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Theoden: *sitting by the window with a book, so utterly bored*

Dagnir: *keeping him in place by napping on his lap*

Fëanor: *comes to visit*

Theoden: *can see him come from out the window* *calls out* Just come inside! It's not locked!
Which has worked out pretty well so far )

You know, I'm getting the impression my boyfriend and my cat don't get along.

But! This brace is great! Maybe now Boro will stop fussing so much. And I can get around better when Artamir finally visits.
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Theo and I had a visitor last night. Quite a welcome one.

Theo: *trying to get around in the house and dodge the
cat while on crutches*

Dagnir: mrow! Mrow!

Theo: Feanor said he's working on some sort of leg brace
for me...

Boromir: *frowns at the cat* That thing is a hazard. *scrambles behind Theo* Sit down and let me get whatever it is that you're up looking for..

Theo: A book I was reading.

Dagnir: *affronted look at Boromir*

Boromir: *finds the book* Here. Now sit down. You're not going to get well unless you rest.

Theo: if I rest more, I will turn into a mushroom.

You still need to rest. )
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Feanor: *bitter*

Theoden: aw, Fefe *hugs*

Feanor: *aw* You're kind, Theo.

Theoden: *kisses* don't be sad

Feanor: *shakes his head* I'm not sad.

Theoden: don't be angry

Feanor: I'm not angry at you.

Theoden: I know.

Feanor: Others deserve my anger.

Theoden: *hugs* it won't fix anything, being angry

Feanor: *leans a little* that is true. I have other ways to fix things.

Theoden: like?
the answer is actually reasonable )

I like how he's been coming so often to see me, but I'm really worried about what's going on with his family...
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Theo: *reading and trying not to dwell on his leg and has several purring kittens and one big horrible cat keeping him company*

Boromir: *enters the House of Healing with some trepidation, a bottle of flavored water and some off color jokes he got from an errant guard* Hi. That looks pretty bad. What happened?

Theo: a warg tried to eat my calf.

A warg??! )
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Fëanor: *takes a break from building his underground bunker and packs a basket with things to bring Theo, and heads off to the House of Healing*

Theoden: *stacking sleepy kittens in boredom at the House*

Fëanor: *finds his room, after inadvertently terrifying many staff members along the way*

Theoden: Feanor! *grin and startles the cats*

Dagnir: *baleful look at Feanor, but that's his normal face*

Fëanor: Hello, Theo. *presses a kiss to his head* And Dagnir.

Dagnir: mow

Bearing gifts is always a good idea… )

Back to work on the bunker.
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I popped into this city last night. It was very disorienting and not a little scary... I mean, I was laughing, having a good time with my buddies, soldiers in the army, and the next thing I know I'm in the middle of an open, empty square with fountains in this lost city! So I went to the red building and found a home, got a bit of money, and spoke with people to get into guard work. It's what I know best, anyway. I've been trained a bit in affairs of state, but I wasn't due to take Dad's place for years, he wasn't that old, so I didn't pay much attention. And anyway, there's a king here already....

I went to work, and this was my first assignment:

Angwen: *looks over the rookies and points at one nearly elf-height* You. Ar-something. Get over here!

Artamir: *steps forward to her* Artamir, ma'am

Angwen: You know where the Houses of Healing are, right? *tucks her paperwork under her arm while she lights a cigarette*

Artamir: Um, not exactly, ma'am. Show me where! )

Well, that was interesting. He seems nice! I'd like to meet up with him again, hopefully not in the houses of healing next time. I wonder what else I'll find in this city that's different from the histories...
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Theoden: *notices the army of cats around Fëanor's house as he approaches*

Dagnir: *teaching the latest batch about Suspect Number 1*

Theoden: Hey, Dags. *crouches down to pet his cat*

Dagnir: *arches up into it, but maintains his no speaking around Theo rule*

Theoden: you're a way more dedicated father than most cats. *knocks on the door* Fëanor!

Fëanor: *inside, being a hermit, or you could call it sulking*
Boyfriend tending. And then there's a warg )

Update on my leg: I'm going to be here at the Healers for a while. I guess this puts off my exploring of the tower on the lake and that's all I'm going to let myself dwell on right now.

Dagnir's been keeping me company.
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Dagnir: *leads a new batch of kittens to Fëanor's house like a walking tour to show that he is a SUSPICIOUS individual*

Fëanor: *peers curiously*

Kittens: *lined up as Dagnir shows them the ropes*

Fëanor: Lovely kittens.
Kittens do not trust this elf he is bad elf up to no good )

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Theo brought me fireworks! Fireworks, hmmm.

Theoden: *brings over a wrapped package that smells of sulphur*
Fëanor: *suspicious*
Theoden: it's a gift!
Fëanor: A gift of what?
Theoden: fireworks
Fëanor: *eyes light up* Really? Let's go shoot them off!

Nothing better than explosions! )

Fireworks could be very useful...

oh man

Aug. 3rd, 2013 08:48 pm
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Theoden: *grinning at Boromir at his desk* guess what! Today I get to be your guard escort for a trip outside.

