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Elladan: *has heard about the animal sanctuary and decides to visit. He might adopt a dog in the end*

Lúthien: *is working with some of the more exotic animals today. She has Rossthîr the red panda draped around her shoulders like a fancy stole*

Elladan: *sees a lady with a strange animal draped around her shoulders. he cannot see her face clearly, but she reminds him of someone* Good morning, madam. I was wondering if you could help me.

How far the acorn has fallen from the tree remains to be seen )
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If he's still my grandfather after the bunny conversation. I guess he still is and I want to see him and thank him for the horse. I could also tell him about the hunting trip with Celegorm, but he didn't like it that much when I told him the last time.

*Hopes that Turgon is not busy, sees Gelgannel*

Gelgannel: Hello, Gelgannel. Is Grandfather busy? I would like to see him if it's possible.
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It's been a long while since the last time I hunted with Elrohir...

Elladan: *is waiting for Celegorm at the gate, with his hunting gear and his sword, just in case*

Celegorm: *rides up to the gate, bow and quiver strapped to his back* Elladan! How are you? Ready to go kill some beasts?

Elladan: Yes, ready! *mounts his horse* I'm well! You lead. I have been out as now I'm a guard of the Gates, but not on a hunting trip.

Celegorm: Sure thing. Follow me. *gives the guard a wave and rides out, heading south toward the forests*

Hunting with Celegorm was an entirely different experience... )

I am still wondering about the rabbit stew conversation. I have the feeling I am cooking myself now...
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I was not expecting to be summoned by Turukáno at this time of day.

Gelgannel: *at Maglor's door* Sir? I have a request from the king to see you

Maglor: *answers* About what?

Gelgannel: We have a matter that you may be able to help with. *discreet*

Maglor: Alright... I will come. )

I wasn’t planning to go see Daeron right away, but when I got home, there was a note for me.
Maglor, I was at the Healing House today and there is a new arrival from the far future. He mentioned the year 2012. He is a bit confused, so I don't know if he is who he says he is. Can you come to see him, please? Elladan
He must mean Daeron. I suppose I will have to go see for myself.

Maglor: *arrives at the Houses of Healing, looking for Elladan*

Elladan: *sees Maglor coming in* Maglor, thank you for coming. He says he is Daeron of Doriath, but he also speaks about his gun, which grandfather took away.

Maglor: Daeron? With a gun? That doesn’t sound like Daeron, but… )

I will have to speak to Turgon about his historical inaccuracies.

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I was going to find Ecthelion and ask about training, but I got distracted.

Elladan: *has been riding his horse at the racetrack, and after a quick bath has decided to try the swimming pool*

Finrod: *is in that area, not just exploring but planning to find Ecthelion, only keeps getting distracted*

Elladan: *approaches the swimming pool, dressed in one of these strange swim shorts*

I need to stop being distracted. )

It is nice to meet new people, but future family feels very strange! I like him though.
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I have been at the Gates already, but I still need a horse...

Boromir: *brushes his mare, Aenil, happy to not be at work.* I think I enjoyed today almost as much as you did, little lady. *Aenil nickers softly and bumps him with her nose* We should do it again. How does tomorrow work for you? *grins at her*

Elladan: *comes into the stable to choose a horse of those assigned to the guard, speaks briefly with the Horse Master and then spots Boromir* Is that you, Boromir? *smiles*

Boromir: *startled and whips around, surprised to see an unfamiliar Elf who knows his name* Yes, I am Boromir. *looks the Elf up and down, but can't remember meeting him* I'm sorry, but I don't remember your name. Have we met?

Elladan: *realizes Boromir looks younger* I am Elladan, son of Elrond. I know you, but I guess you haven't met me yet. You must know about my father, though.

I had to be careful, and not say too much about the quest of the One Ring )

I will have to visit grandfather and thank him for my horse. He was most generous.
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I ran into my brother this evening...

