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I met my friend Alvegil at the bar for some darts. Betting ensued and I learned a whole new set of rules for darts. He's a lot of fun...and I hope we can play again soon.

Alvegil: *weighs the dart in his hand at the Drunken Maiar* you sure you want to bet money?

Boromir: *spins his red-tipped dart around on his palm* Positive, unless you can think of something better to wager. *grins* Or are you afraid you might lose?

Because I never lose. )
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Theo and I had a visitor last night. Quite a welcome one.

Theo: *trying to get around in the house and dodge the
cat while on crutches*

Dagnir: mrow! Mrow!

Theo: Feanor said he's working on some sort of leg brace
for me...

Boromir: *frowns at the cat* That thing is a hazard. *scrambles behind Theo* Sit down and let me get whatever it is that you're up looking for..

Theo: A book I was reading.

Dagnir: *affronted look at Boromir*

Boromir: *finds the book* Here. Now sit down. You're not going to get well unless you rest.

Theo: if I rest more, I will turn into a mushroom.

You still need to rest. )
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Alvegil: *steps out of his apartment building, repeating the directions to the festival grounds to himself* And he said he'd be waiting outside. All right. Let's try not to end up on the wrong side of the city.

Boromir: *has changed out of his uniform into normal clothes and heads to the festival*
In which we face a mighty beast! )

Still not enjoying this sudden winter, but it is better than the cold winds that would blow off the sea in Dol Amroth around this time. My new warm things will help.
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Kak: *on break at the guard house, roosting in Boromir's inbox and ducking his beak into a mug of coffee with 'world's best raven!' written on it in Awk's footwriting*

Alvegil: *approaches Boromir's desk* Are... you Captain Boromir? *looks at the Kak*

Kak: Maybe. Maybe. Who asks?

Alvegil: I was sent here to see him about being shown around the city by Sergeant Angwen. *frowns* Really, you're a bird?

Kak: Who says a bird can't be captain! Show some respect!
I may have been misled )

The news about Lady Finduilas is... troubling. I was very fond of her. The idea of her not having a pleasant future is not a good one. But her son should be pleasant enough to work under.
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Day 18: Finally settled enough to apply for job at guard instead of hiding out at the walls and staring down at the water. Got sick of people trying to talk me out of suicide. Miss Dol Amroth.

Daily affirmations part of the journal time.

Good things: Indoor plumbing. We had this in Dol Amroth, but this is worlds past what we had. Hot water on command! I have never been so clean.

Elven wine is almost a decent version of Dol Amrothian vintages, so I suppose I'll survive. I've been sampling after striking up a friendship with a winemaker. Haven't got enough money to frequent the taverns to expand my palate.

Extensive library at the House of History. Very good.

And I'm going to die well before dragons destroy this city.

No swans have attacked me in weeks.

Plans for Tomorrow: First day of training as a guard! They were very excited when I told them what my former duties as a Swan Knight entailed (bodyguard work, standing perfectly still for hours.)


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