broke my ankle a couple weeks ago, so I've been taking it easier at work since Eowyn said I need to stay off it as much as I can. They've got me doing desk duty stuff. It's actually been kind of pleasant, even though I should probably want to do more stuff outside and all.

I mean, I'll be glad to get back to it, but I'm not really minding the desk job when I get visits from co-workers. Especially the pretty ones.

in which Nyellaiwe tells Dred a story of adventure and awesomeness, and then Angwen is scary )

So, okay, Maybe I should be focusing more on WORK stuff while this is all going down but you know. A boy's allowed a little bit of fun sometimes, right?

I met Eowyn, like I said, and she helped me when my foot was really bad. She's pretty amazing and great at what she does, and other than that...I haven't been doing a whole lot. Laying around at home with my foot up and doing a lot of reading because I can hang around without much motion doing that. I'm learning a lot more than I did when I was at home and being tutored. Okay, so I had this habit of tuning stuff out back then that I'm actually noticing now...

So overall it hasn't been bad. Blessing in disguise maybe? Either way, so far so good, you know?
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And here's the next three diary pages I was working on:

Theoden on recent events )
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I've been planning to add some pages to this, so here's the old pages.

Old intro to the diary: Theo's premise is that when he appeared in Gondolin and was getting himself sorted, he was informed that human royalty/leaders were being taken on by Turgon to help advise the care and governing of humans. Theoden, feeling a little out of sorts from a particularly troubled time in his time in Rohan (facing such things as his conflicts with the Riders due to his father's Gondorianization of Rohan, inability to speak Rohirric, and general anxiety about when he'd inevitably be king as his father was quite old by this point. In fact, in canon his father would be dead a decade later) chose instead to conceal his heritage and take work as a guard.

Also, Theoden enjoys doodling on long night guarding when nothing's really happening.

The Diary )


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