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Glorfindel: *finds himself wandering in the offices of the guardhouse, trying to figure out how he can best be of help... by snooping through paperwork*

Finrod: *comes into his office, and...someone is already there?*

Glorfindel: *having a hell of a time with (unknown to him) raven-script* What in Varda's name...

Finrod: ...Glorfindel?! *entirely surprised to see him; hasn't the entire time he's been in the city*

Glorfindel and Finrod plot an adventure. )
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What is it about life that always lands you being caught by friends when you're at your worst? But, it's alright, I'm feeling much better now. So much so that I let Lio buy me a pint.

Well, after a bit of catching up... )
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He's stumbled back, and before the chill of Mandos has even left his bones, he knows too well where he is.


The name is spoken aloud, not for anyone else but simply as an affirmation, an acceptance of fate's (and the Valars') whim. Glorfindel advances slowly, his feet bare and clothing tattered. Clearly this is an elf who has seen better days. Looking close enough, one might notice the eyes which don't match. Closer still and you may even make out the thin scar beneath beneath one eye. These are a remnant of his death, the place where the Balrog's whip licked up to touch him. They are left to him as a reminder of what will be again.

He stumbles, collapsing near the seventh gate. He's tired and sore - his return too quick, he's certain - but he can feel his heart beat strong and knows he is home. Soon he will be himself again, after a rest and a good meal.

If only he had the energy to get back on his feet...


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