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Celegorm: *sits on a bench in the park, Huan napping underneath*

Luthien: *approaches with Melui at her side, long skirts sweeping behind*

Melui: *zips ahead and barks at Huan, urging him to get up and play*

Huan: Woof! [Hi! Let's play!] *rushes up to Luthien and sniffs her skirt before chasing after Melui*

If we could talk with the animals... )
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Fennecs: *race around Luthien*

Luthien: *holds the hem of her skirt up so they don't get their claws stuck in the fabric*

Fennecs: *so tiny and big ears and cavorty*
enter a wild Eressil )

So the habitat I've made for the platypi is working excellently, and so is Luthien's training. She's become an excellent assistant in the sanctuary, even recruiting new people for me.

Other orders of business: I had an assortment of sheep:

Which I haven't been wholly sure what to do with, until one of the humans in this city, a woman named Nuala, came by to ask to shear them. So now they're enjoying spring.

Finally, I'm sending in another petition to the king to let me dredge the lake to see what sort of animals live in it, to examine. I've even got the plans drawn up for a tank to hold whatever I find.

He continues to refuse to let me have a terror bird.
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Yaban: *at the animal sanctuary trying to teach Ruby the scarlet macaw how to speak* 'Hello, pretty.'

Ruby: *parrot noises*

Lúthien: Any luck?

Yaban: Ruby seems intent on living a life of squawking.

'Pretty bird' is such a vain thing for a bird to say. )
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Okay, this was a business meeting but the puppy needed entertained.

Turgon: *waves Idril3 in the air and pretends he's flying*

Luthien: *claps and makes whooshing noises*

Idril3: *not sure what's going on, but having a great time*

Turgon: what's that in the air? An eagle? A cloud? No! It's Idril3, the most amazing tiny dog of all!
We got down to business eventually )
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I can't decide if councils are a distraction from the murder investigation or if the murder investigation is a welcome distraction from council. Both important, both apparently going in circles...

Council meetings are important, and it's satisfying to accomplish things and reach decisions for the betterment of the city, but even Luthien, who is patient by nature, gets tired of hearing Salgant drone on and on about the most insignificant points. After the meeting has finally adjourned, she wraps her shawl around her shoulders and heads to the door, Melui at her heels.

Luthien: *spotting Finrod, she waves to him* Finrod!

Melui: *trots over to him and bumps his leg with her nose*

Finrod: Luthien! *strokes Melui's head* Glad that's over?

Luthien: More than you can imagine. I'm not sure how it's possible, but I find Salgant has more and more to say with each meeting, or so it seems.

Finrod: *grins* It's his especial talent. )

Note to self: Telerin food is not nearly as spicy as 'Mexican' food.

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Elladan: *has heard about the animal sanctuary and decides to visit. He might adopt a dog in the end*

Lúthien: *is working with some of the more exotic animals today. She has Rossthîr the red panda draped around her shoulders like a fancy stole*

Elladan: *sees a lady with a strange animal draped around her shoulders. he cannot see her face clearly, but she reminds him of someone* Good morning, madam. I was wondering if you could help me.

How far the acorn has fallen from the tree remains to be seen )
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Yaban: *looking at a city map* okay, she said she was volunteering at the animal place, just where IS i--*smells it* ah, that way

Lúthien: *wearing a plain linen dress with her hair all braided up to keep animals from chewing on it. She has a colorful parrot on her shoulder and leads for a number of dogs in both hands as she takes them for a stroll around the streets near the sanctuary*

Yaban: Hey! Hey!

Lúthien: *looks over at him and smiles* Yaban! *she pulls the dogs over and they all come along with her* How are you?
Animal care happens. Woof chirp etc. )

I do wonder how she expects her future to happen.
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Finrod: *walking toward the Drunken Maia to see if he can spot the elf who attacked Arakáno as Ecthelion asked*

Lúthien: *out for a stroll with Melui, on her way towards the park. It's a lovely day, perfect for taking the dog out for a run*

Finrod: *spots her ahead, she is rather hard to miss; thinks she must be Lúthien, from what he's heard and read* Good afternoon, my lady.

Meeting long before they ever met )
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Lúthien: *the day is lovely, bright sun and clear skies. She's out with Melui, throwing around a thick braided length of rope for the dog to chase down and return. Though she's been warned to be careful of going out alone, there are enough people here in the park that she isn't concerned about being accosted without witnesses. The pleasant weather and playtime with Melui help keep the worry from her mind.*

Huan: WOOOFF! *sprints toward the park, ball in mouth*

Celegorm: Wait! Stop, or you'll run over someone! *dashes behind him, and spies Lúthien from a distance. Skids to a halt, smoothes his hair and grins* Lúthien?

Lúthien: *looks up in surprise* Celegorm!

An unexpected meeting and a surprising offer )
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Lúthien: *is caught by surprise when a strange creature appears in her room. It takes her a while but she finally manages to corner it while keeping Melui from getting at it.* Come now, little one, I'm not going to hurt you... *holding out some lettuce, because that's what she could grab in time*

Red panda: *sniffs Lúthien's hand*

Lúthien: That's it. Easy now. *offers it the food*

Another trip down to the animal sanctuary )
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Turgon: *talking to council members as they leave, thanking a human woman as tall as an elf before he gets to Luthien* I noticed you brought a little friend here with you today. *crouches down to stroke Melui's head*

Melui: *licks Turgon's hand*
Discussing things with the little princess )

Here's hoping Celegorm doesn't go and ruin her life a second time.
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Though the summons given to her by one of the Ecthelion's guards made her a bit apprehensive, she knew there was nothing to worry about. She would not have been under suspicion for the murder, but it was understandable that they would want to ask her about the circumstances surrounding her discovery of the body.

