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Moryo gave me a bag of jewels to give to Father, and we talked about that sketchy tunnel he likes so much. As long as he's careful, I guess I can't object.

Caranthir: *arrives home from work with a book in his hands, making
enough noise, just in case his brother is not alone. No sound comes
from his bedroom...* Tyelkormo?

Celegorm: *is sitting on the edge of his bed, removing his boots* In here,
Moryo. I just finished cleaning some quail for supper.

Handing jewels to Father. Seems like old times. )
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Maglor: *comes to find Moryo to go out mining*
Caranthir: *is ready, with supplies for both, quite eager to go out already* Hi, Káno!
Maglor: Ready? You've got what you need?
Caranthir: Everything. *handles Maglor a bag with supplies* This is for you. *grins*
Maglor: *amused* You're very optimistic!
Caranthir: You said you would help me.
Little brother is learning my tricks! Not good... )

At least that was successful. It was nice to get out for awhile, even if I dislike mines. And Moryo seemed to truly enjoy himself.

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Caranthir: *is looking through a couple of books about the mines outside the city*

Maglor: Did you find anything interesting?

Caranthir: Yes. There are few mines, but you'll be able to get the jewels father wants.

Maglor: You mean you'll be able to get them.

Caranthir: *frowns* Father implied I was troublesome.

Maglor: He implies that about everyone. )

Finrod seems different than I remember. I'm trying to recall how he was immediately after their arrival in Hithlum, but I was a little preoccupied at the time. So maybe not so different then.

I also wonder what Father said to Caranthir, but he's been known to step on toes more than occasionally. I hope mining will ease Caranthir's mind because there's no way I am going to mine myself on a regular basis. But I am glad that he actually talked to Turgon and I think, from the sound of it, it went well enough. Maybe we can avoid at least a little of the drama within the family this time around...
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Findaráto is here, and we did not fight...

Finrod: *walking across the palace courtyard when he sees a familiar dark head and slows*

Caranthir: *still thinking about his conversation with Turukáno, and glaring a bit at the guards nearby, doesn't notice someone is looking at him*

Finrod: *remembers what Arakáno said about Carnistir being younger; as he comes closer* Carnistir, is that you?

Caranthir: *whirls around, surprised* Findaráto?

Finrod: *nods* I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you!

which is strange, very strange... )

I'm so glad it was not Angaráto...
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Caranthir: *wants to look for one of his brothers, but hears about a murder, so he folows other elves to the place*

Turgon: *there at the head of the crowd, with a respectful distance around him as he gazes into the marked off alleyway*
Well, it's a less morbid thing to talk to him than look at a crime scene )

On the topic of the alley, I'm going to ask Lio about that bit of graffiti I saw on the side. He's probably already figured out what it was, but I'm curious.

And I need to talk to him about Arakano.
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I wanted to speak with him about mining and the guard-spy who will come with us but...

Fëanor: *putting the finishing touches on his latest sword*

Caranthir: *knocks at the door* Father?

Fëanor: Come in!

Caranthir: Hello, Father! *looks around, so many swords...* How are you?

Fëanor: *smiles at him; always makes him happy to see him so young* Moryo! I'm well. How are you?

Caranthir: I'm well. I was going to come sooner but I was busy with work. Kano told me that you wanted jewels for your work.

Father thinks I make trouble... )

If I am the troublesome son, I'll stay inside the city. I hope Káno still wants to mine for him.
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Makalaurë got the permission from Turukáno!

Maglor: *goes to the House of History, looking for Caranthir*

Caranthir: *comes out of his secret room and seals it, walking back to the section of the library where he usually works*

Maglor: *spies him a few sections over, makes his way across the room*

Caranthir: *feels something, looks up* Kano!

Maglor: Moryo! I've got something to tell you.

Caranthir: Yes?

Maglor: I've spoken to Turukáno, he's agreed you may mine in the immediate hills...

Caranthir: *blinks* Really?

with conditions, oh well... )

At least Káno will come out with me the first time.

EDIT: I knew there was a catch!
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I ran into my brother this evening...

