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Turgon: *has gotten Idril away to a more secluded part of the festival* There's two things I need to tell you

Idril: What is it, dad?

Turgon: Mng. Well, you know you married a human, yes?

Idril: *nods* yes

Turgon: well. Er.

Turgon: You had a son.

Turgon: and he had two sons.

Turgon: and those two sons are currently in Gondolin

Idril: I have grandkids? And WHAT ELSE? )

I need distraction. Where is Yaban... )

Yaban's the best. He's just so wonderful!


Oct. 18th, 2013 12:08 am
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Finally my gift for Idril is off the printing press. She's getting a technical first edition!

Yaban: *has a book packaged up to give to Idril as a gift*

Idril: *taking a walk, heading for the house of history*

Yaban: *making his way to the palace, going through what to say about the book*

Idril: *sees him and grins, running up to him* hi!
Please take this object as part of a human mating ritual I am inviting you to participate in )

Aaand now I fear for my pitiful human life.
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So Nuala made her visit that evening after the ravens 'encouraged' me to help them.

Yaban: they pecked me until I did it

Nuala: That's generally how they get their way when they can't talk you into something.

Yaban: they didn't give me a chance! Next time if they want something, tell them to peck Grima and I'll do whatever they want
Healthy working environment )
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It turns out to become a guard you need to fill out an application. Me and Awk, though blessed with a multitude of skills, do not know this whole 'writing' business so we went to on of the handy writer-humans.

Kak: *attacks one of the few windows at the House of History with Awk until they open it and they fly in to find Yaban while scribes yell*

Yaban: augh!

Awk: YOU! Your lords require your hands
In which Yaban is helpful )
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Kittens: *back in her room when she returns, kittening about*

Idril: where did you kittens go?

Baini: *without thinking, seems to be the dumb kitten* spyin'!

Fiddle: *SMACK*

Baini: ;-;

Dagnette: *covers her head with her paws*


I'm glad Yaban looked that up. Talking cats! Who knew! And he was so angry! @.@ I have to lock everything up now...

Part 1!

Jun. 24th, 2013 09:59 pm
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Yaban: *collecting cherry blossoms from a tree to put by his desk in the house of history*

Idril: *smiles when she sees him, was just on her way to see if he was at work* hello, Yaban!

Yaban: *turns and grins* hey!

Idril: *kisses his cheek* Picking flowers?

Yaban: just getting some branches. *shows his little cuttings*

Idril: They're very pretty. Where will you put them?

Yaban: in a jar at my desk. Something to brighten things up in my cell

Idril: Idril gets her flirt on! )

I just know that cat is up to no good!
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Gelgannel: *freeing Idril3 from his little outfit before going to the festival*

Idril: *went early to watch her uncles and the help set things up, enjoying the festival atmosphere, hasn't spotted Turgon yet for glomping*

Gelgannel: *finishes his duties, leaves the dog with a servant and goes to meet up with Idril*

Yaban: *already there and trying out confections covered in powdery sugar*

Idril: *laughs when he takes a bite, getting powdered sugar all over his face, and helps him wipe it off, brushing his face with her hand, still giggling* Oh goodness, you'd think to take smaller bites!

Yaban: it looked smaller. My eyes must be too big. Hello, princess *smiles*

Idril: *grins at him* Hi, Yaban. *brushes off the last bit and dusts her hands off* Enjoying the pastry?

This evening started out so well... )

...I think we're done. I've given Gel so many chances, and he still chooses everything else over me. I deserve to be put first! Just like dad, since mom died. But they're different because before she died, he paid attention to her. He wasn't a crazy workaholic, to this extent. Gelgannel is. So I think I'm done.
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Yaban: *at the animal sanctuary trying to teach Ruby the scarlet macaw how to speak* 'Hello, pretty.'

Ruby: *parrot noises*

Lúthien: Any luck?

Yaban: Ruby seems intent on living a life of squawking.

'Pretty bird' is such a vain thing for a bird to say. )
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Working on a retelling of a folktale and what does my eye spy?

Grima: *hits on Idis*

Idis: *glances at Grima sort of like 'really'?*

Grima: *undaunted*

Idis: *decides to ignore*

Yaban: *calls her over to look over something*

Idis: *eagerly heads over there, then when she gets there* Thank you *under her breath*
It's probably for the best Grima doesn't have elven hearing )
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Idril: *goes to the park now that she can!*

Greentwig: *swaying gently in the wind*

Yaban: *taking the scarlet macaw from Eressil's zoo on a walk, like Luthien suggested*

Idril: *smiles happily next to the tree and sees Yaban, waving* hello!

Yaban: hey there! *does a sort of slow bird wave with the arm holding the giant bird*

Idril: what kind of bird is that?

Idril and Yaban bond! )

Yaban and I played with an oliphaunt baby! It was so cute! I'm becoming less worried about meeting humans now, and I've actually made a friend with one!
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Idril: *still unsettled about her supposed future with a human, so goes to the House of History to read about it*

Yaban: *has been run off to another part of the House near the entrance after teasing Grima a bit too much about his elevator incident*

Idril: *sees him and calls out* you! Human! Where would I find my future story?

