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Celegorm: *sits on a bench in the park, Huan napping underneath*

Luthien: *approaches with Melui at her side, long skirts sweeping behind*

Melui: *zips ahead and barks at Huan, urging him to get up and play*

Huan: Woof! [Hi! Let's play!] *rushes up to Luthien and sniffs her skirt before chasing after Melui*

If we could talk with the animals... )
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Okay, this was a business meeting but the puppy needed entertained.

Turgon: *waves Idril3 in the air and pretends he's flying*

Luthien: *claps and makes whooshing noises*

Idril3: *not sure what's going on, but having a great time*

Turgon: what's that in the air? An eagle? A cloud? No! It's Idril3, the most amazing tiny dog of all!
We got down to business eventually )
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Elladan: *has heard about the animal sanctuary and decides to visit. He might adopt a dog in the end*

Lúthien: *is working with some of the more exotic animals today. She has Rossthîr the red panda draped around her shoulders like a fancy stole*

Elladan: *sees a lady with a strange animal draped around her shoulders. he cannot see her face clearly, but she reminds him of someone* Good morning, madam. I was wondering if you could help me.

How far the acorn has fallen from the tree remains to be seen )
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Finrod: *walking toward the Drunken Maia to see if he can spot the elf who attacked Arakáno as Ecthelion asked*

Lúthien: *out for a stroll with Melui, on her way towards the park. It's a lovely day, perfect for taking the dog out for a run*

Finrod: *spots her ahead, she is rather hard to miss; thinks she must be Lúthien, from what he's heard and read* Good afternoon, my lady.

Meeting long before they ever met )
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Lúthien: *the day is lovely, bright sun and clear skies. She's out with Melui, throwing around a thick braided length of rope for the dog to chase down and return. Though she's been warned to be careful of going out alone, there are enough people here in the park that she isn't concerned about being accosted without witnesses. The pleasant weather and playtime with Melui help keep the worry from her mind.*

Huan: WOOOFF! *sprints toward the park, ball in mouth*

Celegorm: Wait! Stop, or you'll run over someone! *dashes behind him, and spies Lúthien from a distance. Skids to a halt, smoothes his hair and grins* Lúthien?

Lúthien: *looks up in surprise* Celegorm!

An unexpected meeting and a surprising offer )
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Turgon: *talking to council members as they leave, thanking a human woman as tall as an elf before he gets to Luthien* I noticed you brought a little friend here with you today. *crouches down to stroke Melui's head*

Melui: *licks Turgon's hand*
Discussing things with the little princess )

Here's hoping Celegorm doesn't go and ruin her life a second time.
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Though the summons given to her by one of the Ecthelion's guards made her a bit apprehensive, she knew there was nothing to worry about. She would not have been under suspicion for the murder, but it was understandable that they would want to ask her about the circumstances surrounding her discovery of the body.

To that effect, Lúthien has made a point of arriving promptly at the time detailed in the summons, and one of Ecthelion's secretaries sees her in. She curtsies politely.

Lúthien: I have come as requested, my lord. How might I be of assistance?

Lúthien recalls discovering the body )
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Eressil: *carrying a bucket of food to one of the pens*

Lúthien: *comes poking around, looking at the animals with interest*

Eressil: Careful with that one *talking about the secretary bird in the pen Lúthien's at* It has a habit of going for the eyes.

Lúthien: *takes a step back* Thank you for the warning!

In which Lúthien gets a new friend )


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