Caranthir: *still irritated about meeting Boromir, goes out for a walk*
Maglor: *calls out* Carnistir!
Caranthir: *smiles* Kano! How are you? I heard you sing.
Maglor: I am well. You came to the festival? I did not see you! *though is not surprised*
Caranthir: I came to hear you sing. The rest of the time I have been doing a special research. Turko wanted me to look for references about secret passages.
Maglor: Did you find anything interesting?
So, probably NOT a trap then... )
Elladan: *sees Maglor... and another Elf*
Caranthir: *smiles* Thank you, Kano!
Maglor: You're welcome! *gives in to the urge to ruffle his hair*
Caranthir: *groans* I'm not a child, you know?
Elladan: *wonders if he should come another day*
Maglor: I promise I will do this until you are a thousand!
Caranthir: *rolls his eyes, but is secretly happy to have found his brothers, even if they see him as a child* I should be going then... *frowns* Who is that?
Good to see Elladan seems to be settling well. )

Tyelkormo must never learn there are cameras.
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One of the sons of Feanor ran into me on the way home. I don't trust him, not even a litle bit. Perhaps I should discuss him with Dred.

Caranthir: *walking toward Tyelkormo's house after a day of work, has
been doing some reasearch but is not yet ready to tell anyone about

Boromir: *is returning to his own home after an all day guard shift. He's
tired, irritated and hungry*

Caranthir: *doesn't see the Human and almost stumbles upon him* Sorry.
*frowns a bit, another Human that looks older than him*

Watch where you are going, Elf! )
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But I could have helped them...

Arakano: *leaves a note for Turgon and quietly leaves the castle. He walks through the city, a heavy cloak on, the hood hiding his face*

Caranthir: *is still thinking about the passage, so he walks toward the House of History, oblivious to the festival stands and podium. It is raining, so he hurries up and that's when another Elf bumps into him* What the... Aralkano?

I left the castle but Moryo found me. )

I just hope Tyelkormo doesn't mind me staying in his house for one night. I will sleep in the couch with Huan. I don't want to take Caranthir's bed from him.
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I never thought it could be *that* dangerous...

Caranthir: *back home, has taken out the bandage to see how's his arm* Maybe I should bandage it again, if only to hide it from Father... I almost had that Warg... No, I was lucky that Maglor was there...

Celegorm: Moryo? *concerned* What happened?

I would like to go back there with Turko and Maglor... )

Turko is right. I should do some more research before going into that passage again. Should it prove dangerous I could try to seal it before something terrible comes out and kills my family.
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Maglor: *heading to the House of History as he told Caranthir he would help look for the silmaril*
Arakano: *walking around the city, sees a somewhat familiar figure ahead. Walks faster* Hello?
Maglor: *turns and sees the familiar elf...not Fingon...not Turgon...not Fingolfin...* Arakano! *that's the one!*
Arakano: Cousin! *is no longer angry about the burning of the ships, and likes his cousins anyway*
Arakano is easy to get on with... )
Arakano: *leads Maglor, looking around at all the books* There he is! Hi, Moryo!
Maglor: Hello, brother! *quick embrace*
Caranthir: *looks up from his work* Arakano? Maglor? *smiles at them*
Maglor: How are you, wee little brother?
Caranthir: *stops smiling* I'm of age, Maglor *ïs getting used to strange sindarin names* I am fine. Arakano, why are you not in bed?
Arakano *sighs* I told you, I am all right. Really.
Maglor: I am only teasing you, Moryo, you know that!
Caranthir: *calms down, why does Arakano look a bit older than him? No, they must be the same age now* I know. I'm sorry. I'm glad you came.
Maglor: Just think of how mean I would be to Curufin if he were here! *brightly*
Arakano: *smiles too* That would be great! If he were younger than Moryo, that is.
Caranthir: *scowls at Arakano*
Maglor: *amused; for Caranthir's benefit* Curufin has always been younger than Moryo.
Arakano: Yes, but what if he comes from after... *stops, looks embarrassed* I didn't mean, I just thought that he could come from later... I think I'll leave now.
Maglor: *knows what he means, doesn't blame him, just trying to preserve a little of Caranthir's dignity for him* Look after yourself, cousin!
Caranthir: *stops scowling* Come back another day, Arakano.
Arakano: *smiles, and leaves*
Maglor: *waves* So, what did you have in mind, Moryo? *leans against one of the shelves*
Caranthir and Maglor get adventurous. )

Looking back, it was rather stupid of us to not have a lamp or swords. But at least Carnistir was not injured more severely.

Father is going to be so annoyed.
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I am excited about having my family over for dinner tonight. I just hope it doesn't end in tears, as family dinners so often did.

Maedhros: *all the rest of the meal is ready, putting steaks on to grill*
Caranthir: *brings wine* Hey!
Maedhros: *grins* Little brother! And you've brought exactly the right thing!
Celegorm: *tucks another bottle of wine under his arm and is holding an eggplant casserole* Hiya, Moryo. Maitimo.
Maglor: *comes out, glad he didn't have to do any cooking; it was his caveat* Hello!
Celegorm: *sets his stuff on the counter and goes to hug both brothers* Kana! *hugs him too*
Maglor: Tyelko! I was half expecting you to be...oh, I don't know. Twenty years old. *kidding*
Maedhros: *hugs all around* Welcome to you both *places the casserole on the table along with the rest of the meal* Now we're just waiting on Father...

