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Skittering Noise: *in the corner of Aredhel's bedroom*

Aredhel: What... do we have a mouse? *starts looking to the corner, peering in*

Ruby: o.o *two big eyes peer out*

Aredhel: *startled* Ah! Is... who are you?
Nobody here but us bunnies )
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Aredhel: *brings Mae to visit his new favorite uncle Maglor, knocking on his door*

Maglor: *goes to answer* Aredhel! *surprised*

Aredhel: *smiles* Hello, Maglor! I hope we're not interrupting, but I thought Mae'd like to visit his uncle.

Maeglin: Hiiiiiiiiiiii unca Maglor!

Maglor: Not at all! Please, come in. *steps aside* Hello, Maeglin.

Maeglin: *grins and holds his hands out for "up"!*

Aredhel: How are you doing lately? I haven't seen you in some time.

Aredhel and Maglor discuss children and other things... )
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Maglor came under the pre-text of seeing me about the harvest festival music, but I think he just wanted to play with his nephew. So I obliged.

Turgon: *hands Maeglin over to Maglor*

Maeglin: Hiii!

Maglor: Hello, Maeglin!

Maeglin: Hello. *solemnly*

Bonding. Oh my heart )
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Turgon: *taking Maeglin to the park as part of 'give Maeglin and Idril3 a walk' in his work schedule*

Maglor: *spots them; been meaning to talk to Turgon, in light of recent events*

Maeglin: *trying to engage Idril3 in wrassling*

Turgon: No, Mae. Idril3 is a delicate princess

Maglor: Hello, Turgon.

Turgon: GAH!

Maeglin: AHHHH!

Idril3: Wurf?

Maglor: *bends to scritch Idril3* Sorry, didn't mean to startle you. *though clearly not terribly bothered*

Turgon: You scared the baby. You should go before you distress him more.

Maeglin: *totally over it*

Maglor: He seems fine now. Probably he was reacting to you startling.

Turgon: Rrrr.

Maglor: Can we talk?

Turgon: About what? *CASUAL TONE*

As if you don't know... )

Oh eru.
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Aredhel: *pokes her head in Turgon's office* Brother?

Turgon: Come for your son?

Aredhel: Mhm. How was he?

Turgon: there was a tantrum around noon, but food fixed it

Aredhel: Ahh, good. *smiles and scoops her son up, snuggling him* Hi, darling. Mommy missed you. Were you good for uncle Turu?

Maeglin: *sleepy noise and droops back into asleep toddlermode*

Aredhel and Turgon chat about various things, just for fun )

The longer I'm here, the bigger Maeglin gets, the more I'm finding I miss Eol... He manipulated me to gain my love, but in the end, I did love him. His death was abrupt and truly unexpected. I know why Turu did it. I know he worried about me, wanted to save me, and finally did. But I miss Eol still. As Mae grows, I know he'll continue to remind me of Eol... I hope he never asks where his father is. I won't know how to answer him...
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Maeglin: *toddling around the festival, huge-eyed and excited*

Aredhel: *amused at him* Stay close, love

Maeglin: *presses his face against the fishtank at the goldfish booth*

Aredhel: *ruffles his hair as he watches on* Would you like a fish, darling?

Maeglin: I can HAVE?
that's not all Maeglin can have )

I'd hoped he'd forgotten about his father entirely by now. Even if I can't. Turgon would be livid if he knew I still loved Eol, after all that.

Here's Maeglin's new friends:


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Lio's out of commission and I'm trying not to phone him TOO often, but it's hard. He sounds like he's enjoying Celegorm's company which is making my skin crawl. I mean, yes, yay, my best friend has happiness but it's like a scheme concocted by my enemies. You know. Celegorm.

Ar's mostly forgiven me for keeping her out of the loop about the city, so score. Un-score: she wants involved in it. Of course, keeping her locked away in a tower is what got her into her mess in the first place.

Kid's cute. Love the kid. I hope he doesn't grow up evil.

Turgon: *babysitting Maeglin in his office*

Idril: *comes to see him and possibly take Maeglin off his hands* Daaaad!

Turgon: Idril, darling. Take a seat, I'll be ready for you in just a moment

Idril3: *bark bark bark!*
Hello, daughter, I will now be the Cool Dad )
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Aredhel and Maeglin showed up to help me clean. It's always good to see them.

Ar: *grabs Mae by the top of his head as he tries to run off again on their way to Celegorm's house* Mae, slow down!

