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Theo: *makes supper for Theodred* big day guarding

Dred: Oh really? How so? *and he's setting the table and stuff*

Theo: a bunch of snakes showed up and me and Nel had to spend our time pulling them out of where they were hiding

Snake wrassling, complaining about the boss )
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In the months since last seen, Bainil has had her kittens and Dagnir has taken them under his wing to teach them to speak, spy, and stare creepily at people.

Dagnir: *walks beside Dred and Theo on their way to work, with the kittens behind him like ducklings*

Dagnir: *meowing his opinion of the day to Dred and Theo, kittens peeping behind him*

These are guards, kittens. They walk around, mostly, and don't do much else )
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Bonding with my family is letting me learn a lot about them that my tutor NEVER told me. Now that I know I'm not completely insane and can start loosening up here, sooo. We went out and actually had some fun. Not the kind of fun you'd think of having with your grandpa and your uncle but...

in which there is a boy's night out )

Looks like I need to FIND that probably a girl soon, or more than one probably a girl, I'm not gonna be stingy.
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My humans gone very very long. I search city, I do not see them. I do not like. But one came home! FINALLY.

Dagnir: *in Dred's bed when Dred gets out of the shower from the sewers* mroooowl

Dred: Hey Dag. *pulls on some clothes and pats him*

Dagnir: *sniffs his hand, wants to know where his human is and hops off the bed meowing and checking corners in the hope Dred gets the hint*
I try to avenge secondary human against ravens, I do good, secondary human not so much )

He is kitten I would eat for own sake.
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After the battle with the cultists is over, and the wounded have all been taken to the House of Healing, Fëanor stays behind in the sewers with the remaining guards. As they scurry about quickly, removing the dead bodies of the cultists, and collecting evidence, Fëanor prowls around the altar room, trying to determine the source of the bad feelings and the evil magic. With the death of the cult members, and the disappearance of the leaders, the feelings are weaker, but not gone. Finally, he stops in front of the altar, and examines it thoroughly.

This is it. It must be destroyed. *pulls his sword out*
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Theo: I think she just doesn't like our cooking

Eowyn: *making Melkor set the table*

Melkor: *trying to give himself all the knives*

Eowyn: One knife per person!

Melkor: but don't I deserve a reward?

Eowyn: Knives are not a reward. I made brownies for dessert. That can be your reward.

in which Theo and Dred have dinner with Eowyn and Melly, secrets are revealed, and then the hardworking guards get called in on a work emergency. And Dred has tamed Melkor. Huh. )
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Finrod tries every spell that might corrode the metal into rust, and every spell of strength he can remember to break the chain binding him. It's only when these fail that he thinks of the basic principles of metalwork. The links and bands of steel will have seams for all their outward smoothness. He focuses on the centre chain link first, but though it grows hot enough that he can burn his fingertips if he stretches to touch the chain, the solder does not fail.

He sighs and jerks on the chain in frustration. The cuts on his neck itch. He recalls the girl's - Rae's - words.

"Strong blood makes good magic."

A shiver runs through him even as he finds the joint in the band on his left wrist. It grows red-hot, but he concentrates hard enough to ignore the worst of the pain, even as blood begins to trickle over the metal. He can feel the metal give, bends it on the rung of the chair just enough to work his hand free...

From there it's easy enough to snap the length of chain that had linked his wrists together, and he throws the broken band into the water as soon as he gets out of the room. He can't ignore his wounds indefinitely, and a hot, sick feeling courses through him. Still, he keeps his footsteps silent.

So, from here we'll play in comments for the rescue party arriving and ensuing chaos!
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After everything that went down at the guardhouse, I went to see Dred. He gave me some good advice. I do need to remember not to sneak kisses at work.

Boromir: *gets off of his guard shift and goes straight to Theo and Dred's cottage* Hey, Dred? *knocks on the door* Can I come in?

Dred: *goes to get it* Hey! Come on in. What's going on?

Boromir: *gives Dred a hug* I need some advice from you. About Dunlendings and Rohirrim.

It's kind of a cultural mess. )
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The truth came out when we met Elfwine and well, stuff’s been kind of weird since then. Theo isn’t as upset as I figured he’d be, but I still feel, well, pretty bad about the whole thing I guess. I didn’t know what to do about tellng him. I guess it’s better it’s out now anyway?

