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I took Huan and that blasted kitten out for a stroll and came upon something interesting. Now...where to hide it?

Celegorm: Come on! You want to go for a run, don't you?

Huan: Woorrrfff! [yes! and hunt for birds!]

Baini: *following along behind Celegorm and Huan, figures she's gonna be a great hunter too if she can't be a great spy* Mew mew mew mew

Twinkle, twinkly little...whatever )
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Celegorm: *sits on a bench in the park, Huan napping underneath*

Luthien: *approaches with Melui at her side, long skirts sweeping behind*

Melui: *zips ahead and barks at Huan, urging him to get up and play*

Huan: Woof! [Hi! Let's play!] *rushes up to Luthien and sniffs her skirt before chasing after Melui*

If we could talk with the animals... )
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Turgon and his puppy showed up here. At least Huan had fun. I felt like I was being interviewed for a low-paying job. Whatever. I guess I passed the test because he finally left. And I'm getting a phone.

Turgon: *affixes a tiny collar and long thin leash to Idril3* Come on. I need to do this before the next crisis hits.
Idril3: *barkbarkbark run*
Turgon: *heads to Celegorm's home to give him strict Lio instructions*

Idril3: *happy puppy noises heard before Lio even knocks*

Celegorm: *opens door, folds arms over chest* I thought you'd be showing up here at some point.
Huan: *sniffs at Idril3 and wags tail*

I guess you're coming in, so I might as well step aside. )
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Theo: *chases his cat, who's chasing a raven screaming 'murder! murder!'* Dagnir, NO! *nearly falls over when they get into the park, skidding on the wet grass*

Celegorm: *is tossing a ball to Huan who fetches it with glee. Turns and notices the cat.* Oh no...Huan...

Huan: Woof! [CAT!]

Kak: *flies over Huan*

Dagnir: *runs beneath Huan's legs*

Huan: *chases*

Theo: *tries to stop himself before he runs into the dog and still skidding*

Huan: *flies after the cat*

Celegorm: *piches the bridge of his nose* oh geez. HUAN!! *notices Theo and laughs*

Kak: *up into Greentwig*

Dagnir: *follows*

Huan: *chases*

Greentwig: *suddenly starts flailing branches*
And yet, nothing died )

I suppose he's not so bad. He kept looking at my cat funny, I hope he at least TRIES to keep his dog from eating Dagnir.
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Lúthien: *the day is lovely, bright sun and clear skies. She's out with Melui, throwing around a thick braided length of rope for the dog to chase down and return. Though she's been warned to be careful of going out alone, there are enough people here in the park that she isn't concerned about being accosted without witnesses. The pleasant weather and playtime with Melui help keep the worry from her mind.*

Huan: WOOOFF! *sprints toward the park, ball in mouth*

Celegorm: Wait! Stop, or you'll run over someone! *dashes behind him, and spies Lúthien from a distance. Skids to a halt, smoothes his hair and grins* Lúthien?

Lúthien: *looks up in surprise* Celegorm!

An unexpected meeting and a surprising offer )
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Caranthir: *It was good to have seen his father, Caranthir though as he walked to Celegorm's house. He could see the house now. Caranthir smiled as he approached his brother's house, the hood of his cloak back. He felt more at ease in Turgon's city now*

Celegorm: *frets over some meat he has grilled. Tastes a bite, then decides to season it more* not bad...

Huan: Woof! [I want some! FEED ME!]

and Turko learns about Turgon's line )

The food was good. I'm glad Celegorm found me.
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Frankly, I'm lucky she didn't slam the door in my face. At least there's still a chance. A slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. I really do care for her...

Celegorm: *adjusts the bow on his flower bouquet and knocks on Luthien's door. Gives Huan a look.

Huan: *wags his tail hopefully*
It started off well enough, then went right to hell )
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Lots of interesting things turn up in flowerbeds here...a silmaril, a brother. I'm almost afraid to ask what might be found next?

Celegorm: *hears an odd noise out in the backyard. Draws his sword. Motions for Huan, who sniffs and begins to whine* Someone is in the backyard. On the count of three, I’ll open the door and you bite him.

Huan: woof (softly)

Celegorm: One, two *flings open the door to see his brother standing in the middle of the flowerbed, looking lost* Holy shit!

Huan: *rushes over to Maedhros and licks him from head to toe*

Some people claim that there's a redhead to blame... )
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For once, Huan tracks down something pleasant rather than a rabid raccoon or the neighbor's trash. Good dog.

Celegorm: *Walks up to the first stand in the farmers' market and picks up a red apple* These look nice, don't they Huan?
Huan: *nose in the air, sniffs* Woof! [Yes those smell...OOH! I smell something familiar!]
Celegorm: *cocks an eyebrow* Define familiar. As in perfume or cow poo? Both of those are familiar.
Huan: WOOOFFWWOOF!! [Neither! It's...] *dashes off without finishing*
Celegorm:...damn it. *puts the apple down and gives chase*
Read more... )

I know, I know...she'll find out eventually, but I plan on enjoying her company before all hell breaks loose. On another note, my closet has been sorted! And Huan hasn't eaten any of my boots!

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So the rain finally stopped! Which is good. Which is nice. So it's just me, the mud, and the boring part of my patrol.

Celegorm ends up in Gondolin )


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