Caranthir: *still irritated about meeting Boromir, goes out for a walk*
Maglor: *calls out* Carnistir!
Caranthir: *smiles* Kano! How are you? I heard you sing.
Maglor: I am well. You came to the festival? I did not see you! *though is not surprised*
Caranthir: I came to hear you sing. The rest of the time I have been doing a special research. Turko wanted me to look for references about secret passages.
Maglor: Did you find anything interesting?
So, probably NOT a trap then... )
Elladan: *sees Maglor... and another Elf*
Caranthir: *smiles* Thank you, Kano!
Maglor: You're welcome! *gives in to the urge to ruffle his hair*
Caranthir: *groans* I'm not a child, you know?
Elladan: *wonders if he should come another day*
Maglor: I promise I will do this until you are a thousand!
Caranthir: *rolls his eyes, but is secretly happy to have found his brothers, even if they see him as a child* I should be going then... *frowns* Who is that?
Good to see Elladan seems to be settling well. )

Tyelkormo must never learn there are cameras.
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I will still help Eowyn at the Healing House... but being a Guard will also keep me occupied...

Ecthelion: *watching on of the Guard units drill in the courtyard*

Elladan: *comes looking for Ecthelion* Hello.

Ecthelion: *glances up* Oh, Elladan! Hello! Are you ready to join up?

and I will get a horse! )

I will work in the Gates' patrols, and with a horse!
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It's been so busy here at work lately. Seems like a lot of people are having trouble sleeping. I wonder what's going on.

Elladan: *has to go to see one last person before he returns to the House of Guards. After talking to the Elven Healers about Alagoss, he looks for Eowyn* Greetings, Lady Eowyn.
Eowyn: *looks up* Lord Elladan! How nice to see you!
Elladan *smiles*: It's nice to see you too, Eowyn. Can I call you by name?
Eowyn: Of course! *gestures to a chair* Sit, and let me know what I can do for you.

He's here for a good talk… )

So nice to have him here to talk to. And to help out!
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I was leaving the castle when I heard a beautiful music...

Maglor: *playing a harp softly; is not performing yet, but just having a bit of last minute practice*

Elladan: *about to leave the castle, stops when he hears the music. He follows it and finds Maglor* Um... Hello?

and we talk and then I hear him play... )

I loved hearing Maglor play. I should come back to the festival later.
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Turgon wanted to know what happened when I returned to Tirion, but I couldn't answer something that would have been important to explain the city's time problem...

Elladan: *has been checking the apartments and likes them. They are small, but at least he will have some privacy. While in Imladris, he was never in his parents' house for long anyway. Now he needs to talk to Turgon. Sees Gelgannel* Hello, Gelgannel. Is Grandfather there? He wanted to speak with me.

Gelgannel: He is. Speak quietly, he's given himself a hangover. *pages Turgon to let him know his grandson is here*

Turgon: Send him in.

It's time for me to move out of the castle... )

So now maybe I should drop by the Healing House and tell them that Alagoss might not be coming back...
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Captain Ecthelion is working away in his office in the Guard House. If you have any business with the Guard, now's a good time to catch him.

(open to anyone who wants to play with Lio, or needs something that the Guards can help with!)
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I was supposed to be back home... Maybe home is here now...

Turgon: *wandering by the room he'd set up for Elladan, pondering the mystery of how someone could just disappear and whether he could replicate it for others*

Elladan: *about to go to sleep in his room, wondering why now he feels as if he should be somewhere else. His father said something strange about different places and lives. He finally goes to sleep, and somehow he ends up in his bed at Turgon's castle*

Turgon: *stepped inside to look over and decide what to do with the room, not noticing the elf in the bedroom*

Elladan: *sits bolt upright, old instincts making him reach for the knife under his pillow*

And so I'm back in granfather's castle... )

I'm glad to be back! I hope I came back in time for the hunt.
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I have been working all day along with Alagoss, the Elf healer. I know about Elven patients too, but there are so many new things that it has been exhausting to put myself up to date.

