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Fingon's been out of commission for a while after an incident, so I figured it was time to pay a visit now that he's at the healing point where it won't be all about his arm.

Turgon: *tugs Fingon's hair* I'm putting a ferris wheel in for the summer fair

Fingon: Oh? Is that one of those things with the baskets that goes up high?

Turgon: seats, but you got the idea!

Turgon: *shows him the sketches of all the rides he approved*
now let's get weird )
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Theoden: *getting close to off-duty at the festival and spots Fingon* *walks up behind to cover his eyes*

Fingon: *has been wandering around a bit and is suddenly having his eyes covered* Turgie? Mae?

Theoden: guess again.

Fingon: THEO! *pleased!*
Bonding with Fingon! He introduces me to interesting new things and we make plans for later )

Once the cats are done with Fingon, we should try and play some of the games...
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Kak: *flies in through Nuala's wind, pack of rabbit meat in his beak for her*

Nuala: *sitting on her couch, working on some embroidery. She looks up and arches her eyebrows.* What've you got there?

Awk: Gifts! *flying along behind!*
And the day had started so well. )
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Just when you think a simple walk through the city is going to do you some good, things get incredibly weird. I met two of our new citezins and...

In which Fingon meets the king and queen of the ravens )

At any rate, I think that I can use this to our advantage. Now that I know their modus operandi, the ravens can be caught in the act, perhaps apprehended, and certainly re-educated in the way we do things here. Consider this my gift to the city. Or something.

...And I never did get my red string!
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Going home! And now I crave those fried potato things. Thanks, Feanor.

Theoden: *packing up his armour to go home from the House of Healing after his overnight stay and heads out, glad to see sunlight again after spending all day in the sewers yesterday and all night cooped up inside*

Fingon: *making his way over to the houses, having heard Theo was hurt and wondering if he's okay or not*

Theoden: *spots him and waves, with his left arm since he went and got his right shoulder stabbed*
I like my ex. He's nice. Also, we help out Theodred! )

You know, I don't actually interact with a lot of dwarves. I wonder if Dred has.
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I've been trying all kinds of recipes lately. I think it's time to have Fingon be my guinea pig and give Kano a break. Plus, I have an idea I want to run by him.

Maedhros: *has sent Fingon a note inviting him for dinner, plans to make Italian, as it's the next thing he's mastering*
Fingon: *decides that he'd better come up with something to at least go with it with all the hard work and went out to the merchant's area to ask about wines before selecting a good one*
Maedhros: *has prepared a nice pasta dinner, along with a salad and garlic bread; sets the table and waits for Fingon to arrive*
Fingon: *humming something new that he's heard as he makes his way over to Maitimo's and knocks*
Maedhros: *lighting candles on the table; calls out* Come in!
Fingon: *comes in and goes over to give him a kiss*  Hey!
Maedhros: *kisses happily; this is still something of a novelty* Hey...
Fingon:  this smells amazing
Maedhros: Yeah?
Fingon:  Absolutely.  And the candles.  romantic *teasing smile*

In which plans are discussed... )

Now we just have to speak to Turgon, and we can get started.
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Has been depressed since seeing Fingon with Theoden, and feeling very lonely; hasn't spoken to his father or brothers (except for Maglor) in weeks; spends most of his time at the House of History, so Maglor won't take the books from him

Maedhros: *spending too much time reading future history; especially about Fingon saving him, and then about Fingon dying*
Fingon: *decides to go looking for Maedhros since it's been a while*
Maedhros: *emerging from the House of History; rather pale, dark circles under his eyes*
Fingon: *spots him from up ahead and runs over to meet him* Maitimo! ...are you all right?
Maedhros: *blinks* Hi Finde. Yes, I'm fine. *not really; pining for him*
Fingon: You don't look okay.   What IS it?  *frowns* did you read something terrible?
Maedhros: Er. Um. Yeah.
Fingon: Can I ask what?   Or... ...We shouldn't talk about this here.  Want to head back to my place?

This is probably a bad idea… )

So. I guess that's all right then. ♥
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Theoden: *shows up at Fingon's with a bag of groceries* *knock knock* Fiiingoon remember I was comiiiing I didn't bring the caaaat

Fingon: *goes to get the door* Hey! Oh good the cat is...yeah. We don't work well together do we?

Theoden: I think he thinks he's my chaperone. In as much as a cat thinks anything besides murder and licking themselves. *comes in* Ready to learn what Rohirrim eat instead of hunks of dead animal?