To that effect, Lúthien has made a point of arriving promptly at the time detailed in the summons, and one of Ecthelion's secretaries sees her in. She curtsies politely.

Lúthien: I have come as requested, my lord. How might I be of assistance?

Lúthien recalls discovering the body )
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Eressil: *carrying a bucket of food to one of the pens*

Lúthien: *comes poking around, looking at the animals with interest*

Eressil: Careful with that one *talking about the secretary bird in the pen Lúthien's at* It has a habit of going for the eyes.

Lúthien: *takes a step back* Thank you for the warning!

In which Lúthien gets a new friend )

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The day is beautiful, perfect for going out and wandering through the city. There's a market she enjoys visiting; a bazaar where they sell an assortment of things, from food to garments to decor. To follow the main road would take some time, but she'd learned of an alley that would get her there quicker. Perhaps not the safest route, but her father isn't there to chastise her so she takes it anyway.

The alley curves rather than turning sharply, and as she walks through she begins to notice an odor. Is that... blood? She picks up her pace, lifting her skirts slightly so she can hurry along, until she rounds a corner and sees the figure crumpled there. For a moment, she freezes at the sight, before running to check on the young man. When she crouches beside him, it becomes quickly obvious that no amount of healing magic will do him any good. He isn't breathing. No pulse, either. She looks up and down the alley, but there is no one else in sight, and no sign of a struggle. It didn't seem like he'd been killed here, but that didn't mean his killer wasn't still nearby.

Hopping to her feet, she runs the rest of the way to the mouth of the alley, face paler than usual, until she spots the now familiar livery of Turgon's guards. She approaches one and flags him down, looking shaken.

Luthien: Guard! Please, come quickly. I think-- Someone's been killed.

Angwen: *turns around, may look masculine from behind, but...* Where? *stubs out her cigarette on the ground*

Luthien: *gestures back to the alley* I'll show you. *she turns and leads the guard, but hangs back once they come near the body* I found him like this, only moments ago.

Angwen: *crouches down, looking over the body, noting that the marks seem to be the same on both sides of the body* Huh. Don't see that this often. I need you to do something for me, princess. *looks up at Luthien* Go and find another guard. Tell them to go straight to the Captain about this.

Luthien: *nods* Yes, of course. *she leaves to find another guard, passing along the information that word needed to be sent to Ecthelion immediately*

Angwen: *slips supplies out of her pack to start marking off the area*

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My mask for the masquerade.

Theoden: *dances with Luthien at the ball in his fox mask*

Luthien: You dance well.

Theoden: lots of lessons. You as well

Luthien: I love to dance.

Theoden: good *moves across the dance floor with her*
Like I told Eowyn, I have trouble remembering I'm not supposed to be hobnobbing with royalty now )

Feanor's got to be SOMEWHERE.

Oh, wait, there's Fingon. I need to talk with him about him using the wrong name starting with an 'M' last night...

Elfy fair

Jan. 7th, 2013 05:42 pm
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Yaban: *sees Luthien in the street when he's on one of his little city explorations and runs up after her* Hey! Luthien! *grinning*

Luthien: *looks up from the jewellery she's been trying on at a market stall and smiles*  Yaban, hello. How are you today?
In which my plans for Adventure are foiled )

Maybe it's a 'but that's status quo where I come from' thing, but I'd still be interested in doing a little exploration into a burnt out ruin of a city.

Update on House of History: There's a new Rohirrim there (Idis) and she is 1) way easier on the eyes than Grima and 2) way easier on the soul than Grima. Maybe I won't quit.
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Theo: *wondering if this is meant to be a punishment for failing at trailing duty as he cheerfully shovels and listens to the breathing and noises of the horses*

Luthien: *busily exploring the vast hidden city, deciding on a whim to visit the stables and see the horses. She hums a jaunty tune (one that Daeron had written for her) as she pokes her head in and looks around, not noticing Theo at first*

A chat in the stables )
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Yaban: *lingering on his lunchbreak outside the House of History, mostly to avoid going in but hoping to catch sight of Luthien again*

Luthien: *approaches the House with a bouquet of flowers in her hands*
She gave me flowers! Well, she gave the House of History flowers. And we shared lunch. And I tried to talk her into disguising herself and escaping the city with me in tow so we could see if there's two of her )

She really is the most beautiful person I've ever met. So I've been distributing the flowers as an excuse not to get to work, putting them in empty inkwells, cups, and in our few windows to dry out.

And of course, a lovely rose for Grima to prove that I am willing to work with a Rohirrim. Like a good obedient scribe. *bow*
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Frankly, I'm lucky she didn't slam the door in my face. At least there's still a chance. A slim chance, but a chance nonetheless. I really do care for her...

Celegorm: *adjusts the bow on his flower bouquet and knocks on Luthien's door. Gives Huan a look.

Huan: *wags his tail hopefully*
It started off well enough, then went right to hell )
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Work's killing me. I'm the only one of my people here and the idea of being a final authority on our history and having nothing to refer to and simply writing it out without taking anything in every day is like slow poison. On top of that, my only contemporary is some hopped up scribe with no training for this who took the job because it's easy. The bastard knows how to suck up to our superiors so I probably won't get away with getting into another headlock/hairpulling incident.

Yaban: *finally done with his fight-slash-discussion-slash-note-comparison with Grima on a particular historical point concerning their two countries relations and returning to his desk*
And then someone beautiful walked in )

Well. You know the worst time to want to tell someone they're beautiful and ask them out? When they find out their whole family was murdered. You know who's smooth enough to not even try it? Me.

I wonder if that happened to my family. Not that I'll ever know, I'm not the kind of person who'd ever appear in a history.

Poor Luthien. I want to make her pain go away.


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