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Great-Grand-Ada sent a package for me and I opened it before Ada saw it! It's these little sticks that make all sorts of colourful marks like they're filled with paint and I am going to make a work of art for Ada.

Elros: *working on his masterpiece with his markers*

Elros: *on the bathroom walls*
Maglor turns on a light. Something is not right! )
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Elros: *tries to ninja his way back inside after his visit with Feanor*

Maglor: *oh no you don't; is waiting right there*

Elros: *doesn't notice him, thinks he's gotten away with it and starts walking normally* *whistles a little*

Maglor: *coolly* Hello, Elros.

Elros: *little scream*

Maglor: *arms crossed* Come here.

Elros is in severe trouble. )

I don’t know what I’m going to do with that child.
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Oh excellent, a visitor!

Elros: *smacks his hands flat at Feanor's door*
Fëanor: *goes to see who is there*
Elros: *beaming up at him*
Fëanor: Elros! Where's your father?
Elros: I gave him the slip. Can I come in?

Oh, a tiny gangster! Please do! )

That child is in so much trouble.

So close!

Nov. 30th, 2013 08:46 pm
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Elros: *hears a noise outside at home and peeks out the door*

Noise: *further out in the dark*

Elros: *wanders off after it*

Noise: *is Dagnir yowling for lady cats*

Elros: *picks Dagnir up* hi!
In which Dagnir is briefly catnapped )

Operation: Make Ada Get Me A Pet has begun.
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Maglor: *puts cloaks on the twins*

Elrond: Is it cold where we're going?

Maglor: No, but it is cold outside!

Elrond: Cold like sleeping in the park cold? *will not forget that!*

Elros: Is there snow?

Maglor: No snow, but yes, cold like the park. *also, part human, must be careful!*

Elros: *snuggles into his cloak*

Elrond: Are we going to the park? Will we see the talking tree?

Maglor: We're going to visit my father.


I want to visit Haru again! More toys!
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Elros: *elaborate toy battle in the living room*

Maglor: *amused, scribbling some notes on a few sheets of music*

Elros: Oh no! The hippo is working with the terror bird now! How could this happen!

Maglor: Oh dear. Good thing a unicorn is worth ten hippos.

Elros: It is? *waves the unicorn* Hahaha! I can fight you off!

Maglor: Did you enjoy your afternoon with uncle Maedhros yesterday?

Elros: *holds up the elephant* Can't we have peace!?
Elros: Huh? Oh yeah.
Elros: Uncle Maedhros is nice.

Maglor: *nods*

Elros: He's kinda weird. Did making his hand come back do somethign to him?

Maglor: *amused at the irony* Well... *decides it's too complicated to explain* Essentially, yes.

Elros: 'Cause he doesn't seem to remember me that well. *sounds hurt*

Maglor: *knew this would be an issue; speaking gently and carefully* Sometimes...things happen to us that make us forget what we used to know. It is not your uncle's fault.

In which Elros asks about Elrond, Maglor says the wrong thing, Elros is upset, and Turgon arrives at a very inopportune time. )


Oct. 13th, 2013 12:51 pm
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I was bouncing all over the house so Ada said we had to go for a walk.

Elros: *holding Maglor's hand as they walk through the street and waves to everyone happily, including Finrod*

Maglor: *yep, this one is definitely Elros*

Elros: o.o *sees a shop in the market covered in glittering decorated toys*

Elros: Ada...

Maglor: Hmm?

Elros: *points at the unicorn, then looks up at Maglor*

Maglor: *arches an eyebrow*

Elros: *BIG EYES*
Success! )

I wish Elrond was here to play with me.
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*sitting on Maglor's kitchen counter hitting a cold piece of meat with a cup to soften it before eating*


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