Fingon: I'm game. *leads him over to the kitchen where he's set things out and has a little table done and everything*

Theoden: *pulls out the ingredients* I had to get a little creative, different climate, different food, but... *eyes it* You know what? Let's just make cookies.
Cooking, snuggling, and discussing the issue of him wanting to fuck his cousin )

I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing about Fingon and his cousin. I just want Fingon to stop feeling bad. The problem is, while I feel comfortable approaching Feanor for Feanor things, I... there's no way I'm going near one of his sons with my track record, especially with questions like THAT.
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I'm happy I found my elder brother. The last time I saw him I was too sick to have a chat...

Arakano: *feeling calmer since he found out there is a house where he can take advanced painting classes, he is walking in the street and enjoying the fresh air*

Fingon: *is wandering around somewhat idly, on his way to go and get tea. Pauses when he sees someone familiar up ahead, then speeds up to join him* Little brother! How ARE you? *goes to hug him*

Arakano: *starts a bit, but hugs him back* Findekáno! You surprised me! I'm well. How are you, brother?

we talked about many things... )

So glad Findekáno will practice with me! I need to get better with that knife. Just in case...
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Wow, it really looks like a success! So many people, and they all seem to be having fun. Fingon did a great job.

Maedhros: *walking around the palace grounds, looking at the festival displays*
Fingon: *finally relaxing and letting himself linger and enjoy things as they're all going smoothly. Breathes a sigh of relief*
Maedhros: *stops to look at a craftware display*
Fingon: *spots the hair and runs over hoping it's Maitimo and not Theoden because he feels...weird about that whole thing, gets close enough to see the height and grins, running over* Cousin!
Maedhros: *turns and smiles brilliantly* Finde!

Cue awkward yearning and doublespeak! )

It's always good to spend time with Finde. And make plans. *lovestruck sigh*
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The brothers -gon prepare for the festival )

I couldn't get down from that stage soon enough with the way the rain's coming down. At least the umbrella salesmen are doing swift business. *tugs robes around tighter and tries not to shiver*

I've still got business out here before I can go in where it's nice and warm. And the kingdom really doesn't need to see how the cold makes me feel so... out of sorts. Which is why I've been ignoring Gelgannel's attempts to bundle me up. Brave face and all that.

I don't know where Fingon's gone off to. I never did ask why he picked out that particular guard, either. I suppose I could go ask the guard...

*looks up, rain falling on his face* At least it's just rain and no thunder or lightning. Just wish it was with spring or summer, so it would be warm.
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I am an idiot. Maitimo and I went to the bar the other night before I did...other things and it got...well...

in which Maedhros gives Fingon an incestive. No really )

And then, well. Other..things have happened since then and I can't even wrap my head around it. Honestly I am so fucking confused right now.


Jan. 4th, 2013 07:05 pm
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Theo: *setting out food for Dred so he doesn't have to spend much time on his ankle to cook dinner* Heading out tonight for a... thing

Dred: Oh? *finishes up with the the report he's looking over* that sounds...vague.

Theo: *suddenly very intent on the carrots he's peeling* Just a thing. Talking to lord Fingon about uh, duties he wants me to do at the festival.

Dred: Oh really? He seems to really like you. that's good then! Maybe it's an in with Feanor

Theo: I... am not sure this would exactly work out that way. Towards getting Feanor. Since it's sort of a date

Dred: Ooh with Fingon? Well he's very very pretty. But aren't he and his cousin...*handwave* I meaan the books don't say it explicitely but...

Theo: he said they were best friends. So I'm gonna go with no, he's probably not in an incestuous relationship with his cousin

Dred: Well you just never know. I mean elves. *grins* But so. Fingon. that's really..is he as dashing as they say?

Theo: he's... *thinks* incredibly handsome. And made me feel all warm when he was flirting with me

Dred: warm huh? *okay that's adorable*

Theo: and it's not like Feanor can even recognize me yet so I'm not doing anything wrong by seeing what else is out there... And he said he wouldn't cut my head off if I messed up

Dred: Of course you aren't. you deserve to be happy with someone who'll notice you're alive and things. ...I should hope not.

Theo: avenge me, though. If he does.

Theo: he really likes my hair. *grins*

Dred: Oh really now? *grins* andd I wonder WHY. *laughs* Seriously though. I do think the braid works for you

Theo: it'd be everywhere if I didn't braid it. And I can just see it getting caught in my chainmail and the horrors that would then ensue

Dred: that would be really bad. *nods* We had that happen to one of the girls at home who want to be shieldmaids but haven't had much of a chance yet. Had to cut her out of her helmet

Theo: *snickers* Sorry. I shouldn't laugh. That's almost happened to me a few times

Dred: Doesn't look pleasant at all, no. It must HURT.

