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So while the King is out of town, Captain Ecthelion is in charge of the city. He's easy enough to work with.

Gelgannel: *looking over Lio's tasks for the day* you have an inspection of the animal sanctuary

Ecthelion: Really? Is there something amiss there?

Gelgannel: no, we do it weekly. From me to you, I think the King just enjoys playing with the animals
And it's a regular chore not to come back with a platypus or walrus )
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Baini: *snuck into Lio and Celegorm's room after Lio's gone to work to sleep on Celegorm, but distracted by a raven in the window*
Kak and Baini: *proceed to have a 'KEEP AWAY' screaming fight with each other*
Celegorm: *is awake now and not happy about it* Hey! HEY! You two stop it. I want to get some sleep. *rolls over*
Kak: where is the captain!?
Baini: go away! Stupid bird! Go away! *hops on top of Celegorm and puffs up three times her size to scare Kak off*
Kak: *CAW*
Celegorm: *picks up Baini by the scruff of her neck* Stop it! *looks at the bird* He's out. Why do you need to see him?
Baini: *paws flail in the air*
Kak: *with dignity* I want a raise and I'm taking it to the top
Celegorm: *plops Baini down on his lap* Stay. And no clawing. *narrows his eyes at Kak* What have you done to deserve a raise?
Kak: I realized that I and my queen are the only flying members of the guard.
Baini: ravens thieves! *but stays put in Celegorm's lap, claws in*
Celegorm: *cocks an eyebrow* Members of the guard? Since when? Lio has to trust members of his guard. *looks at Baini* You're not helping, little one.
Baini: I sorry. *headbutts Celegorm's chin*
Kak: we were hired! We applied! It's legal! I brought down a thief.
Celegorm: *pets Baini* It's okay. *turns to Kak* You'll have to wait until Lio gets back, then. I know nothing about him hiring any crows. But wait outside. I want to get some sleep. *flops back down*
Kak: lazy! The sun is up!
Baini: you go away! You get out of sunbeam! *curls up on Celegorm's back where the beam should be!*
Kak: *angry flutter and flies away*
Celegorm: Whatever. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. *snuggles into his pillow*
Baini: *purrrrrrr*
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Alvegil: *steps out of his apartment building, repeating the directions to the festival grounds to himself* And he said he'd be waiting outside. All right. Let's try not to end up on the wrong side of the city.

Boromir: *has changed out of his uniform into normal clothes and heads to the festival*
In which we face a mighty beast! )

Still not enjoying this sudden winter, but it is better than the cold winds that would blow off the sea in Dol Amroth around this time. My new warm things will help.
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Baini: *peeking at Lio's bath and attacking the water with one paw*

Ecthelion: *what*

Baini: *fascinated by the water*

Ecthelion: *just trying to take a bath*

Baini: *slips!*

Baini: *splish*
Disaster! Wait, no... )
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I popped into this city last night. It was very disorienting and not a little scary... I mean, I was laughing, having a good time with my buddies, soldiers in the army, and the next thing I know I'm in the middle of an open, empty square with fountains in this lost city! So I went to the red building and found a home, got a bit of money, and spoke with people to get into guard work. It's what I know best, anyway. I've been trained a bit in affairs of state, but I wasn't due to take Dad's place for years, he wasn't that old, so I didn't pay much attention. And anyway, there's a king here already....

I went to work, and this was my first assignment:

Angwen: *looks over the rookies and points at one nearly elf-height* You. Ar-something. Get over here!

Artamir: *steps forward to her* Artamir, ma'am

Angwen: You know where the Houses of Healing are, right? *tucks her paperwork under her arm while she lights a cigarette*

Artamir: Um, not exactly, ma'am. Show me where! )

Well, that was interesting. He seems nice! I'd like to meet up with him again, hopefully not in the houses of healing next time. I wonder what else I'll find in this city that's different from the histories...
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I took Huan and that blasted kitten out for a stroll and came upon something interesting. Now...where to hide it?

Celegorm: Come on! You want to go for a run, don't you?

Huan: Woorrrfff! [yes! and hunt for birds!]

Baini: *following along behind Celegorm and Huan, figures she's gonna be a great hunter too if she can't be a great spy* Mew mew mew mew

Twinkle, twinkly little...whatever )
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Dagnir: *spying on Feanor*

Fëanor: *sadly is rather boring; just working on things*

Dagnir: *dozes off and wakes up ten minutes later, deciding to go check on his kittens*

Fëanor: *reading about nuclear weapons*

Dagnir: *hops off to Lio's house and pokes his head through the kitchen window while Lio is doing dishes* mow!
attend to me! )
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Nyellaiwe: Hey!

