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Nyellaiwe: Hey!

Nuala: *adjusting her vambraces* Oh, hello!

Nyellaiwe: welcome to the guard. I'm on your patrol shift *holds out a hand* nice to have someone else to compete with for shortest guard

Nuala: *shakes her hand* Is that something we get to hit other, tall people for bringing up?
I should advise against that )
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Kak: *flies to Nuala* I can fly again!

Nuala: *puts a little braided length of red string on his head like a crown* I'm glad to see it.

Kak: *preens her hair* why is there cat fur on the floor *freezes*

Nuala: … Because there are kittens living in my sock drawer.

I forgive her eventually and I HAVE COME TO A DECISION about the cowardly offer of the guardking )
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Dagnir: *hides out in Nuala's apartment as a place to stash the kittens after... an incident*

Dagnir: *finishes putting kittens in her sock drawer*

Nuala: *comes into her room and stares* … What are you doing?

Dagnir: they get drowned! I hide
Curse your stupid inefficient language, humans! )
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I went to question Nuala at her home. She still has not recovered, though she looks better than expected.

Boromir: *folds up his city map, checks the address again and knocks on Nuala's door.*

Nuala: *takes a moment to answer, probably because she's checking the peephole to make sure whoever is visiting is friendly. Seeing dark hair, she opens the door. Her hands still have bandages on them after they were burned. Her tone is friendly, at least.* Hello, can I help you?

Introductions and tea. )

Unfortunately, duty called and I had to return to the guardhouse, but I will make sure I stay on top of the investigation. After talking with her, I believe that one or more Rohirrim are guilty…regardless of what Theo says.
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Scene: *the House of Healing, that night after getting Nuala away from her store to be treated for burns*

Nuala: *resting on a cot, curled into a tight, defensive ball with her hands close to her chest*

Laimist: *on duty while most everyone is at the festival and comes in with clean robes for Nuala, and to try and get her to clean off*

Nuala: *she's still in shock at this point so she quietly cooperates, allowing the elf to tend to her wounds without comment*

Nuala's going to meet every guard in the city at this rate )
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The Streets: *empty, most everyone has gone to the park for the festival*

Nuala: *still at work, putting a few finishing touches on a woven blanket before she closes up shop*

Kak: *with her even though Awk's gone off on an errand, riding on her shoulder*

Suddenly: *a bottle of alcohol with a burning rag stuffed in it smashes through the window* the roof the roof the roof is on fire )
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Dagnir: *walks into Nuala's shop with the kitten trail*

I did not order MORE cats )

So me and the cat have more in common than I thought, hmmmmm? Me and Awk have some kittywatching to do.
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Theo: *comes to Nuala's store*

Nuala: *drawing a design for a dress, she tenses visibly when Theo enters* Your cat's not here.

Theo: ...I came to ask if I could see the letter. *staying by the door, genuinely wary of her after the stories he grew up with*

In which Theoden meets his tragic end at the hands of his mortal enemy. (Only not really. )
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Finrod: *goes down to see the Dunlending woman - never did get a name*
Two sides to every tale. )

This is entirely unacceptable behaviour from the guards and shall not be tolerated.
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Dagnir: *sits with a pencil in his mouth and tries to write a love poem from Theo to Nuala*

Dagnir: *but being a cat and Dagnir, it's unspeakably weird and filthy*

Dagnir: *and messily written*

Dagnir: *delivers to Nuala*

Nuala: *takes the note and looks at it*
This goes really poorly for Nuala )
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Is brilliant plan. I take my human for walk, lead him to the one I like! No more fire elf. More little humans. Maybe I get eat ravens?

But no, humans ruin. Stupid humans.

And stupid boss want ravens still. I need get them to him, but no want to talk. They tell everyone.

Maybe knock out, drag to him. But then maybe die? If boss could walk, then problem solve. I do all work.

My plans more important right now, sorting out life of human. Ravens can go fly into window.