Theo: and no one has any pity. Anyway. *done with the food prep* I'm off. And hell, if the captain doesn't find out the real reason Fingon requested me, maybe it'll look good for work

Dred: He won't hear anything from me. Good luck. *pause* Uh...be careful and things? From what you've said, and I've read, he's honorable and a gentleman and all but you're still, you know, going to someone's room and all.

Theo: what should I be afraid of? *blinks*

Dred: Just...well, remember that if you decide you don't want to, you can say no things likee that

Theo: *blinks again, then goes bright red* Oh. Right. Yeah.

Dred: Just...you know. Stuff like that.

Theo: *quick nod, thinking about how much BIGGER Fingon is* Got it. I'll see you when I get back, if you're still awake

Dred: *gives him a little salute* Have fun!

And I DID have fun. Or I will, at any rate. Fingon really does seem fascinated with my hair )

I don't even know what I was worried about now.
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Takes place after this, and before this.

I wonder about that human Findekáno was flirting with talking to… He doesn't look very strong, I could probably take him and snap… oh. Never mind. I should probably find Findekáno so we can work on the festival.

Maedhros: *goes to the palace, looking for Fingon to talk about the winter festival; kind of feels sad after seeing him with that red-haired human today*
Fingon: *is finishing up signing some permits for the fesitval and thinking about the red-haired human a bit.   Is he using him?   Kind of but... It would be wrong if he and Maedhros. Forget it. Not thinking about that. Thinking about work.  Yup. Work is awesome.*
Maedhros: *gets directions to Fingon's study; wanders the halls wondering what's wrong with him, and why he feels so jealous; knocks at which he thinks is the right door* Hello?
Fingon:  Come in...*at the voice, starts a little guiltily*  Maitimo!

Work + guilt + illicit attraction = awkwardness all around! )

I think a drink is exactly what we need to get my mind off how fucking hot my cousin in relax. Hopefully.
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So. It's time for a bit of a coffee break. I met someone on the steps

earlier today and sort of thought he was Maitimo and hugged the shit out of this stranger and we got to talking about things and I sort of think I freaked him a little

in which Theo asks Fingon out. Sort of )

But now we're going to coffee so that I can make things up to him. He seems to be very nice and has lovely hair so that's a good start, right?
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It's good to know I get along 0 for 0 of Feanor's kids so far. That's really good for my confidence. And not terrifying at all dealing with a bunch of giants glaring down at me or mocking me.

There's two more in the city, according to the report the captain gave us. Let's see what happens if I meet one of the other ones.

Studying elf anatomy to answer questions has been enlightening. I'm really glad I'm bigger than a regular Rohirrim, let me tell you.

Work related, I have nothing to do. It's my two days off. I like how the winters are here, back in Rohan it'd be covered in feet of snow already and we'd be counting off what's frozen to death. Although... *looks up at the clouds, noticing them gathering and dark grey*

I hope that's rain coming.
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The Orc captain was dead, and I could see the others start to react and attack them with renewed resolve. They had fallen on us as soon as we set foot on these lands, but we would drive them back. The white light in the sky was helping, and the fact that I had killed their captain.

The problem was that I was losing too much blood, and my eyes were clouding. I could feel my family's voices, and I could see Alagoss fighting fiercely at my side. At least I would not die alone, because I was dying. I could see my hroa on the ground, and my fëar was adrift, waiting to hear the call of Mandos...

And suddenly my hroa was calling my fëar back and I was still in Alagoss' arms, but there was no battle around us. Had he died too? He looked different... I tried to smile.

"Alagoss..." I whispered and then everything turned dark around me.
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Yesterday was a really busy day!

It started with a summons from my brother, in which he found out about the accident I caused in the shops this week, and some amazing amazing news:

in which Fingon talks about a mishap and gets some amazing news regarding travelers here )

Maitimo. Maitimo here and HAPPY. I can't wait to see him. It's probably the best news I've gotten in...pretty much ever, I think. But that doesn't end what happened. While I was heading out to add some planned events, I found that strange cat that wanders around sometimes, or rather, it found me.

in which Dagnir is awesome and leads a rescue mission for a young girl...er dark lord )

Later today, I'll head over and check on her. I hope that everything else is doing well, but in the meantime, first thing is first and it's not getting building permits organized, but finding my cousin! I really am excited. :)
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Did I mention I have the best little brother ever? I was kind of bored here, lately because you know, the whole noble thing? It gets old. But then that totally changed earlier.

in which Fingon gets a JOB and Turgon thinks about the Celegorm issue )

So! What do we start with?


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