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I was not expecting to be summoned by Turukáno at this time of day.

Gelgannel: *at Maglor's door* Sir? I have a request from the king to see you

Maglor: *answers* About what?

Gelgannel: We have a matter that you may be able to help with. *discreet*

Maglor: Alright... I will come. )

I wasn’t planning to go see Daeron right away, but when I got home, there was a note for me.
Maglor, I was at the Healing House today and there is a new arrival from the far future. He mentioned the year 2012. He is a bit confused, so I don't know if he is who he says he is. Can you come to see him, please? Elladan
He must mean Daeron. I suppose I will have to go see for myself.

Maglor: *arrives at the Houses of Healing, looking for Elladan*

Elladan: *sees Maglor coming in* Maglor, thank you for coming. He says he is Daeron of Doriath, but he also speaks about his gun, which grandfather took away.

Maglor: Daeron? With a gun? That doesn’t sound like Daeron, but… )

I will have to speak to Turgon about his historical inaccuracies.

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It's been rather busy at the House of Healing lately, what with so many humans catching cold in this weather...

Eowyn: *making her rounds in the House of Healing, stopping to check on various patients, mostly human, some elves*
Daeron: *is not sure where he is, has left the apartment, walks around the city, running at times until he falls and bumps his head against a wall*
Guards: *find him and bring him to the House of Healing*

But this is an Elven patient… )

Hopefully, he'll stay lucid and not do anyone any harm overnight. I will tell the nurses to sedate him, if necessary.
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And somehow I ended up in Gondolin...

Turgon: *walking with Gelgannel going over his schedule after doing an inspection*

Daeron: *has barely escaped from being shot, runs down an alley, stumbles and falls over two people*

Gelgannel: Gah!

Turgon: *grabs Daeron's shoulder to yank him off them* Careful!

Daeron: *moves away, reaches for his gun and freezes* Turgon?

He took my gun away... )

I am so tired... How in the world I ended up in a city full of Noldor and Humans?


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