Nuala: *adjusting her vambraces* Oh, hello!

Nyellaiwe: welcome to the guard. I'm on your patrol shift *holds out a hand* nice to have someone else to compete with for shortest guard

Nuala: *shakes her hand* Is that something we get to hit other, tall people for bringing up?
I should advise against that )
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Baini, stupid kitten. Cause many problems. No know how to no speak.

The ravens come back, so is time to move from Nuala home. I take my kittens, head to another spot I think may be safe.

Dagnir: *hiding his kittens in Lio's sock drawer*

Ecthelion: *comes in to see this*

Dagnir: *knows it's Lio and doesn't freak, just pushes a kitten beneath a sock*

Ecthelion: What are you doing?

Dagnir: keep from drowning. *pushes Baini below again*
Humans! Terrible! )
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Unfortunately, I had to arrest some of my own guards for arson today. It was disappointing, and I know Theo was upset, but it had to be done.

Theo: *filling out the paperwork for his patrol that day when Boromir returns to the guardhouse*

Boromir: *walks into Theo's office and sits down on the edge of his desk* Theo.

Theo: *looks up from the share desk for his shift* 'lo. How was your looking about?

Bad news. )
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Dagnir: *hides out in Nuala's apartment as a place to stash the kittens after... an incident*

Dagnir: *finishes putting kittens in her sock drawer*

Nuala: *comes into her room and stares* … What are you doing?

Dagnir: they get drowned! I hide
Curse your stupid inefficient language, humans! )
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Kittens: *back in her room when she returns, kittening about*

Idril: where did you kittens go?

Baini: *without thinking, seems to be the dumb kitten* spyin'!

Fiddle: *SMACK*

Baini: ;-;

Dagnette: *covers her head with her paws*


I'm glad Yaban looked that up. Talking cats! Who knew! And he was so angry! @.@ I have to lock everything up now...

Part 1!

Jun. 24th, 2013 09:59 pm
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Yaban: *collecting cherry blossoms from a tree to put by his desk in the house of history*

Idril: *smiles when she sees him, was just on her way to see if he was at work* hello, Yaban!

Yaban: *turns and grins* hey!

Idril: *kisses his cheek* Picking flowers?

Yaban: just getting some branches. *shows his little cuttings*

Idril: They're very pretty. Where will you put them?

Yaban: in a jar at my desk. Something to brighten things up in my cell

Idril: Idril gets her flirt on! )

I just know that cat is up to no good!
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Clearly, the bird is unstable, but he's the only witness we have...

Theo: *getting ready for patrol, still keeping a low profile outof worry of being accused by Finrod*

Boromir: *swings by and grabs Theo's elbow* Hey. I'd like you to come with me. There's a raven named...Kak, I think at the animal sanctuary who was a witness.

Theo: what did the little con artist do?

This should go well. )
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I decided I wouldn't wait until things had cleared up before giving Finrod something fun to do.

Turgon: here's your swimsuit, Finfin

Finrod: *takes*

Turgon: *heads to the fountain near the edge of town* see?

Finrod: Perfect!
And then crime intervenes )

Humans are really starting to become a Problem. Hush, hush, pretend I'm not a kinslayer when I say that.
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Scene: *the House of Healing, that night after getting Nuala away from her store to be treated for burns*

Nuala: *resting on a cot, curled into a tight, defensive ball with her hands close to her chest*

Laimist: *on duty while most everyone is at the festival and comes in with clean robes for Nuala, and to try and get her to clean off*

Nuala: *she's still in shock at this point so she quietly cooperates, allowing the elf to tend to her wounds without comment*

Nuala's going to meet every guard in the city at this rate )
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Maeglin: *toddling around the festival, huge-eyed and excited*

Aredhel: *amused at him* Stay close, love

Maeglin: *presses his face against the fishtank at the goldfish booth*

Aredhel: *ruffles his hair as he watches on* Would you like a fish, darling?

Maeglin: I can HAVE?
that's not all Maeglin can have )

I'd hoped he'd forgotten about his father entirely by now. Even if I can't. Turgon would be livid if he knew I still loved Eol, after all that.

Here's Maeglin's new friends:


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Kak: remember me, Awk x_x

Awk: Kak no You will be FINE

Kak: :<
Sad ravens )

I need to find out about Nuala!
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The Streets: *empty, most everyone has gone to the park for the festival*

Nuala: *still at work, putting a few finishing touches on a woven blanket before she closes up shop*

Kak: *with her even though Awk's gone off on an errand, riding on her shoulder*

Suddenly: *a bottle of alcohol with a burning rag stuffed in it smashes through the window* the roof the roof the roof is on fire )


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