Hopefully, he'll arrive before all the wine is gone... )

Well, that was certainly ... informative. And mostly pleasant. Definitely one of our better family get-togethers!
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Maglor: *heading home as the snowfall quickens; spies a familiar dark head, or more accurately a familiar deportment* ...Carnistir, is that you?

Caranthir: *cold because he gave his cloak to Arakano, stops walking* Makalaurë? *smiles, shivering a bit* Hello!

Maglor: *wide smile; he looks so young* You look cold!

Is either a very good brother, or a very bad one... )

It is odd to see Caranthir so young. But I'm glad he has not had to swear that damned Oath. I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into with a family reunion though.
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So what to do now? I'm not going to my brother's castle yet...

Turgon: *standing patiently waiting for Greentwig to give her answer, bundled up in a coat and scarf despite it not being that low temperature yet, even if the clouds are threatening snow*

Gelgannel: *sitting cross-legged in the grass, marking off what they've already told Greentwig so Turgon doesn't repeat himself or forget what else he needs to say during the long pauses*

Caranthir: *walking around the city hoping to see Maglor*

Arakano: *is out of the House of Healing, though he has to return every two days for more transfusions. Sees Turgon in the distance, but before he could call his brother someone calls him*

Moryo is here! And he is my age now! )

I think I made a new friend, and I understand now why Turkano looks so worried. I guess I'll rest before trying to find new lanscapes to paint.
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Okay, so as I discussed with Theodred, the only historical examples of elf/human I knew of was elf woman and human man, so I decided to familiarize myself a bit with Feanor's... well, anatomy.

With a book. Because I doubt I could have gotten him to strip for an examination.

Theoden: *mentally goes over smooth replies in his head and enters the House of History in search of a specific book, glad that their printing presses have made it so he doesn't have to stay and study inside the house*
And I meet the crankiest book clerk ever )

Apparently I come off as a spy now?
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I like this house that Turgon gave me - it's very spacious, although it feels a bit empty. And lonely. I'll have to have Father and Celegorm over. And maybe Fingon...

Maedhros: *at his new house, putting away things he bought at the market today; trying to make it look like a home*
Maglor: *finds the house easily enough -- is decent with maps; knocks, unaware he's holding his breath*
Maedhros: *wonders who it could be; briefly hopes it's Fingon; calls out* Coming! *hurries to open the door*


Well, that was a lovely surprise. At least now the place won't seem so empty. And Moryo's here too? I'm going to have to find him!


Next morning, Maedhros sets off to find his younger brother...

Caranthir: *leaves Celegorm's house early in the morning, after having breakfast. He is still thinking about all that's happened. Should he go to work? Should he visit his father first?*
Maedhros: *goes to get coffee - really loves that coffee that the future arrivals have brought - and heads to Celegorm's to ask him about Caranthir*
Caranthir: *has decided to go to work first and see if Turgon fulfilled his promise of keeping Grima away from him*
Maedhros: *sees him walking by, and stops* Is that...

...my little brother? )

And then we're off to see Father... )

Well. It seems we might have some trouble here in Turukano's city already. I'm glad Father finished my sword.
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I was sitting calmly in Celegorm's garden...

Grima: *overheard at work the strange conversation between 'Loras' and Celegorm, and decided to follow him today*

Caranthir: *is sitting outside Celegorm's house, thinking of the meeting with Turgon. He still fels a bit hurt because Fëanor didn't tell him about the Silmaril...*

Grima: why, Loras, this isn't your home, is it? *looks up at the well-appointed house that Turgon gave Celegorm to shut him up* That's a bit much for a scribe.

Caranthir: *starts a bit, then frowns* No, this is not my house. I am just visiting a friend. *comes out of Celegorm's garden* Now you follow the scribes around?

and gets me in trouble... )
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Caranthir: *It was good to have seen his father, Caranthir though as he walked to Celegorm's house. He could see the house now. Caranthir smiled as he approached his brother's house, the hood of his cloak back. He felt more at ease in Turgon's city now*

Celegorm: *frets over some meat he has grilled. Tastes a bite, then decides to season it more* not bad...

Huan: Woof! [I want some! FEED ME!]

and Turko learns about Turgon's line )

The food was good. I'm glad Celegorm found me.
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I was going to Tyelkormo's house when a voice I knew well called me by my real name...

I like being called Moryo... )


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