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I have been working all day along with Alagoss, the Elf healer. I know about Elven patients too, but there are so many new things that it has been exhausting to put myself up to date.

Alagoss: Elladan, you do look tired. Maybe it's time to go home.

Elladan: *smiles wistfully* Yes, home. *thinks that he will never adapt to Gondolin*

and so does Alagoss... )

(They are out of the game, and won't remember anything, which makes it easier in Elladan's case if someone wants to play him. Alagoss is off limits as he is my character) :)
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I was hoping to leave the Healing House soon. I am bored here...

Turgon: *long day, decides that its in his best interests to see his little brother and relax*

Arakano: *is bored and decides to go exploring* Maybe if I find Alagoss I will be able to convince him to let me leave...

Melkor: *in the halls again, this time seeking Arakano for candy*

and then Turgon came to see me... I want to leave this place as soon as possible... )
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I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't be here, as not everyone seemed to remember me when Turgon came in to visit. He comes every day to see me. I'm glad he came today...

Alagoss promised to keep the secret... )
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The Orc captain was dead, and I could see the others start to react and attack them with renewed resolve. They had fallen on us as soon as we set foot on these lands, but we would drive them back. The white light in the sky was helping, and the fact that I had killed their captain.

The problem was that I was losing too much blood, and my eyes were clouding. I could feel my family's voices, and I could see Alagoss fighting fiercely at my side. At least I would not die alone, because I was dying. I could see my hroa on the ground, and my fëar was adrift, waiting to hear the call of Mandos...

And suddenly my hroa was calling my fëar back and I was still in Alagoss' arms, but there was no battle around us. Had he died too? He looked different... I tried to smile.

"Alagoss..." I whispered and then everything turned dark around me.


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