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The summer festival has begun! Rides, snacks, and general festivities!

Melkor: *holding onto Eowyn's hand and wide-eyed at all the noise and rides* I want to do that one! No, wait, that one! Or that one!

Eowyn: *points to the carousel* Let's start here.

Melkor: mighty steeds! I want to go on the black one with wings! *getting louder*

Eowyn: Okay, you can. *amused*
Then the horror appeared: The guy who likes her mom )

Finrod! Hey, Finrod!
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Melkor: *runs inside, jar clutched in his hands* look what I caught!

Jar: *filled with an enormous moth*

Eowyn: *glances* Oh! It's very big!

Melkor: I caught it all by myself!

Eowyn: Good work.
Yes, I am mighty )
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Melkor: *walking along in Eowyn's backyard with Eddie, hitting the posts of the fence with a stick* I don't think we need to repaint it
Eowyn: Well, it's all banged up and chipped, and we want it to look nice.
Melkor: I think it has a *brain searches for the word* rustic charm. *feeling lazy*
Eowyn: No, it just looks dilapitated. *gets out the paint*
Melkor: can Eddie paint too?
Eowyn: I don't think Eddie's much of a painter. But here... he can dig there. *points out a patch of dirt* I want to plant some things for the garden.
Melkor: *tugs Eddie over and points down* Dig! Your master commands it! *little girl voice*
Eowyn: *hands Melly a paintbrush* Now let's start.

Getting some work done... )

Well, that didn't go awfully.
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I wonder why the King is stopping by.

Turgon: *has sent a formal note announcing his intentions to call on Eowyn that evening*

Eowyn:*wonders whats up; tidies up for a kingly visit*

Melkor: *grumbles as he carries his art supplies to where they belong, trailed by Eddie*

Eowyn: Thank you, Melly!

Melkor: I don't want an elf here!

Eowyn: He is the king and has been very kind to you.

Melkor: rrrr.

Eowyn: *gives her a Look*

Melkor: do I have to see him?

Eowyn: Not if you're going to be rude.

Melkor: I would be SO rude

Of course... )

I must go shopping. RIGHT AWAY.
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I've talked to that tutor the King found for Melly, and she seems like she'll do a good job. I hope Melly likes her!

Eowyn: *putting out things for tea*
Melkor: *drops a dish and covers his face as it falls*
Eowyn: What happened?
Melkor: it slipped. *looks down at the broken pieces*
Eowyn: Well, let's pick it up then.

Hopefully this isn't a precursor to the rest of the tea… )

Well, it didn't go badly. We'll have to see what happens.
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Theo: I think she just doesn't like our cooking

Eowyn: *making Melkor set the table*

Melkor: *trying to give himself all the knives*

Eowyn: One knife per person!

Melkor: but don't I deserve a reward?

Eowyn: Knives are not a reward. I made brownies for dessert. That can be your reward.

in which Theo and Dred have dinner with Eowyn and Melly, secrets are revealed, and then the hardworking guards get called in on a work emergency. And Dred has tamed Melkor. Huh. )
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Great Market: *bustling today*

Melkor: *complaining to Eowyn that Dred's ankle is getting better* and then he won't be around to do anything for me because he's stupid and wants to be a GUARD

Eowyn: Well, he has to go back to work.

Melkor: but we were having fun! We did stuff! He was my minion! *hand on Edric's leash*

No minion for Melly! )

Well, that's very helpful. I hope they can find a good person.
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I was going to work on more of my orc army with the clay Eowyn got me, but Dred needed his ankle checked so off to the stupid House of Healing and Eowyn was too busy to even see us. So we had to deal with an ELF.

She didn't even offer me candy.

Melkor: *mutters darkly in the House of Healing office while Dred gets his ankle checked by Laimist*

Dred: It shouldn't be too long *smiles at Melly* I'm still unsteady but it's not hurting as much *to Laimist*
Elves, bah )

At least home has Edric! Dred said we couldn't take him inside the House of Healing in case he got people sick but if they're weak enough to die from my dog, they deserve it.