In which Dred avoids answering questions about his mom, the scarlet pimpernel lives in middle earth? And the ravens are discussed. )

So, off to find the two ravens of the apocalypse then.
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Theo: so you're almost a full human again. *taps Dred's brace*

Dred: Just about! Feels good. Melly's pretty sad about it though. I need to find a way to make it better for her

Theo: I think you could buy her off with candy. You know how there's warnings for people not to go out alone right now with the whole horrible murder thing?

Dred: Yeah I'd heard.
In this chat, I find out about another relation and nearly make out with Theodred but it's not what you think )

Oh, he's going to be paying for this for a long time.
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I was going to work on more of my orc army with the clay Eowyn got me, but Dred needed his ankle checked so off to the stupid House of Healing and Eowyn was too busy to even see us. So we had to deal with an ELF.

She didn't even offer me candy.

Melkor: *mutters darkly in the House of Healing office while Dred gets his ankle checked by Laimist*

Dred: It shouldn't be too long *smiles at Melly* I'm still unsteady but it's not hurting as much *to Laimist*
Elves, bah )

At least home has Edric! Dred said we couldn't take him inside the House of Healing in case he got people sick but if they're weak enough to die from my dog, they deserve it.

I really like playing with my puppy
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So that was really weird. I'm not sure what's just happened but I seem to have agreed to work for my salvation at the behest of two ravens that I've met today.

in which a sucker is born every minute. Especially when he's named Theodred )

I suppose I'm going to be saved now, but do I spread this news? I'm confused.
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After I spoke with Lio, I went to see Dred, just to make sure he was doing okay. Well...that may not be the *only* reason I went.

Boromir: *arrives on Dred's doorstep and knocks*

Dred: *makes his way over to the door and opens in, grinning* Boromir! Hey!

Boromir: *grins back* Hi! I was out walking to clear my head and found myself in front of your door. Can I come in?

And then the flirting commences. )


Jan. 13th, 2013 07:18 pm
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Dagnir: *licks Dred's nose while he sleeps*

Dagnir: *licklicklick*

Theodred: nnggh Boromir, come ON..not here

Theodred: *sleepy twitch*

Dagnir: *moves to his lips*

Theodred: Boro come're.... they'll see..we could go to that cave though

Dagnir: *liiiiick*

Theodred: nngh you're so persistent...and so strong...

Dagnir: mrooooowl

Theodred: Oh you like that?

Dagnir: *purring and gets a good lick IN Dred's mouth*

Theodred: Oh yeeah, yees baby.... taste like fish

Theodred: *jerks awake*

Theodred: OH MY ERU

Dagnir: *hops off Dred and starts licking himself you know where*

Theodred: ARRGH EWW

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Another day of being babysat by Dred. BABYSAT. Bah!

Theo: *comes home for lunch, while Dred is babysitting Melkor* Helllo

Melkor: *busy trying to tie Dred's feet together*

Dred: Hey *waves at Theo* I'm a prisoner
However: He is a most agreeable minion )

Yes! A dog! It's like a wolf! And I can teach it to attack elves!


Also, this 'Boromir' better not take attention from me.
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Tonight was great, really wonderful. I'm still reeling a bit over it all, but I can't stop smiling.

Theo: are you sure your ankle will be okay for this?

Boromir: *makes his way over to Dred's house*

Dred: I think so. And if not, I can take breaks. But no, it's been doing better.

I'm more nervous than I thought I would be. )
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Melkor: *runs around while Dred babysits him, hyper*

Dagnir: ._. *on top of the shelf at full oh my god what poof*

Dred: *e.e* So My lord. would you like to do something?

Melkor: I chase you! *leaps at Dred's leg*

Dred: Uh....that might not be the best idea *sidesteps!*

Melkor: I want to do something! *runs around Dred, shrieking a little*

Theo: *may have given Melkor chocolate before leaving*
I've finally got energy again! Escape will soon be at hand )

This body is far too feeble, but perhaps being stuck being babysat by this human isn't so bad. He, at least, appreciates my art. I can see humans being just as good for my cause as my own creations.
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The human, Eowyn, has set up a dinner with her friend. He, at least, calls me by my proper titles. So I can deal with heading back out into this blasted city once more. Even if it means abandoning my new minion:

He hasn't got a name yet. It will come to me. Perhaps something about darkness, or warrior bear.

Theo: *making positive the table hasn't got any odd sticky spots on it* See them yet, Dred?

