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I popped into this city last night. It was very disorienting and not a little scary... I mean, I was laughing, having a good time with my buddies, soldiers in the army, and the next thing I know I'm in the middle of an open, empty square with fountains in this lost city! So I went to the red building and found a home, got a bit of money, and spoke with people to get into guard work. It's what I know best, anyway. I've been trained a bit in affairs of state, but I wasn't due to take Dad's place for years, he wasn't that old, so I didn't pay much attention. And anyway, there's a king here already....

I went to work, and this was my first assignment:

Angwen: *looks over the rookies and points at one nearly elf-height* You. Ar-something. Get over here!

Artamir: *steps forward to her* Artamir, ma'am

Angwen: You know where the Houses of Healing are, right? *tucks her paperwork under her arm while she lights a cigarette*

Artamir: Um, not exactly, ma'am. Show me where! )

Well, that was interesting. He seems nice! I'd like to meet up with him again, hopefully not in the houses of healing next time. I wonder what else I'll find in this city that's different from the histories...


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