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Great-Grand-Ada sent a package for me and I opened it before Ada saw it! It's these little sticks that make all sorts of colourful marks like they're filled with paint and I am going to make a work of art for Ada.

Elros: *working on his masterpiece with his markers*

Elros: *on the bathroom walls*
Maglor turns on a light. Something is not right! )
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Elros: *tries to ninja his way back inside after his visit with Feanor*

Maglor: *oh no you don't; is waiting right there*

Elros: *doesn't notice him, thinks he's gotten away with it and starts walking normally* *whistles a little*

Maglor: *coolly* Hello, Elros.

Elros: *little scream*

Maglor: *arms crossed* Come here.

Elros is in severe trouble. )

I don’t know what I’m going to do with that child.
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Maglor: *over-brushes Elrond's hair*

Elrond: Ow.

Maglor: Sorry, darling. *tries to be gentler*

Elrond: Be careful, Ada!

Maglor: *chuckles* Yes, little lord!

Elrond: *leans as Maglor brushes*

Maglor: *works out the knots carefully then sets to braiding*

Elrond: is too damn perceptive. )
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Maglor: *sends a note to Fëanor, to arrange to meet; at least he hopes*
Maglor: *not sure Feanor will agree*

Fëanor: *not sure either, after reading the note; asks one of his wolves* What do you think?

Wolf: *just gives him a baleful canine look*
Wolf: *chicken?*

Fëanor: *throws him some chicken while reading the note over and over*


Fëanor: *decides to call Maglor*

Maglor: Hello?

Fëanor: Hello. *still not clear on phone etiquette*

Maglor: Atar?

Fëanor: Yes. You sent me a note.

Maglor: I did. And...are you willing to meet?

Turns out, he is. )


And no, Maglor doesn't actually have some sinister ulterior motive. )

Well, that was futile.
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Maglor: Turgon, I hope you realize that the children are staying with me.

Turgon: I have a feeling you'd take over the city if I tried to separate you.

Maglor: Quite right!

Turgon: Although I would like you to work out visiting with their grandmother, please.

Maglor: Fair enough. She can visit them, and they her. If they choose.

Turgon: Give 'em time to get to know her too, before getting their opinion on visits.

Maglor: *wry grin* I'm not that much of an idiot, Turu!

Turgon: *kisses* Good.

Maglor: *quick kiss back* I got you something.

Turgon: Is it coffee? I could wreck a coffee.

Maglor: *grins* No, it's not coffee. But we could go get coffee and you could wear it.

I manage not to say 'Idril is a spoiled brat' outright. )

So close!

Nov. 30th, 2013 08:46 pm
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Elros: *hears a noise outside at home and peeks out the door*

Noise: *further out in the dark*

Elros: *wanders off after it*

Noise: *is Dagnir yowling for lady cats*

Elros: *picks Dagnir up* hi!
In which Dagnir is briefly catnapped )

Operation: Make Ada Get Me A Pet has begun.
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Maglor: *goes to Turu's office*

Gelgannel:: Hello, sir

Maglor: Is Turu in? *mainly a rhetorical question, because it's Turgon*

Gelgannel:: shall I tell him you're here?

Maglor: Tell him to come out.

Gelgannel:: *goes to do so*

Turgon: *confused and comes out of his office* Maglor?

Maglor: Hey. Come on, I have to tell you something. Hopefully I won't regret it. )
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Considering everything else that went down, admitting the cat is spying for me seems somewhat trivial.

Celegorm: *stomach in knots, hurries over to Maglor's house and knocks on the door, hoping his Father isn't inside* Kano? You there?

Maglor: *comes to answer* Tyelko, oh good, it's you. *lets him in*

Celegorm: *steps in, looks over his shoulder, then looks around the room* Are we alone?

Maglor: *nods* Yes, Nelyo's out with the twins... Why? What is it? *has his own ideas, but Cele seems more anxious than he expected*

Gee, I wonder what it could be. )
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Things are not right in my family. Which seems to be a constant, rather than an unusual occurrence.

Maedhros: Kano?

Maglor: *briefly scowls to himself* Yeah?

Maedhros: What is up with Father? I went by his house and it's turned into a fortress. All he needs is some heads on spikes on his walls.

Maglor: *arches an eyebrow* Oh good.

Maedhros: Has he done something?

You might want to sit down for this... )

Now I just have to figure out how to work on Father.
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Maglor: *at the House of History to get that book for Elros to read at home*

Fëanor: *stalks in and sweeps by him, not looking around*

Maglor: *turns to look; oh good lord*

Fëanor: *goes tot he section he is looking for*

Maglor: *oh lordy; brings his book to the check-out desk*

Fëanor: *despite looking like a thundercloud, is very polite and charming to the librarians*

Maglor: *hoping to avoid him*

Fëanor: *sees him at the desk when he comes to check out his books and freezes*

Maglor: *thanks the librarian and turns to go and shit, his father is right there*

Fëanor: *as if forcing it out* Kanafinwë.

Maglor: *carefully* Hello, father.

Fëanor: *holds up his books* Do these pass your inspection, or would you like to confiscate them now?