Mae: *gigglesnicker and slows down, then tries darting ahead again*

Ar: *finally gets him to Celegorm's door and knocks*

Celegorm: *is busy furiously scrubbing the kitchen counters* Coming!! *answers door wearing rubber gloves and smelling of soap* Hi!!!

Yes, the gloves are for cleaning, why do you ask? )
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Turgon: *comes into Ar's rooms late that night after checking on Lio right after his surgery* Aredhel? You here?

Aredhel: *calls out* It's open! *trying to make Maeglin stay in his bed*

Maeglin: *grumpybaby*

Turgon: *finds her* I've got news.

Maeglin: *sudden shriek and tries to climb out of the crib*

Turgon: gah! And Turgon tires out the baby and gives Aredhel months of city news >.> )

Seriously, thinking I'm some delicate creature...!
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Time for my first shift as Maeglin's babysitter. I've been looking forward to it all week, something to keep my mind off the fact that there is now a *pack* of murderers in my city is nice too.

Turgon: *carries Maeglin into his office and puts in the playpen with tons of toys* Welcome to your first day as my office assistant

Pen beside Turgon's desk: *Idril3 is standing on his chubby little hind legs, front paws pressed against the glass looking at Maeglin*

Maeglin: *sees the puppy* o.o doggy! *presses against the playpen wall closest to the dog and tries to reach out to it* Doggy!
Apparently babysitting is going to involve a lot of puppy protecting )
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I had lunch with Aredhel and Maeglin yesterday. What a sweet kiddo. Maybe with the right influences, he will turn out better than he did in his previous lifetime...though I worry that Turu's odd sense of fashion might rub off on him...

Celegorm: *shows up at the palace with a stuffed plushie dog that he
bought at the market as a gift for Mae. Finds a guard* Can you direct
me to Aredhel's suite? *guard points the way*

Aredhel: *getting Maeglin ready for their lunch, and is just stepping out of her rooms when she sees Celegorm walking up, smiles brightly* Cele, you're early! *hugs him tightly, Mae hanging around by her legs and looking up at the new face*

At last I meet the spit bubbler. )

**Note - (We've decided Maeglin is mobile, so ignore the 'just learning to walk' bit in the Ar/Finrod chat)
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Aredhel: *carrying Maeglin to the kitchens to get him something to eat, heading out of her hallway into the main one*

Finrod: *spies her; has just finished making the last arrangements in his new rooms* Aredhel!

Aredhel: *turns and smiles brightly* Finrod, hello! *heads for him and kisses his cheek* How wonderful to see you!

Finrod: *smiles* And you. How are you? Are you settling in well?

Aredhel: *nods* We're settling in quite nicely. Oh, Finrod, this is Maeglin. Mae, this is another uncle, Finrod

No doubt Finrod remembers the baby, but things the first night were quite hectic! Aredhel and Magelin and Finrod talk about lunch this time around! )

Mae is going to be incredibly spoiled for choice with his uncles. No doubt all of them will spoil him, but hopefully at the same time teaching him the ropes. I should see about seeing the rest of the boys soon...
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Turgon: *swallows his courage and steps into Ar's rooms*

Aredhel: *humming as she folds Mae's clothes and looks up, smiling* Hello, brother!

Turgon: *kisses her cheek* Sorry I haven't been by sooner. How is life here for you?

Aredhel: It's been great so far. *smiles* I saw Cele and Lio, finally. Oh, it was wonderful seeing them

Turgon: he's still an ass, you know

Aredhel: He's my best friend, Turu

Turgon semi-adopts Maeglin! And we thought he was going to kill the kid... )

Turgon is going to help with my baby! Truly the best brother. First he saved me from Eol (well, I say saved, but I rather did love him...), and now he's adopting my son as his own as well. He looks after me and he's just so wonderful!
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Prelude (Turgon and Finrod sneak out in the middle of the night!) )

Aredhel: *rocks Maeglin lightly as she waits, keeping her eyes on the pass before her*

Finrod: *inaudible sigh, urging his horse behind*

Turgon: *sound of him riding up the pass*

Aredhel: *tenses, holding her baby closer, and slips into the shadows to watch closely*

Finrod: *just behind Turgon*

Turgon: This is where she should be...

Finrod: *slows his horse, looking around*
Reunited, and it feels so good! )

I believe now that I'm home, Turu will have many questions for me, just as I do for him. For now, though, I must get Mae to sleep!


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