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Finrod: *in agony, despite a generous dose of tonic and brandy*

Turgon: A servant sent for me. What happened? We're going to the healers.

Finrod: Agh! Turu... No... Bring them... *presses a hand to his eyes*

Turgon: *nods and hurries to get them fetched*

Finrod: *moans, torn between pain and thoughts of the forest*

Healer: *comes* )
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Turgon: *floats on his back in a hidden pool* Come on, Finrod! We can be otters!

Finrod: Noooo I can't move.

Turgon: Aw *sadfaces*

Finrod: You can. I'll watch you.

Turgon: It works best with two!

Finrod: Well... I guess. Alright. I'll come in with you, anyway.

Turgon: *glee*
After some getting clean festivities, we made our way to the hidden tunnel )

I am never going out in nature again if I can help it. It's for the dogs.

And our horses did escape.

Nice full moon out tonight too. I'm going to leave my window open tonight to really enjoy it.

Page 394.

Jun. 14th, 2014 10:48 am
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Finrod: All considered, this little rock ledge is kind of cozy.

Turgon: That's because you can compress.

Finrod: Well...and it's sheltered. And I know what's at my back: rock.

Turgon: We've been worse places. )

Finrod: *looks out into the night*

Werewolves: *howl*

Finrod: *shivers a little*

Come out, elf. Come and play with us… )
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Turgon: *cprs Finrod after pulling him out of the river*

Finrod: *coughs*

Turgon: Hi. You still with me?

Finrod: *nods, coughing some more* ...Yeah.

Turgon: Great, great.
Turgon: I have no idea where we are and I can't see any eagles to flag down for directions.

Finrod: *sits up with a groan* Well.

Turgon: I kept my grip on you the whole way down. I want praise for this. Poor Turgon. )


May. 27th, 2014 03:56 am
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Day Unknown of Finrod making me experience fresh air and no responsibilities.

Turgon: *sets his bedroll out for the night*

Finrod: *pokes the fire* See? I told you this would be fun!

Turgon: We're elves, we shouldn't have to deal with mosquitoes, and yet…

Finrod: *grins* There aren't many!

Turgon: They crave my flesh, Finrod. They can tell I'm finer fare than you.

Finrod: *chuckles* Poor you.

Turgon: Are you enjoying your desired vacation?

Finrod: *leans back on his hands* Yes I am.

Turgon: Good, let's go home. )

Come on. Guess what happened under the cut while we run for our lives.
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Turgon: *finishes setting things up so his work can be done without him for the next few weeks*

Finrod: *pokes his head in* Hey.

Turgon: I better have the world's best time, Finrod.

You will, Turgon. You will. )
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Glorfindel: *finds himself wandering in the offices of the guardhouse, trying to figure out how he can best be of help... by snooping through paperwork*

Finrod: *comes into his office, and...someone is already there?*

Glorfindel: *having a hell of a time with (unknown to him) raven-script* What in Varda's name...

Finrod: ...Glorfindel?! *entirely surprised to see him; hasn't the entire time he's been in the city*

Glorfindel and Finrod plot an adventure. )
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Turgon: *hammers on Finrod's door*

Finrod: *answers* Hey, Turu. What's up?

Idril3: *loves on Finrod*

Turgon: Guess what!

Finrod: *scritches* What? Come in.

Turgon: *steps inside* Our cousins are going to set fire to my city.

Finrod: ...Why?

Turgon: *closes the door securely* They found another silmaril AND they're fighting.


And then they get inordinately and companionably drunk.


Nov. 10th, 2013 08:19 pm
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Finrod: So tell me about your life.

Turgon: I'm in lust with Maglor.

Finrod: I know that part.

Turgon: That's it.

Finrod: And have you... *handwave* Done anything about it? Or just tormenting yourself still?

Turgon: We kissed.

Finrod: Again? )
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Kak: *on Finrod's desk trying to write with his pen, but mostly chewing on it*

Finrod: There must be a better way.

Kak: *drops the pen* I'm making a REPORT

Finrod: Why don't you just tell me your report?

Kak: *affronted feather fluff* I learned to write for a reason, elf!

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Ecthelion:*glad to be back at work; goes to see Finrod in his office*

Finrod: *looks up* Hey!

Ecthelion:*grins* Hey! *sits in a chair in front of Finrod's desk* How's it going?

Finrod: Fine, fine. *happily, no new major crimes* What can I do you for?

Ecthelion:*slides over some paperwork* I made some changes in the roster ... put a few more guards on outside duty.

And then they gossip about Turgon. )
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Gel: *drinking his coffee and trying to sound Feanorian-ish* Rargh. Unrest. Silmarils.

Finrod: *catches him at it and arches an eyebrow* Morning, Gel.

Gel: Turgon's making me do it.

Finrod: Why? And what exactly is "it"?

Gel: Be his cousin Maglor. )
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This is not what I was expecting when I went to see Turgon this evening...

Turgon: *mutters out the story to Finrod from under the blanket*

Finrod: *pats the blanket lump* Well, it's Celegorm.

Turgon: Death to Fëanorians.

Finrod: Did you really kiss Maglor?

Turgon: Mng. Yes.

Finrod: Why? When?!

Turgon: I was drunk! The other night. In the fountain pool.

And it was nothing? I rather doubt it. )

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Turgon: *calling Finrod's name*

Finrod: Yes?

Turgon: *grinning* Want to go to the petting zoo?

Finrod: I'm a little worried about agreeing to that. You'll probably want more pets.

Turgon: We're supervising a little girl

Finrod: *confused* A little girl?

Turgon: Eowyn and her little girl.

Finrod: Eowyn is the woman you like, isn't she?

Turgon: Mmhmm.

So, why do you want your bff tagging along on your date? )
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Two cousins walk into a bar... )

Occasionally Maglor has some very Fëanor-like tendencies... )

Well, that explains a lot about what happened the other night. It is a little surprising, but I suppose in hindsight it shouldn't be. Still, this infatuation is an intriguing piece of information. Now, what to do with it...
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I ran into my favourite niece this evening...

Finrod: *heading towards the palace after work, a small wrapped package of pastries in hand*

Idril: *heading in his direction and waves with a big smile when she sees him* Uncle Finrod!

Finrod: *grins* Idril! How are you, my favourite girl?

Idril: *meets him and gives him a hug* I'm well! Helping dad in the office these days. How are you, uncle?

Finrod: *embraces her in return* I am well! *conspiratorily* Your father needs two people to help in the office? Should I be concerned by his obsessive tendencies?

Somehow this ends in the making of promises. )

Then I give her tea and pastries. Because she is my favourite.
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Boromir: *knocks on the door to Finrod's office* Sir? Do you have a moment?

Finrod: *looks up* Of course. Come in.

Boromir: *walks in and stands in front of his desk* Theoden and I went to the animal sanctuary to interview the raven, Kak, who was a witness to the fire. *places some notes on Finrod's desk*

Finrod: Interested to hear Boromir's report. )
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Ecthelion: *finally remembers he has a phone; calls Finrod*

Finrod: *winces when the damned thing starts beeping* Hello?

Ecthelion: *still hasn't quite got the hang of the phone* FINROD? IT'S ME, LIO.

Finrod: You don't need to yell... )

Time to sort out those interview deadlines, and arrange to hear Boromir's report. Then food - I'm thinking something unhealthy - and tea with Turgon.


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