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Kak: remember me, Awk x_x

Awk: Kak no You will be FINE

Kak: :<
Sad ravens )

I need to find out about Nuala!
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Today has been a wonderous day. So many things have happened during it that are there to enjoy! First I was spending time with our very first servant and then Kak came to me with most wondrous news!
we have been offered a job, Awk, my comrade )

It seems that we are in a line of work now. I am most approving of the thought!
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In the months since last seen, Bainil has had her kittens and Dagnir has taken them under his wing to teach them to speak, spy, and stare creepily at people.

Dagnir: *walks beside Dred and Theo on their way to work, with the kittens behind him like ducklings*

Dagnir: *meowing his opinion of the day to Dred and Theo, kittens peeping behind him*

These are guards, kittens. They walk around, mostly, and don't do much else )
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Just when you think a simple walk through the city is going to do you some good, things get incredibly weird. I met two of our new citezins and...

In which Fingon meets the king and queen of the ravens )

At any rate, I think that I can use this to our advantage. Now that I know their modus operandi, the ravens can be caught in the act, perhaps apprehended, and certainly re-educated in the way we do things here. Consider this my gift to the city. Or something.

...And I never did get my red string!
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What is is about ambition that it never is attained during the easy, simple times, when everything is running smoothly? What is it about promotion that it comes to you in the moments when you hardly want it, even though you know that you are bound to accept anyway? Can no one attain anything without some other type of crisis or tragedy to prompt it. I do not mind doing my duty, but this is hardly how I would have accepted a temporary elevation were it my choice. in which Ravion is shown some corpses and he and Gwaedhon attempt some investigation )

Were it my place, I would not have this happen at all, but somehow because it is not, I will see what I can do with it.
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So that was really weird. I'm not sure what's just happened but I seem to have agreed to work for my salvation at the behest of two ravens that I've met today.

in which a sucker is born every minute. Especially when he's named Theodred )

I suppose I'm going to be saved now, but do I spread this news? I'm confused.
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Nuala: *is browsing through some of the markets in the new clothes she bought, fresh and clean and well-fed. She's still reeling at being in Gondolin, at the Elves and all the different races of people, and at there being more than one kind of soap, among other things. She stops at a stall to look at some sparkly dresses which are lovely but far too impractical for her use*

Awk: Very pretty aren't they? *perching on a nearby little shelf*

Nuala: *looks up and squints* Aye, very pretty. ... Are you a friend of Kak's, then? *they look almost the same but their voices are different, so she's guessing*

Awk: You're Kak's new human friend! Yes, my name is Awk!

A bargain with a bird )
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Turgon: *trying not to think about anything as he works on his paperwork, and making notes about the ball*

Ecthelion: *comes in* Hey.

Turgon: *looks at him, half searching for marks on him from Celegorm* Hello, Ecthelion. What's today's reports?
I could stand to be more mature about this, but it's not easy )

So I went out to clear my mind. I don't know why I went where I did. I think half of it was guilt over how I reacted about it when I found out Lio's plans to go to the House of Satari, and the other half knowing what it's really for.

Turgon: *trying to drive the mental images of Celegorm and Lio out of his head and finds himself in front of the House of Satari* ...might as well. It's not like there's anyone I know to talk about this as is. *steps inside*
In which I talk it out )

Maybe most of my problem IS that it's winter again. I haven't had a good one since the crossing. It's why we live here, in the warmest place I could find that was safe.
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So me and Dred are moving out of the apartments to a cottage. The cottage seems fruitful, what with the garden sprouting silmarils and all that, but hopefully in the future it'll stick to things like herbs and beans.

Some of our shift's come to help us move, and Dagnir is helping by trying to take people out whenever they're carrying a heavy box. It's a fun game of 'don't step on the cat because the cat will remove your leg at the knee'.

The cottage comes with furniture, so mostly what we're moving is my books, I've sort of accumulated a lot of them learning about this world and what's going on, and clothes and stuff like that. All of Dred's stuff fit in one box.

There's jussst enough of us that we should be able to get everything to the cottage in one trip and then have beer and whatever food we finally manage to decide on on the way.

The cottage itself is to the north, and near enough to the wall that it'll be an easy walk to go up and look out at the lake and mountains from the walls whenever I feel like it. I've been telling Dred about the giant shadows that live in the water, because I like seeing him go all big eyed.

It's further to the guard station, but with the vehicles they're working on for us, that might not be a problem at some point. Or I could learn how to use a bike. Given how little traffic this area receives, that's actually a possibility since there'll be less people to watch me fall on my face.

...still feeling pretty down about what went down with the silmaril, but wiser people than me have been advising me to just let go and not do something stupid like start a private war with a Feanorian over it.
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I started work this week with Angwen training me. I'm not sure yet if I'm scared to death of her, or in awe of how much of a BADASS she is.

So, we ended my first shift by going to the pub...

in which Dred bonds with his new co-workers. Who are weird )


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