Oh fuck off, atar. I don't want to deal with this right now. )
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Maglor: *pulls on his cloak and admonishes Elrond and Elros to be good before going to meet Turgon. But since he is leaving them with Maedhros, sure this won't be an issue*

Elros: *has matches*

Turgon: *pacing in his rooms and planing his speech to Idril3*
Turgon: 'It's just that I cannot keep you separated from the possible crimes your insane family might commit and that is a--
Turgon: Idril3, does conflict of interest sound good?

Idril3: *wuff*

Maglor: *knocks*

Turgon: *whips around* Come in!

Maglor: *comes in, closing the door behind him* Hey. Ready to go?

Turgon tries to break up with Maglor. Maglor refuses to let him. )
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Maglor: *enjoying a - lately rare - moment without the twins; well, not enjoying, per se, but is stretched on the sofa with a glass of strong port wine and mulling over his thoughts*

Fëanor: *kicks the door open*

Maglor: *jumps, hissing a swear; has a pretty good idea of who would enter thus*

Fëanor: *strides in* I want my things )

Fine. See if I care.

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Maglor: *puts cloaks on the twins*

Elrond: Is it cold where we're going?

Maglor: No, but it is cold outside!

Elrond: Cold like sleeping in the park cold? *will not forget that!*

Elros: Is there snow?

Maglor: No snow, but yes, cold like the park. *also, part human, must be careful!*

Elros: *snuggles into his cloak*

Elrond: Are we going to the park? Will we see the talking tree?

Maglor: We're going to visit my father.


I want to visit Haru again! More toys!
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Fëanor: *studying a book on modern weaponry*

Maglor: *catching up with Fëanor is still not his favourite thing, but knocks on the door*

Fëanor: Come in!

Maglor: *slips in; has left the boys with Maedhros* Hello?

Fëanor: *puts his book down* Kanafinwë! *goes to greet him*

Maglor: Hello, father.

An Unexpected Visit )

Father is up to something, I know it. I need to find out what.


Oct. 15th, 2013 12:48 pm
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Maglor: Turgon wanted to see me?

Gelgannel: go right on in

Maglor: *heads into Turgon's office*

Turgon: *paperwork, cup of cold coffee by his hand*

Maglor: Knock knock.

Turgon: Huh? *looks up* oh. Hi. *notes he has no children around to act as a protective shield from a real conversation*

Maglor: You asked me to come by.

Turgon: I know. I might not have been thinking
Well now )

How about that.
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Elros: *elaborate toy battle in the living room*

Maglor: *amused, scribbling some notes on a few sheets of music*

Elros: Oh no! The hippo is working with the terror bird now! How could this happen!

Maglor: Oh dear. Good thing a unicorn is worth ten hippos.

Elros: It is? *waves the unicorn* Hahaha! I can fight you off!

Maglor: Did you enjoy your afternoon with uncle Maedhros yesterday?

Elros: *holds up the elephant* Can't we have peace!?
Elros: Huh? Oh yeah.
Elros: Uncle Maedhros is nice.

Maglor: *nods*

Elros: He's kinda weird. Did making his hand come back do somethign to him?

Maglor: *amused at the irony* Well... *decides it's too complicated to explain* Essentially, yes.

Elros: 'Cause he doesn't seem to remember me that well. *sounds hurt*

Maglor: *knew this would be an issue; speaking gently and carefully* Sometimes...things happen to us that make us forget what we used to know. It is not your uncle's fault.

In which Elros asks about Elrond, Maglor says the wrong thing, Elros is upset, and Turgon arrives at a very inopportune time. )
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I visited my dear brother today to deliver some news and ask for advice. Little did I know he had some news of his own.

Celegorm: *knocks on Maglor's door* Hey, you home?

Maglor: *answers* Hey! Come in.

Celegorm: *wanders in and looks around* What happened? It looks like a small hurricane tore through.

A child-sized hurricane. )


Oct. 13th, 2013 12:51 pm
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I was bouncing all over the house so Ada said we had to go for a walk.

Elros: *holding Maglor's hand as they walk through the street and waves to everyone happily, including Finrod*

Maglor: *yep, this one is definitely Elros*

Elros: o.o *sees a shop in the market covered in glittering decorated toys*

Elros: Ada...

Maglor: Hmm?

Elros: *points at the unicorn, then looks up at Maglor*

Maglor: *arches an eyebrow*

Elros: *BIG EYES*
Success! )

I wish Elrond was here to play with me.
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Aredhel: *brings Mae to visit his new favorite uncle Maglor, knocking on his door*

Maglor: *goes to answer* Aredhel! *surprised*

Aredhel: *smiles* Hello, Maglor! I hope we're not interrupting, but I thought Mae'd like to visit his uncle.

Maeglin: Hiiiiiiiiiiii unca Maglor!

Maglor: Not at all! Please, come in. *steps aside* Hello, Maeglin.

Maeglin: *grins and holds his hands out for "up"!*

Aredhel: How are you doing lately? I haven't seen you in some time.

Aredhel and Maglor discuss children and other things... )
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*sitting on Maglor's kitchen counter hitting a cold piece of meat with a cup to soften it before eating*


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