Dred: *peering out the window* No one right now. *goes over to rearrange some paper flowers he found*

Dagnir: *trying to defluff his fur after an emergency 'don't infect the kid' bath*

Eowyn: *comes along with a basket of food; made the meal and is bringing dessert; holds Melly with her other hand* Come on, Melly.

Melkor: too fast!

Eowyn: *slows her pace* Sorry.

Melkor: *holds tight, moving against Eowyn's leg whenever they pass an elf* how much further, human?
Turns out this dinner was just another step in my ongoing humiliation )

A babysitter? She's set me up with a babysitter? I can take care of myself! I am no weak child!

...but I suppose if he can cook for me and reach the things off the high shelves...


Jan. 4th, 2013 07:05 pm
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Theo: *setting out food for Dred so he doesn't have to spend much time on his ankle to cook dinner* Heading out tonight for a... thing

Dred: Oh? *finishes up with the the report he's looking over* that sounds...vague.

Theo: *suddenly very intent on the carrots he's peeling* Just a thing. Talking to lord Fingon about uh, duties he wants me to do at the festival.

Dred: Oh really? He seems to really like you. that's good then! Maybe it's an in with Feanor

Theo: I... am not sure this would exactly work out that way. Towards getting Feanor. Since it's sort of a date

Dred: Ooh with Fingon? Well he's very very pretty. But aren't he and his cousin...*handwave* I meaan the books don't say it explicitely but...

Theo: he said they were best friends. So I'm gonna go with no, he's probably not in an incestuous relationship with his cousin

Dred: Well you just never know. I mean elves. *grins* But so. Fingon. that's he as dashing as they say?

Theo: he's... *thinks* incredibly handsome. And made me feel all warm when he was flirting with me

Dred: warm huh? *okay that's adorable*

Theo: and it's not like Feanor can even recognize me yet so I'm not doing anything wrong by seeing what else is out there... And he said he wouldn't cut my head off if I messed up

Dred: Of course you aren't. you deserve to be happy with someone who'll notice you're alive and things. ...I should hope not.

Theo: avenge me, though. If he does.

Theo: he really likes my hair. *grins*

Dred: Oh really now? *grins* andd I wonder WHY. *laughs* Seriously though. I do think the braid works for you

Theo: it'd be everywhere if I didn't braid it. And I can just see it getting caught in my chainmail and the horrors that would then ensue

Dred: that would be really bad. *nods* We had that happen to one of the girls at home who want to be shieldmaids but haven't had much of a chance yet. Had to cut her out of her helmet

Theo: *snickers* Sorry. I shouldn't laugh. That's almost happened to me a few times

Dred: Doesn't look pleasant at all, no. It must HURT.

Theo: and no one has any pity. Anyway. *done with the food prep* I'm off. And hell, if the captain doesn't find out the real reason Fingon requested me, maybe it'll look good for work

Dred: He won't hear anything from me. Good luck. *pause* careful and things? From what you've said, and I've read, he's honorable and a gentleman and all but you're still, you know, going to someone's room and all.

Theo: what should I be afraid of? *blinks*

Dred: Just...well, remember that if you decide you don't want to, you can say no things likee that

Theo: *blinks again, then goes bright red* Oh. Right. Yeah.

Dred: know. Stuff like that.

Theo: *quick nod, thinking about how much BIGGER Fingon is* Got it. I'll see you when I get back, if you're still awake

Dred: *gives him a little salute* Have fun!

And I DID have fun. Or I will, at any rate. Fingon really does seem fascinated with my hair )

I don't even know what I was worried about now.
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Theo: *reading the Noldor version of the Kama Sutra*

Theo: *takes notes, not noticing Dred*
Books are good for curiousity, right? )

I'm glad I met Dred. I was actually feeling pretty isolated in this city until I got a cat, and then Theodred, and Eowyn in short order.

I mean, I can ask both advice (I cannot ask the cat advice, he just meows for more food) and Dred's starting to feel like family. Like an older brother!

Of course, I may have strained it a bit with my request but I cannot even imagine asking anyone else about... well. And I want to know what the heck I'm doing in the 0.5% chance I succeed with Feanor. Or Ecthelion.

I'd say this hormone problem will die off with time, but my dad still managed to go crazy in run off love with my much taller, younger, and not-Rohirric mom when he was an old man so apparently it's genetic, thanks, Dad. Thanks.


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