Dagnir: *wanders into Nuala's store while the ravens are out*

Nuala: *eyes him but keeps on weaving*

Dagnir: *hops up onto a stool to watch her, head cocked with interest*

Nuala: *passes the shuttle between the rows of thread*

Dagnir: mrowl? *makes a show of looking around for Nuala's friends*

Nuala: The ravens aren't here now.
Then they fight? Why? Is territory she let many in! )
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Kak: *flies in through Nuala's wind, pack of rabbit meat in his beak for her*

Nuala: *sitting on her couch, working on some embroidery. She looks up and arches her eyebrows.* What've you got there?

Awk: Gifts! *flying along behind!*
And the day had started so well. )
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Kak: *flies up to Nuala*

Nuala: *holds up her hand so he can land, then transfers him to her shoulder* What's the word, friend?

Kak: A lot of people went into the holes in the streets. Some came up bloody.

Nuala: Well then, I'll be staying far from those holes. I don't want to get involved with that mess.

Kak: That's why I told you! *preens her hair* Two birds in need of work )
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Kak: *flies in through Nuala's apartment window and settles into the nest on the corner of the couch* Big day! Big day!

Nuala: *pokes her head out of the kitchen; something meaty is cooking on the stove, judging by the smell* Big day? What's going on?

Kak: I found where me and Awk buried the coins we got from that redhead!

How do you tell when there are too many animals in one apartment? )
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Nuala: *Gondolin is by far the largest city that Nuala has ever seen. It's size is matched only by its beauty in her eyes, but the uniformity of the streets and her inability to read the plaques that mark them mean that it's been uncommonly hard for her to learn her way around; her usual method of memorizing landmarks isn't quite as useful here, and she occasionally loses her way.

It's not a problem most of the time. She can backtrack and find her way without asking for directions. Today, however, she is looking for the weaver's guild and it is proving exceptionally difficult to find. Spying a guard (one with dark hair, clearly not a Rohirrim) she approaches and tries to get his attention.*

Beggin' your pardon, I don't suppose you could help me?

As long as they aren't from Rohan )
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Ati: *walking down the street, carrying her pay for the week and wondering if she should go out for supper when she spots Nuala's newly opened store* Hmm... *walks inside*

Kak: *trying to make a nest in the fabrics*

Nuala: Oi, not the nice fabric! I already made strips of muslin for you to use in your nest. *hearing the bell on the door chiming, she looks up and smiles* Hello, welcome!

Nuala uses SELL ITEM. It's super effective! )
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Yaban: *looking at a city map* okay, she said she was volunteering at the animal place, just where IS i--*smells it* ah, that way

Lúthien: *wearing a plain linen dress with her hair all braided up to keep animals from chewing on it. She has a colorful parrot on her shoulder and leads for a number of dogs in both hands as she takes them for a stroll around the streets near the sanctuary*

Yaban: Hey! Hey!

Lúthien: *looks over at him and smiles* Yaban! *she pulls the dogs over and they all come along with her* How are you?
Animal care happens. Woof chirp etc. )

I do wonder how she expects her future to happen.
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Nuala: *out minding her own business, looking for the last few supplies she needs before she can start making things to sell in her shop*

Dagnir: *rubs up against her legs* Mrowl?

Nuala: *jolts* Och, you startled me there. *crouches down and scratches Dagnir behind the ears* What are you doing today? I hope you don't have another dead body for me to find.

Dagnir: *paws against her leg and rises up for better petting instead of confirming a corpse or not*

What the hell does that dunlending think she's doing? )
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Ecthelion: *in his office, making a chart of all the clues they have in the murder case so far; rather paltry, sighs*

Theo: *knocks, still hasn't realized Nuala's nature* Captain! It's very important!

Ecthelion: Enter!

Theo: *comes in, nearly tripping over Dagnir who hops onto the desk* This woman's found another body.

Ecthelion: Crap. Miss. Come in.

This has the potential to go very badly... )
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Dagnir: *runs out of an alley like his tail's on fire, and looks back and forth before seeing Nuala being harassed by a raven by a salescart. Makes a decision and strides over to get her attention*

Kak: Oh, it's you again. Go away, pussy.

Dagnir: *no time for this* MROWL *grabs Nuala's skirt with a paw*

And more trouble looming )


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