Alagoss: Elladan, you do look tired. Maybe it's time to go home.

Elladan: *smiles wistfully* Yes, home. *thinks that he will never adapt to Gondolin*

and so does Alagoss... )

(They are out of the game, and won't remember anything, which makes it easier in Elladan's case if someone wants to play him. Alagoss is off limits as he is my character) :)
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I am happy to have a job, but I still feel that mental hole bothering me...

Elladan: *thinks that maybe if he gets drunk he'll fill that hole in his mind with beer* Is that... the Drunken Maia?

Maglor: *has been wandering around the city and getting his bearings, and is currently having a nice pub lunch in the Drunken Maia*

Elladan: *enters the place and sits at the bar. He asks for an ale*

Maglor: *notices him walk in; is also people-watching, but he looks familiar*

but I meet Maglor instead... well, I am a little drunk too )

I like Maglor. I wonder what Papa would say if he knew I've met him... I wonder what Papa thinks now that I've disappeared from Valinor... *shakes his head, he's not getting drunk again or he won't be able to arrive at work in time*

More help!

Dec. 30th, 2012 05:43 pm
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Things have been so busy at the House of Healing. The Elven healers are trying, but they're just not used to human sickness, and how often humans DO get ill. We need more help.

Eowyn: *working at the House of Healing; has just finished seeing patients*
Elladan: *has come in search of a job so he decides to find a healer of Men first. He can talk to an Elf later* Excuse me, madam, are you the senior healer in this area?

Help comes her way... )

It's so nice to see a familiar face, not to mention more to have more help. But poor Elladan. It must be terrible for him to be separated from his twin. I hope keeping busy helps him.
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One of Lio's helpful little humans found a descendant of mine as a new arrival and got them set up.

I've been putting off getting acquainted due to the whole 'little brother coming back from the dead but still might die again' thing, but I do want to meet him.

Of course, in my experience, family seems to come with loads of complications.

I've had the histories that feature him sent and there's barely anything, besides a genealogy (seeing the chaos my cousins caused in his father's life noted as well), and so I've really got nothing to go on, besides the fact he's missing his twin.

I've sent a messenger with summons.
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I saw an Elf who I thought was Luthien. As it turns out, it was her great grandson. My mind is officially blown. I have to say though...he's nearly as lovely as she is.

Elladan: *has found a cloak and braided his hair in the manner of the Sindarin Elves so nobody recognizes him. Not that anyone has ever seen him before, but at least his grandmother is alive somewhere... He will leave Gondolin and look for the vale of Imladris, and wait there for someone to come, be it his father or his twin*

Celegorm: *whistles for Huan* Come! Let's go to the market and find something good to cook for dinner. I'm tired of soup. Maybe some lamb? *grins as Huan dashes ahead of him down the street toward the market*

Something other than the apples looks good. )
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I was bored and in need of adventure, but I didn't think someone would grant my wishes...

Theoden: *starting leg two of his shift's patrol, thinking more about what to cook for supper at his new cottage than his work since it's near the end of the day and nothing terrible's happened yet so CLEARLY nothing terrible is going to happen because time limit or something*

Elladan: *tries to make his horse stop from galloping into the strange light. When he wished he could escape Valinor he didn't mean to escape the circles of the world. Suddenly he is no longer outside Tirion but in the middle of... some sort of city... Looks up...* "Okay... Whoever is angry, can you take me back with my twin?"

Theoden: *standing in the middle of the mostly abandoned due to hour street staring at Elladan, hand on his sword*

Elladan: *glad he has his knife*: "Who are you, boy?"

Theoden: I prefer 'officer'. And it's Theoden. Who are you? And this question will make a whole lot more sense soon, but when are you from?"

In which I wonder if I am beyond the circles of Arda... )


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