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Finrod: *in agony, despite a generous dose of tonic and brandy*

Turgon: A servant sent for me. What happened? We're going to the healers.

Finrod: Agh! Turu... No... Bring them... *presses a hand to his eyes*

Turgon: *nods and hurries to get them fetched*

Finrod: *moans, torn between pain and thoughts of the forest*

Healer: *comes* )
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Turgon: *floats on his back in a hidden pool* Come on, Finrod! We can be otters!

Finrod: Noooo I can't move.

Turgon: Aw *sadfaces*

Finrod: You can. I'll watch you.

Turgon: It works best with two!

Finrod: Well... I guess. Alright. I'll come in with you, anyway.

Turgon: *glee*
After some getting clean festivities, we made our way to the hidden tunnel )

I am never going out in nature again if I can help it. It's for the dogs.

And our horses did escape.

Nice full moon out tonight too. I'm going to leave my window open tonight to really enjoy it.

Page 394.

Jun. 14th, 2014 10:48 am
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Finrod: All considered, this little rock ledge is kind of cozy.

Turgon: That's because you can compress.

Finrod: Well...and it's sheltered. And I know what's at my back: rock.

Turgon: We've been worse places. )

Finrod: *looks out into the night*

Werewolves: *howl*

Finrod: *shivers a little*

Come out, elf. Come and play with us… )
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Turgon: *cprs Finrod after pulling him out of the river*

Finrod: *coughs*

Turgon: Hi. You still with me?

Finrod: *nods, coughing some more* ...Yeah.

Turgon: Great, great.
Turgon: I have no idea where we are and I can't see any eagles to flag down for directions.

Finrod: *sits up with a groan* Well.

Turgon: I kept my grip on you the whole way down. I want praise for this. Poor Turgon. )


May. 27th, 2014 03:56 am
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Day Unknown of Finrod making me experience fresh air and no responsibilities.

Turgon: *sets his bedroll out for the night*

Finrod: *pokes the fire* See? I told you this would be fun!

Turgon: We're elves, we shouldn't have to deal with mosquitoes, and yet…

Finrod: *grins* There aren't many!

Turgon: They crave my flesh, Finrod. They can tell I'm finer fare than you.

Finrod: *chuckles* Poor you.

Turgon: Are you enjoying your desired vacation?

Finrod: *leans back on his hands* Yes I am.

Turgon: Good, let's go home. )

Come on. Guess what happened under the cut while we run for our lives.
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Turgon: *finishes setting things up so his work can be done without him for the next few weeks*

Finrod: *pokes his head in* Hey.

Turgon: I better have the world's best time, Finrod.

You will, Turgon. You will. )
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On my brother's advice, I sought out my son.
He was pleasantly sane.

Well, relatively. )

I daresay if things continue as they have been so far, that I shall be rather content here. Of course, I do not expect that to be the case at all. I feel I need more information still. Perhaps there is a library or somesuch I can seek out?

I shall also have to speak to my brother again. I have many suspicions that need confirming or denying.
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Turgon: *walking with Lio and stops to watch a doomsday preacher* *eating some caramel popcorn they got from a stand*

Ecthelion: What is that?

Turgon: Street theatre, maybe

Ecthelion: He seems serious...

Turgon: Huh.

Preacher: *going on about the toxicness inside the city*

Turgon: The sewer system isn't that bad

Ecthelion: Does he know about the cult and all the murders, I wonder.

Turgon: You want to detain him? *doesn't sound disapproving of this idea*

Ecthelion: He's not actually doing anything...

Turgon: Well, for questioning.

Ecthelion: *considers* Let's listen a bit more.

Preacher: And it will all come to a head and we will realize we should have abandoned this sinking ship when we still had our chance!

Ecthelion: Oh uh.

Turgon: Gel told me that around this time of year people give each other gifts, in his time. So I got you something

Ecthelion: You did?

Turgon: I did. *leads him away from the preacher* You like lingerie, right?

Ecthelion: Well. On women?

Turgon: No no, for you.

Ecthelion: Well, I've never worn any...

Turgon: Model for me? *steps into the tower and tugs off his cloak*

Ecthelion: ....

Turgon: *fetches Lio a box filled with chocolates and different coffees*

Ecthelion: Oh, thanks!

Turgon: I thought you'd like this more

Ecthelion: I do. *grins*

Turgon: Don't give any of the good ones to Celegorm

Ecthelion: Can't I share?

Turgon: :< I don't want to give him happiness by accident

Ecthelion: *laughs* I'll try to be miserable while sharing.

Turgon: Oh good. *hug* Happy something. Solstice, I think

Ecthelion: *hugs back* To you too. I'm sorry I'm without a gift.

Turgon: It's not like you knew that you had to get one. Next year! If we remember

Ecthelion: We'll make a note!

Turgon: And see about checking on the cult

Ecthelion: I will. Do you suppose it's the same cult? Or a new one?

Turgon: That's what my brilliant captain finds out

Ecthelion: *nods* Yessir.
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Maglor: Turgon, I hope you realize that the children are staying with me.

Turgon: I have a feeling you'd take over the city if I tried to separate you.

Maglor: Quite right!

