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I met my friend Alvegil at the bar for some darts. Betting ensued and I learned a whole new set of rules for darts. He's a lot of fun...and I hope we can play again soon.

Alvegil: *weighs the dart in his hand at the Drunken Maiar* you sure you want to bet money?

Boromir: *spins his red-tipped dart around on his palm* Positive, unless you can think of something better to wager. *grins* Or are you afraid you might lose?

Because I never lose. )
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Theo and I had a visitor last night. Quite a welcome one.

Theo: *trying to get around in the house and dodge the
cat while on crutches*

Dagnir: mrow! Mrow!

Theo: Feanor said he's working on some sort of leg brace
for me...

Boromir: *frowns at the cat* That thing is a hazard. *scrambles behind Theo* Sit down and let me get whatever it is that you're up looking for..

Theo: A book I was reading.

Dagnir: *affronted look at Boromir*

Boromir: *finds the book* Here. Now sit down. You're not going to get well unless you rest.

Theo: if I rest more, I will turn into a mushroom.

You still need to rest. )
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Alvegil: *steps out of his apartment building, repeating the directions to the festival grounds to himself* And he said he'd be waiting outside. All right. Let's try not to end up on the wrong side of the city.

Boromir: *has changed out of his uniform into normal clothes and heads to the festival*
In which we face a mighty beast! )

Still not enjoying this sudden winter, but it is better than the cold winds that would blow off the sea in Dol Amroth around this time. My new warm things will help.
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Kak: *on break at the guard house, roosting in Boromir's inbox and ducking his beak into a mug of coffee with 'world's best raven!' written on it in Awk's footwriting*

Alvegil: *approaches Boromir's desk* Are... you Captain Boromir? *looks at the Kak*

Kak: Maybe. Maybe. Who asks?

Alvegil: I was sent here to see him about being shown around the city by Sergeant Angwen. *frowns* Really, you're a bird?

Kak: Who says a bird can't be captain! Show some respect!
I may have been misled )

The news about Lady Finduilas is... troubling. I was very fond of her. The idea of her not having a pleasant future is not a good one. But her son should be pleasant enough to work under.
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Theo: *reading and trying not to dwell on his leg and has several purring kittens and one big horrible cat keeping him company*

Boromir: *enters the House of Healing with some trepidation, a bottle of flavored water and some off color jokes he got from an errant guard* Hi. That looks pretty bad. What happened?

Theo: a warg tried to eat my calf.

A warg??! )

oh man

Aug. 3rd, 2013 08:48 pm
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Theoden: *grinning at Boromir at his desk* guess what! Today I get to be your guard escort for a trip outside.

Boromir: *looks up, surprised* Outside? Are you sure it's okay? *doesn't want to break any rules*
Nothing bad happens outside Gondolin! )

Welp. That was a ghost.
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I moved in with Theo. It made sense, with us both being single. Cuts down on expenses. Things are going pretty well so far, other than the cat...issue. At least he likes me. I shudder to think what he'd leave on my face if he hated me.

Dagnir: *brings a welcome gift of a dead squirrel and places it with ceremony on Boromir's sleeping face after getting in through the window*

Boromir: *sniffs deeply, groans and sits up, horrified* What in the blue hell???! *flings squirrel across the room* I locked the damned door! *looks around the room for his knife*

Now I know what that smell was. )
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Theoden: *frowning as his house just seems... empty, since Dred left* And my damn cat's missing. *unaware of Dagnir's adventures* *goes to garden outside and hope Boromir accepts his invitation to come over*

Boromir: *mopes his way over to Theo's house* Hey. *sadface*
A solution to loneliness is found! No, not the start of a porn )

Feeling a bit better. I just wish Dagnir would come home now. I really really hope nothing's happened to him.
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Unfortunately, I had to arrest some of my own guards for arson today. It was disappointing, and I know Theo was upset, but it had to be done.

Theo: *filling out the paperwork for his patrol that day when Boromir returns to the guardhouse*

Boromir: *walks into Theo's office and sits down on the edge of his desk* Theo.

Theo: *looks up from the share desk for his shift* 'lo. How was your looking about?

Bad news. )
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I went to question Nuala at her home. She still has not recovered, though she looks better than expected.

Boromir: *folds up his city map, checks the address again and knocks on Nuala's door.*

Nuala: *takes a moment to answer, probably because she's checking the peephole to make sure whoever is visiting is friendly. Seeing dark hair, she opens the door. Her hands still have bandages on them after they were burned. Her tone is friendly, at least.* Hello, can I help you?

Introductions and tea. )

Unfortunately, duty called and I had to return to the guardhouse, but I will make sure I stay on top of the investigation. After talking with her, I believe that one or more Rohirrim are guilty…regardless of what Theo says.
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Boromir: *knocks on the door to Finrod's office* Sir? Do you have a moment?

Finrod: *looks up* Of course. Come in.