Boromir: *looks up, surprised* Outside? Are you sure it's okay? *doesn't want to break any rules*
Nothing bad happens outside Gondolin! )

Welp. That was a ghost.
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Nyellaiwe: Hey!

Nuala: *adjusting her vambraces* Oh, hello!

Nyellaiwe: welcome to the guard. I'm on your patrol shift *holds out a hand* nice to have someone else to compete with for shortest guard

Nuala: *shakes her hand* Is that something we get to hit other, tall people for bringing up?
I should advise against that )


Jul. 20th, 2013 04:34 pm
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Theoden: *buckling on his armour for his tour of guard duty at the festival*

Ecthelion: *sends for him*

Theoden: *comes in and salutes* sir

Ecthelion: Good afternoon.

Theoden: hello, sir. *curious look*

Ecthelion: Getting ready for the festival?

Theoden: yessir. I've got guard duty for the afternoon.

Ecthelion: I wanted to talk to you about changing your duties.

Theoden: *blinks* to what?

Ecthelion: The King has agreed that we can send human guards outside the city now, especially ones that have been with us for a long while. I'm assigning you as one of the new guards outside.

Theoden: *huge grin* really? I get to go outside, sir?

Ecthelion: *smiles* Yes. Because I trust you. *also might be good to get him away from the other Rohirrim* You'll be with mostly elven guards, but it is your chance.

Theoden: thank you! *excited little bounce on his heels* You won't regret this, sir!

Ecthelion: I don't think I shall.

Theoden: I still have festival duty today, sir?

Ecthelion: You do. This new assignment starts next week, after the festival.

Theoden: *salutes and waits to be excused, all excited*

Ecthelion: Off to the festival with you.

Theoden: *hurries off, thinking of which horse he'll be taking outside*

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I moved in with Theo. It made sense, with us both being single. Cuts down on expenses. Things are going pretty well so far, other than the cat...issue. At least he likes me. I shudder to think what he'd leave on my face if he hated me.

Dagnir: *brings a welcome gift of a dead squirrel and places it with ceremony on Boromir's sleeping face after getting in through the window*

Boromir: *sniffs deeply, groans and sits up, horrified* What in the blue hell???! *flings squirrel across the room* I locked the damned door! *looks around the room for his knife*

Now I know what that smell was. )
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Theoden: *moping at Feanor's* my son's gone off to find himself, my cat's missing...
Dagnir: *comes in through the window*
Theoden: oh. Well. Okay, things are better
Fëanor: The cat is cheering.

I have a plan for that cheering cat... )

Finally, triumph!
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Theoden: *frowning as his house just seems... empty, since Dred left* And my damn cat's missing. *unaware of Dagnir's adventures* *goes to garden outside and hope Boromir accepts his invitation to come over*

Boromir: *mopes his way over to Theo's house* Hey. *sadface*
A solution to loneliness is found! No, not the start of a porn )

Feeling a bit better. I just wish Dagnir would come home now. I really really hope nothing's happened to him.
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Unfortunately, I had to arrest some of my own guards for arson today. It was disappointing, and I know Theo was upset, but it had to be done.

Theo: *filling out the paperwork for his patrol that day when Boromir returns to the guardhouse*

Boromir: *walks into Theo's office and sits down on the edge of his desk* Theo.

Theo: *looks up from the share desk for his shift* 'lo. How was your looking about?

Bad news. )
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Theoden: *sees Feanor on his silmaril search and sneaks up behind him as much as he'll let himself pretend Feanor will let him sneak and reaches up to cover his eyes* guess who!

Fëanor: *heard him coming* Um. Turgon?

Theoden: much handsomer.

Fëanor: Oh. Glorfindel.

Theoden: more gingery

Fëanor: *spins, pretending to be surprised* Oh, Theo!
No, obviously I'm Nerdanel )
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Clearly, the bird is unstable, but he's the only witness we have...

Theo: *getting ready for patrol, still keeping a low profile outof worry of being accused by Finrod*

Boromir: *swings by and grabs Theo's elbow* Hey. I'd like you to come with me. There's a raven named...Kak, I think at the animal sanctuary who was a witness.

Theo: what did the little con artist do?

This should go well. )
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Ecthelion: *wants to get back to work*

Theoden: *brings the report*

Ecthelion: Theo! *surprised to see him*

Theoden: I've got something for you from Detective Gwaedhon, sir. *looking around in case of Celegorm ambush*
There familiar face here for you, yes )

I no dog, but I can sniff people in city. I demand fish for kicks they give me, hm?
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I must check out this Spring Festival. There are people to intimidate watch, wares to purchase, foods to eat...

Fëanor: *goes to the Festival; lurks around, as usual*
Theoden: *calls out something about seeing Fingon later to Feanor's earshot, before spotting HIS elf and hurries over* hey! You didn't tell me you were coming
Fëanor: I hadn't decided! *glancing around* It's very interesting.
Theoden: I'm off duty, so I can be your tour guide. *loops his arm with Feanor's, ice cream cone in the other*
Fëanor: *grins* Excellent. Show me everything.

Always good to have a guide… )

Petting those baby animals and dunking Rog really put me in a good mood. That "silmaril" maker was lucky for that. I see that people burn down other's shops here, in retaliation. Something to bear in mind.


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