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Oh excellent, a visitor!

Elros: *smacks his hands flat at Feanor's door*
Fëanor: *goes to see who is there*
Elros: *beaming up at him*
Fëanor: Elros! Where's your father?
Elros: I gave him the slip. Can I come in?

Oh, a tiny gangster! Please do! )

That child is in so much trouble.
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On my brother's advice, I sought out my son.
He was pleasantly sane.

Well, relatively. )

I daresay if things continue as they have been so far, that I shall be rather content here. Of course, I do not expect that to be the case at all. I feel I need more information still. Perhaps there is a library or somesuch I can seek out?

I shall also have to speak to my brother again. I have many suspicions that need confirming or denying.
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Fëanor: *has the first silmaril safely stowed away, but can't stop thinking of the second one - it burns in his thoughts, until suddenly all is quiet and then he wonders why*

Fëanor: *decides it's time to pay Celegorm another visit; stalks over to his house and pounds on the door*

Celegorm: *sighs and opens it* Father. What brings you over on this fine, sunny afternoon?

What else? )
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Theoden: *sitting by the window with a book, so utterly bored*

Dagnir: *keeping him in place by napping on his lap*

Fëanor: *comes to visit*

Theoden: *can see him come from out the window* *calls out* Just come inside! It's not locked!
Which has worked out pretty well so far )

You know, I'm getting the impression my boyfriend and my cat don't get along.

But! This brace is great! Maybe now Boro will stop fussing so much. And I can get around better when Artamir finally visits.
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He can't stop thinking about that other silmaril…

Celegorm: *huddles against the cold, is out shopping for an after holiday present for Lio* Hmm...maybe some flavored coffee...
Fëanor: *taking a walk (or perhaps "stalk" is more appropriate) around the city; spots him, and approaches quietly*
Celegorm: *picks up a bag of coffee and sniffs* Not bad. Maybe a bit too much vanilla. *doesn't turn around* Father.
Fëanor: Turkafinwë.

A nice reunion! )

Well, that didn't work out as I had hoped.
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Maglor: *sends a note to Fëanor, to arrange to meet; at least he hopes*
Maglor: *not sure Feanor will agree*

Fëanor: *not sure either, after reading the note; asks one of his wolves* What do you think?

Wolf: *just gives him a baleful canine look*
Wolf: *chicken?*

Fëanor: *throws him some chicken while reading the note over and over*


Fëanor: *decides to call Maglor*

Maglor: Hello?

Fëanor: Hello. *still not clear on phone etiquette*

Maglor: Atar?

Fëanor: Yes. You sent me a note.

Maglor: I did. And...are you willing to meet?

Turns out, he is. )


And no, Maglor doesn't actually have some sinister ulterior motive. )

Well, that was futile.
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Turgon: no putting it off. *pats Idril3's head and phones Lio*

Ecthelion: Hello?

Turgon: 'lo. You busy?

Ecthelion: Not at the moment, no. You need me?

Turgon: Yeah. Don't bring Celegorm, or tell him that you're coming to see me.
It's not exactly fair to do make someone do this to their boyfriend, but Lio did say he was my captain of the guard first )

Now for my next task and I'm done dealing with any Feanorian but Maglor for quite a while:

Off to see the uncle )

EDIT: Have added to the Feanor/Turgon chat.
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Maglor: *at the House of History to get that book for Elros to read at home*

Fëanor: *stalks in and sweeps by him, not looking around*

Maglor: *turns to look; oh good lord*

Fëanor: *goes tot he section he is looking for*

Maglor: *oh lordy; brings his book to the check-out desk*

Fëanor: *despite looking like a thundercloud, is very polite and charming to the librarians*

Maglor: *hoping to avoid him*

Fëanor: *sees him at the desk when he comes to check out his books and freezes*

Maglor: *thanks the librarian and turns to go and shit, his father is right there*

Fëanor: *as if forcing it out* Kanafinwë.

Maglor: *carefully* Hello, father.

Fëanor: *holds up his books* Do these pass your inspection, or would you like to confiscate them now?

Oh fuck off, atar. I don't want to deal with this right now. )
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Feanor: *bitter*

Theoden: aw, Fefe *hugs*

Feanor: *aw* You're kind, Theo.

Theoden: *kisses* don't be sad

Feanor: *shakes his head* I'm not sad.

Theoden: don't be angry

Feanor: I'm not angry at you.

Theoden: I know.

Feanor: Others deserve my anger.

Theoden: *hugs* it won't fix anything, being angry

Feanor: *leans a little* that is true. I have other ways to fix things.

Theoden: like?
the answer is actually reasonable )

I like how he's been coming so often to see me, but I'm really worried about what's going on with his family...
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Now that he has confirmed there is a second silmaril, and found out about Maglor and Turgon's romance, Fëanor has finished his underground lair (new workshop, a safe room for all his valuables, locked and guarded with multiple devices and magics, and an additional room with a bed and stockpiled food, in case he needs to stay there for any length of time).