I really like playing with my puppy
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Melkor: *healthy and hyperactive*

Melkor: *LEAPS at Dred*

Dred: Heeey *grins*

Melkor: Take me out for ice cream. You can walk properly now with that stupid stick
And so there was ice cream and a milk lesson for Melkor )

And so after Dred-time, Eowyn came home. I was, of course, busy with my own plans.

Eowyn: Melly!

Melkor: *stops pretending to hold his bear hostage and looks up* Yes?

Eowyn: Get your cloak, we're going for a walk.

Melkor: *runs off to grab* Is it still wet? Do I need to wear the galoshes again? *secretly wants to, but sounds scathing*

Eowyn: I think that will be a good idea... *puts her own cloak on*

Melkor: *melodramatic sigh and quickly grabs his ladybug galoshes*
What on earth does she wan--PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY )
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Another day of being babysat by Dred. BABYSAT. Bah!

Theo: *comes home for lunch, while Dred is babysitting Melkor* Helllo

Melkor: *busy trying to tie Dred's feet together*

Dred: Hey *waves at Theo* I'm a prisoner
However: He is a most agreeable minion )

Yes! A dog! It's like a wolf! And I can teach it to attack elves!


Also, this 'Boromir' better not take attention from me.
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Melkor: *runs around while Dred babysits him, hyper*

Dagnir: ._. *on top of the shelf at full oh my god what poof*

Dred: *e.e* So My lord. would you like to do something?

Melkor: I chase you! *leaps at Dred's leg*

Dred: Uh....that might not be the best idea *sidesteps!*

Melkor: I want to do something! *runs around Dred, shrieking a little*

Theo: *may have given Melkor chocolate before leaving*
I've finally got energy again! Escape will soon be at hand )

This body is far too feeble, but perhaps being stuck being babysat by this human isn't so bad. He, at least, appreciates my art. I can see humans being just as good for my cause as my own creations.
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The human, Eowyn, has set up a dinner with her friend. He, at least, calls me by my proper titles. So I can deal with heading back out into this blasted city once more. Even if it means abandoning my new minion:

He hasn't got a name yet. It will come to me. Perhaps something about darkness, or warrior bear.

Theo: *making positive the table hasn't got any odd sticky spots on it* See them yet, Dred?

Dred: *peering out the window* No one right now. *goes over to rearrange some paper flowers he found*

Dagnir: *trying to defluff his fur after an emergency 'don't infect the kid' bath*

Eowyn: *comes along with a basket of food; made the meal and is bringing dessert; holds Melly with her other hand* Come on, Melly.

Melkor: too fast!

Eowyn: *slows her pace* Sorry.

Melkor: *holds tight, moving against Eowyn's leg whenever they pass an elf* how much further, human?
Turns out this dinner was just another step in my ongoing humiliation )

A babysitter? She's set me up with a babysitter? I can take care of myself! I am no weak child!

...but I suppose if he can cook for me and reach the things off the high shelves...
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Today is the day I get to bring Melly home! I hope she likes living with me...

Melkor: *holding his bag of candy, his only possession as he waits for Eowyn to take him home*
Eowyn: *comes to get her* Are you ready, Melly?
Melkor: *nods* where do you live?
Eowyn: A nice house. Not far from here. We can walk.
Melkor: do you live near elves?
Eowyn: *nods* Yes, this city is full of elves.

Sad but true, Melkor... )

So far so good! And dinner plans for tonight. I'd better get cooking.
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Takes place immediately after this.

Where has Melly got off to? I will have to teach that child to stay in bed...

Turgon: *leading Melkor by the hand, having to crouch to be able to do so without lifting Melkor off his feet as they search for Eowyn*
Melkor: *grumbling to cover his terror at being alone with the elf king*
Éowyn: *is actually looking for Melkor herself, once she find her bed empty*
Turgon: where is she usually, child?
Melkor: *squeaks instead of answering*
Éowyn: *calling for Melkor* Melly? Melly?
Melkor: *rescue!* Eowyn! Eowyn!