Turgon: Although I would like you to work out visiting with their grandmother, please.

Maglor: Fair enough. She can visit them, and they her. If they choose.

Turgon: Give 'em time to get to know her too, before getting their opinion on visits.

Maglor: *wry grin* I'm not that much of an idiot, Turu!

Turgon: *kisses* Good.

Maglor: *quick kiss back* I got you something.

Turgon: Is it coffee? I could wreck a coffee.

Maglor: *grins* No, it's not coffee. But we could go get coffee and you could wear it.

I manage not to say 'Idril is a spoiled brat' outright. )
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Turgon: *has gotten Idril away to a more secluded part of the festival* There's two things I need to tell you

Idril: What is it, dad?

Turgon: Mng. Well, you know you married a human, yes?

Idril: *nods* yes

Turgon: well. Er.

Turgon: You had a son.

Turgon: and he had two sons.

Turgon: and those two sons are currently in Gondolin

Idril: I have grandkids? And WHAT ELSE? )

I need distraction. Where is Yaban... )

Yaban's the best. He's just so wonderful!
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Turgon: no putting it off. *pats Idril3's head and phones Lio*

Ecthelion: Hello?

Turgon: 'lo. You busy?

Ecthelion: Not at the moment, no. You need me?

Turgon: Yeah. Don't bring Celegorm, or tell him that you're coming to see me.
It's not exactly fair to do make someone do this to their boyfriend, but Lio did say he was my captain of the guard first )

Now for my next task and I'm done dealing with any Feanorian but Maglor for quite a while:

Off to see the uncle )

EDIT: Have added to the Feanor/Turgon chat.
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Maglor: *goes to Turu's office*

Gelgannel:: Hello, sir

Maglor: Is Turu in? *mainly a rhetorical question, because it's Turgon*

Gelgannel:: shall I tell him you're here?

Maglor: Tell him to come out.

Gelgannel:: *goes to do so*

Turgon: *confused and comes out of his office* Maglor?

Maglor: Hey. Come on, I have to tell you something. Hopefully I won't regret it. )
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Maglor: *pulls on his cloak and admonishes Elrond and Elros to be good before going to meet Turgon. But since he is leaving them with Maedhros, sure this won't be an issue*

Elros: *has matches*

Turgon: *pacing in his rooms and planing his speech to Idril3*
Turgon: 'It's just that I cannot keep you separated from the possible crimes your insane family might commit and that is a--
Turgon: Idril3, does conflict of interest sound good?

Idril3: *wuff*

Maglor: *knocks*

Turgon: *whips around* Come in!

Maglor: *comes in, closing the door behind him* Hey. Ready to go?

Turgon tries to break up with Maglor. Maglor refuses to let him. )
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Turgon: *hammers on Finrod's door*

Finrod: *answers* Hey, Turu. What's up?

Idril3: *loves on Finrod*

Turgon: Guess what!

Finrod: *scritches* What? Come in.

Turgon: *steps inside* Our cousins are going to set fire to my city.

Finrod: ...Why?

Turgon: *closes the door securely* They found another silmaril AND they're fighting.


And then they get inordinately and companionably drunk.
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Dagnir: *lounges in Lio's office*

Feanor: *studies*

Turgon: so has Celegorm told his father yet?

Ecthelion: Not that I know of. I will ask him later what the status is.

Turgon: I meant it. If he doesn't tell uncle soon, I will

Ecthelion: I know. I'll ask him.
Feanor gets an earful )

Mng. I should have just stayed loyal to Elenwe.


Nov. 10th, 2013 08:19 pm
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Finrod: So tell me about your life.

Turgon: I'm in lust with Maglor.

Finrod: I know that part.

Turgon: That's it.

Finrod: And have you... *handwave* Done anything about it? Or just tormenting yourself still?

Turgon: We kissed.

Finrod: Again? )
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Turgon: *has a pug asleep on one side, and a toddler asleep on the other, and two fish swimming in circles in a bowl on his desk as he does paperwork*

Ecthelion: *enters his office; oh well, this is a bad idea because sleeping child and dog and there will be screaming*

He was wrong, but goddamnit, Feanorians )

So that's that. Celegorm has one week to tell his father or I'm telling Feanor myself.


Oct. 18th, 2013 12:08 am
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Finally my gift for Idril is off the printing press. She's getting a technical first edition!

Yaban: *has a book packaged up to give to Idril as a gift*

Idril: *taking a walk, heading for the house of history*

Yaban: *making his way to the palace, going through what to say about the book*

Idril: *sees him and grins, running up to him* hi!
Please take this object as part of a human mating ritual I am inviting you to participate in )

Aaand now I fear for my pitiful human life.


Oct. 15th, 2013 12:48 pm
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Maglor: Turgon wanted to see me?

Gelgannel: go right on in

Maglor: *heads into Turgon's office*

Turgon: *paperwork, cup of cold coffee by his hand*

Maglor: Knock knock.

Turgon: Huh? *looks up* oh. Hi. *notes he has no children around to act as a protective shield from a real conversation*

Maglor: You asked me to come by.

Turgon: I know. I might not have been thinking
Well now )

How about that.


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