Yaban: Human? *looks around* No one named that around here

Idril: you're a human, aren't you?
It's been argued both for and against )

She seems like a nice girl. But that may be bias from her traumatizing Grima and me ignoring the blatant racism.
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Yaban: *looking at a city map* okay, she said she was volunteering at the animal place, just where IS i--*smells it* ah, that way

Lúthien: *wearing a plain linen dress with her hair all braided up to keep animals from chewing on it. She has a colorful parrot on her shoulder and leads for a number of dogs in both hands as she takes them for a stroll around the streets near the sanctuary*

Yaban: Hey! Hey!

Lúthien: *looks over at him and smiles* Yaban! *she pulls the dogs over and they all come along with her* How are you?
Animal care happens. Woof chirp etc. )

I do wonder how she expects her future to happen.
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Work has been going interestingly enough, but some days are far better than others. Grima with his seniority and his friends on the inside is enough to get to anyone of course. Even someone rational.

in which Grima is an ass and Idis and Yaban discuss this fact. And scream. )

If nothing else, at least my co-worker is not alone and knows that now. Everything else...I've no idea what else is coming.

Elfy fair

Jan. 7th, 2013 05:42 pm
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Yaban: *sees Luthien in the street when he's on one of his little city explorations and runs up after her* Hey! Luthien! *grinning*

Luthien: *looks up from the jewellery she's been trying on at a market stall and smiles*  Yaban, hello. How are you today?
In which my plans for Adventure are foiled )

Maybe it's a 'but that's status quo where I come from' thing, but I'd still be interested in doing a little exploration into a burnt out ruin of a city.

Update on House of History: There's a new Rohirrim there (Idis) and she is 1) way easier on the eyes than Grima and 2) way easier on the soul than Grima. Maybe I won't quit.
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I have only been here a few hours and I already miss home, my father and Faramir. They need me!

Boromir: *is tending to the last details of his winter garden out behind the castle. The winter squash look divine. He picks up a small spade to pack the dirt a bit more and suddenly *WHOOSH* he is in Gondolin* ....where am I? *clutches his spade and whirls around*

I'd rather have a sword but a spade will do. )
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It was almost time for his working shift to end. He would have to leave his appartment too, but that should be easy enough unless some busybody asked where he was going. He arranged the last books in the shelves and went to collect his belongings. He was very happy that Turko was in Gondolin, and he looked forward to see his father and Maitimo too. He had read a bit more about the kinslayings, and now knew when Turko died, and how. He also knew that he and Curufinwë had died along with their older brother...
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Yaban: *lingering on his lunchbreak outside the House of History, mostly to avoid going in but hoping to catch sight of Luthien again*

Luthien: *approaches the House with a bouquet of flowers in her hands*
She gave me flowers! Well, she gave the House of History flowers. And we shared lunch. And I tried to talk her into disguising herself and escaping the city with me in tow so we could see if there's two of her )

She really is the most beautiful person I've ever met. So I've been distributing the flowers as an excuse not to get to work, putting them in empty inkwells, cups, and in our few windows to dry out.

And of course, a lovely rose for Grima to prove that I am willing to work with a Rohirrim. Like a good obedient scribe. *bow*
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Yaban: *doing Easterling martial arts with his poleaxe in the courtyard to the apartment building he shares with Theo and Dred, visible out Dred's window*

Dred: *glancing out the window. Oh hey, someone I vaguely know! Awesome! Decides to watch and hopes it's not creepy

Yaban: *may not have much liked the army, but WAS good at the physical stuff and makes a good show*
Then he invites me in, but no porn music )

Well, good to at least meet one Rohirrim I don't want to punch over and over until--stopping now.

Oh god, I have to go back to the House of History tomorrow and see Grima AGAIN.
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Work's killing me. I'm the only one of my people here and the idea of being a final authority on our history and having nothing to refer to and simply writing it out without taking anything in every day is like slow poison. On top of that, my only contemporary is some hopped up scribe with no training for this who took the job because it's easy. The bastard knows how to suck up to our superiors so I probably won't get away with getting into another headlock/hairpulling incident.

Yaban: *finally done with his fight-slash-discussion-slash-note-comparison with Grima on a particular historical point concerning their two countries relations and returning to his desk*
And then someone beautiful walked in )

Well. You know the worst time to want to tell someone they're beautiful and ask them out? When they find out their whole family was murdered. You know who's smooth enough to not even try it? Me.

I wonder if that happened to my family. Not that I'll ever know, I'm not the kind of person who'd ever appear in a history.

Poor Luthien. I want to make her pain go away.
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Waking up in a different place than where you fell asleep is pretty disconcerting. Lúthien didn't remember falling asleep in the grass, and when she comes around enough to realize this is definitely not Menegroth, she sits up and looks around in alarm, wondering where on Arda she could be. No where she's visited before, that's for certain. Standing, she picks a few blades of grass from her hair and sets off to try and figure out where she could be and how she got there.

Yaban: *running through the city to the house of histories with his arms full of the scrolls he was sent to get when he literally runs right into a wasn't there a moment ago Lúthien* Waugh!

Lúthien: *yelps in surprise as she's run into. She's taller so she isn't knocked over, but scrolls go flying everywhere* Oh gracious, are you all right?

Read more... )


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