Found! )

I'm not THAT old, or THAT wrinkled. Elves! Hmmph.
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I was hoping to leave the Healing House soon. I am bored here...

Turgon: *long day, decides that its in his best interests to see his little brother and relax*

Arakano: *is bored and decides to go exploring* Maybe if I find Alagoss I will be able to convince him to let me leave...

Melkor: *in the halls again, this time seeking Arakano for candy*

and then Turgon came to see me... I want to leave this place as soon as possible... )
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When last seen, I'd decided to start screaming and kicking my feet, because that solves problems.

It helps to have immense power behind the tantrum, I'll admit.

Melkor: *stopped his tantrum when he heard a healer come and scrambles for the nearest hiding place, under a couch, unaware one little leg is sticking out*

Eowyn: *is looking for her* Child?
In which Eowyn isn't bad, for a human captor )

I will admit that perhaps my time in the city of Gondolin has not gone... well, but it shouldn't be to the point that I need held in someone's home as some sort of child. Now that I know the elves cannot see me for what I truly am, I should be able to eke out my own existence.

But Eowyn does seem determined and... she's not bad.
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Okay, they're finally not watching me. Time to make my move. These robes they put me in are infinitely better than the sack I was using earlier, not that I'll thank them.

Melkor: *padding through the halls of the house of healing, finally strong enough to leave his bed and unsupervised enough to do so* I should escape. I should run.

Arakano: *has been working on walking around a bit. Feels stronger with the blood Turgon has given him*
This place is full of elves and is a maze. I'm never going to escape. Especially with how often I need to rest )

HOW DARE HE DRAW ME LIKE THAT! I am no small helpless child! I am Melkor! I am powerful! I am feared!

*stomping and shrieking in the middle of the halls, still lost and hits a wall, hurting her hand and dropping the candy*

I will not be trapped like this! I will regain my power and turn this city to rubble!

*stops, over-exerted and curls up on the ground, crying*
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Things have been busy at the House of Healing. I know Elves don't get sick, but they do get injured. And oddly, many of them seem to be having headaches lately. I didn't even know that was possible.

But there are plenty of humans, with both injuries and illness, and there are very few human healers. I've been training some of the Elf healers, but they don't always know what to do.

Laimist: *comes seeking Eowyn* We have a human in need of your attentions.
Eowyn: *nods* Show me.

Human, or Dark Lord? )

Well, it took both me and Laimist, but we were able to give her a bath. She's clean and resting again now. Hopefully when she wakes up, she'll be able to tell us her name, at least, and maybe we can find her family.
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Yesterday was a really busy day!

It started with a summons from my brother, in which he found out about the accident I caused in the shops this week, and some amazing amazing news:

in which Fingon talks about a mishap and gets some amazing news regarding travelers here )

Maitimo. Maitimo here and HAPPY. I can't wait to see him. It's probably the best news I've gotten in...pretty much ever, I think. But that doesn't end what happened. While I was heading out to add some planned events, I found that strange cat that wanders around sometimes, or rather, it found me.

in which Dagnir is awesome and leads a rescue mission for a young girl...er dark lord )

Later today, I'll head over and check on her. I hope that everything else is doing well, but in the meantime, first thing is first and it's not getting building permits organized, but finding my cousin! I really am excited. :)
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I don't know what's going on. I'm powerless, I'm small, and I'm surrounded by elves. I finally found their goddamn stronghold and I can't do anything but hide.

And I'm so hungry.

I've set up a base of operations to hide in, in one of their backalleys with boxes, and so far it's worked well enough to keep me from detection. I just need to figure out how to keep this stupid weak body from collapsing on itself long enough to fix whatever's happened to me.

And I'm scared.

Except for these setbacks, I'm positive I can turn this into another win for Melkor.


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