Boromir: *walks in and stands in front of his desk* Theoden and I went to the animal sanctuary to interview the raven, Kak, who was a witness to the fire. *places some notes on Finrod's desk*

Finrod: Interested to hear Boromir's report. )
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Clearly, the bird is unstable, but he's the only witness we have...

Theo: *getting ready for patrol, still keeping a low profile outof worry of being accused by Finrod*

Boromir: *swings by and grabs Theo's elbow* Hey. I'd like you to come with me. There's a raven named...Kak, I think at the animal sanctuary who was a witness.

Theo: what did the little con artist do?

This should go well. )
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Both Finrod and Ecthelion have noticed my hard work lately, and they rewarded me with a promotion. It's nice to be appreciated, and it takes some of the sting out of no longer being a Captain of Gondolin. One day, if I can't return home, I will be Captain of Gondor. In the meantime, I need to find Dred and celebrate!

Finrod: *calls Boromir into his office after reading the various reports*

Boromir: *straightens his collar and wonders what he's in for* Yes, sir?

Here we go... )
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After the battle with the cultists is over, and the wounded have all been taken to the House of Healing, Fëanor stays behind in the sewers with the remaining guards. As they scurry about quickly, removing the dead bodies of the cultists, and collecting evidence, Fëanor prowls around the altar room, trying to determine the source of the bad feelings and the evil magic. With the death of the cult members, and the disappearance of the leaders, the feelings are weaker, but not gone. Finally, he stops in front of the altar, and examines it thoroughly.

This is it. It must be destroyed. *pulls his sword out*
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Finrod tries every spell that might corrode the metal into rust, and every spell of strength he can remember to break the chain binding him. It's only when these fail that he thinks of the basic principles of metalwork. The links and bands of steel will have seams for all their outward smoothness. He focuses on the centre chain link first, but though it grows hot enough that he can burn his fingertips if he stretches to touch the chain, the solder does not fail.

He sighs and jerks on the chain in frustration. The cuts on his neck itch. He recalls the girl's - Rae's - words.

"Strong blood makes good magic."

A shiver runs through him even as he finds the joint in the band on his left wrist. It grows red-hot, but he concentrates hard enough to ignore the worst of the pain, even as blood begins to trickle over the metal. He can feel the metal give, bends it on the rung of the chair just enough to work his hand free...

From there it's easy enough to snap the length of chain that had linked his wrists together, and he throws the broken band into the water as soon as he gets out of the room. He can't ignore his wounds indefinitely, and a hot, sick feeling courses through him. Still, he keeps his footsteps silent.

So, from here we'll play in comments for the rescue party arriving and ensuing chaos!
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Nyel, Theo and I searched for Finrod in the city sewers and got a bit more than we expected.

Theo: *wishing he had more waterproof boots as he straps on his armour*

Boromir: *pulls on his armor and his pair of already ruined boots* No used in ruining a second pair, right?

Theo: just pull me out if I fall into the sewage

How about *not* falling into the sewage? )
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Ecthelion: *going over the details of the new crime scene*
Boromir: *finishes his report and takes it to Lio's office* I thought you might like to read this.
Ecthelion: Boromir! Yes, thank you. *takes it from him*
Boromir: I tried to make sure that all the details were covered.

More crime reports… )

I'm glad I have Boromir to rely on. Frees me up to go investigate the sewers…what fun. *but he heads out to look around the city*
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Cristaer: *makes sure the way is clear out of the manhole and leads out his followers, along with the ex-elf*

Rae: *climbs out last and looks around* Right over here. *points to a follower* And make sure the feet are pointing this direction.

Finrod: *late leaving work tonight, hears voices and pauses*

Cristaer: *takes his pot of blood from the drained elf and starts writing their symbol on the wall, the tentacle and the eye*
Finrod sees something he should not. )

I must speak with Ecthelion. *rubs his forehead, a headache steadily growing*

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After everything that went down at the guardhouse, I went to see Dred. He gave me some good advice. I do need to remember not to sneak kisses at work.

Boromir: *gets off of his guard shift and goes straight to Theo and Dred's cottage* Hey, Dred? *knocks on the door* Can I come in?

Dred: *goes to get it* Hey! Come on in. What's going on?

Boromir: *gives Dred a hug* I need some advice from you. About Dunlendings and Rohirrim.

It's kind of a cultural mess. )
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I overheard some guards today and the topic of their conversation gave me considerable pause. I think I need to ask Dred about this.

Time: *near the end of Boromir's shift, and a group of some of the Rohirric guards are in the equipment room talking*

Rohirrim 1: It's not right that she's just walking around like they trust her.

Rohirrim 2: Did you see that she opened a store?

Rohirrim 3: Bet everything's covered in mites.

Rohirrim 1: It's disgusting.

Boromir: *pauses outside the equipment room and listens with interest, wondering who and what they are discussing*

Racism abounds )


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