With that done, he gets to work securing the outside of his house, locking windows, closing shutters, and changing the locks on his doors. And then he spies the cat.

Fëanor: I am getting dogs.

Fëanor: Giant dogs

Fëanor: To keep you away.

Dagnir: >: O

Fëanor: Suck it, you monster.

Oddest. Argument. Ever... )

He chases the cat off, and goes back to his work, determined to be safe.
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Dagnir: *lounges in Lio's office*

Feanor: *studies*

Turgon: so has Celegorm told his father yet?

Ecthelion: Not that I know of. I will ask him later what the status is.

Turgon: I meant it. If he doesn't tell uncle soon, I will

Ecthelion: I know. I'll ask him.
Feanor gets an earful )

Mng. I should have just stayed loyal to Elenwe.
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Father is officially insane. But I didn't actually lie to him. Not technically.

Fëanor: *takes a break from building his new secret lair and decides to reclaim his property; wraps up in a dark and what he hopes is an inconspicuous cloak, and heads over to Celegorm's; pounds at the door*

Celegorm: *hears the pounding and throws the door open in a fit* WHAT?! *sees his father* Oh, Father.

Fëanor: *strides in* I want my silmaril.

which one? )

That damned thing has got to go.
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Fëanor: *takes a break from building his underground bunker and packs a basket with things to bring Theo, and heads off to the House of Healing*

Theoden: *stacking sleepy kittens in boredom at the House*

Fëanor: *finds his room, after inadvertently terrifying many staff members along the way*

Theoden: Feanor! *grin and startles the cats*

Dagnir: *baleful look at Feanor, but that's his normal face*

Fëanor: Hello, Theo. *presses a kiss to his head* And Dagnir.

Dagnir: mow

Bearing gifts is always a good idea… )

Back to work on the bunker.
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Theoden: *notices the army of cats around Fëanor's house as he approaches*

Dagnir: *teaching the latest batch about Suspect Number 1*

Theoden: Hey, Dags. *crouches down to pet his cat*

Dagnir: *arches up into it, but maintains his no speaking around Theo rule*

Theoden: you're a way more dedicated father than most cats. *knocks on the door* Fëanor!

Fëanor: *inside, being a hermit, or you could call it sulking*
Boyfriend tending. And then there's a warg )

Update on my leg: I'm going to be here at the Healers for a while. I guess this puts off my exploring of the tower on the lake and that's all I'm going to let myself dwell on right now.

Dagnir's been keeping me company.
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He has trouble sleeping, after his fight with Maglor...

Nerdanel: Using your pride as a weapon against your child? oh Fëanáro… *saddened*

Fëanor: He's not a child, and he's stealing and lying, trying to thwart me.

Nerdanel: *just looks sad and disappointed*

Fëanor: *extremely hurt*

A visit from… my wife? )

She is gone.
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Maglor: *enjoying a - lately rare - moment without the twins; well, not enjoying, per se, but is stretched on the sofa with a glass of strong port wine and mulling over his thoughts*

Fëanor: *kicks the door open*

Maglor: *jumps, hissing a swear; has a pretty good idea of who would enter thus*

Fëanor: *strides in* I want my things )

Fine. See if I care.

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Maglor: *puts cloaks on the twins*

Elrond: Is it cold where we're going?

Maglor: No, but it is cold outside!

Elrond: Cold like sleeping in the park cold? *will not forget that!*

Elros: Is there snow?

Maglor: No snow, but yes, cold like the park. *also, part human, must be careful!*

Elros: *snuggles into his cloak*

Elrond: Are we going to the park? Will we see the talking tree?

Maglor: We're going to visit my father.


I want to visit Haru again! More toys!
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Fëanor: *studying a book on modern weaponry*

Maglor: *catching up with Fëanor is still not his favourite thing, but knocks on the door*

Fëanor: Come in!

Maglor: *slips in; has left the boys with Maedhros* Hello?

Fëanor: *puts his book down* Kanafinwë! *goes to greet him*

Maglor: Hello, father.

An Unexpected Visit )

Father is up to something, I know it. I need to find out what.
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Dagnir: *leads a new batch of kittens to Fëanor's house like a walking tour to show that he is a SUSPICIOUS individual*

Fëanor: *peers curiously*

Kittens: *lined up as Dagnir shows them the ropes*

Fëanor: Lovely kittens.
Kittens do not trust this elf he is bad elf up to no good )

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Dagnir: *spying on Feanor*

Fëanor: *sadly is rather boring; just working on things*

Dagnir: *dozes off and wakes up ten minutes later, deciding to go check on his kittens*

Fëanor: *reading about nuclear weapons*

Dagnir: *hops off to Lio's house and pokes his head through the kitchen window while Lio is doing dishes* mow!
attend to me! )


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