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I learned something new about darts today

I met my friend Alvegil at the bar for some darts. Betting ensued and I learned a whole new set of rules for darts. He's a lot of fun...and I hope we can play again soon.

Alvegil: *weighs the dart in his hand at the Drunken Maiar* you sure you want to bet money?

Boromir: *spins his red-tipped dart around on his palm* Positive, unless you can think of something better to wager. *grins* Or are you afraid you might lose?

Alvegil: we could wager unwanted shifts *slyly*

Boromir: *smiles broadly* Now that is a wager. So when I win, you'll take the next two Saturdays?

Alvegil: Acceptable. And if I win, you take my sunday shifts. Unless there's something else *you'd* like to wager?

Boromir: *shakes his head* No, I think that's wager enough. I would hate for you to have to take on an entire week of my shifts.

Alvegil: oh, all right. Let's do this

Boromir: *steps to the line* I hope you enjoy working Saturdays. *throws his first dart and hits the edge of the bullseye*

Alvegil: *sends his dart right to the center* we'll never know

Boromir: Oh, I think we will. *hits the space next to Alvegil's dart*

Alvegil: *casually hipchecks Boromir and goes for his next shot*

Boromir: *stumbleshuffle to the left* Oh, so that's how it is? *coughs loudly as Alvegil releases*

Alvegil: *claps Boromir on the back on his turn* good luck!

Boromir: *catches himself before the dart goes sailing behind the bar* I think you need to stand where I can see you before I take my next turn. Otherwise, there is no telling where this may end up.

Alvegil: you have no sporting spirit *tweaks a lock of Boromir's hair*

Boromir: *swats at his hand* You're wandering off the sporting trail and into the high grasses of questionable practice. *grins*

Alvegil: you've never played Dol Amrothian darts before? *mock shock*

Boromir: Apparently not, but if you'll share the rules with me, I'll give it a try.

Alvegil: Gondorians have a five foot penalty *straight face*

Boromir: Oh, well that would present quite a challenge. Is that what it takes for you Dol Amrothians to win a game? *tries an innocent look*

Alvegil: it's just our way of being welcoming to Gondorians *grins and gives a low pinch on Boromir's next try*

Boromir: *jerks away but makes the shot anyway* Hmm. I'm not sure I'd enjoy a trip on that welcome wagon. *rubs the pinched area* It's your turn...I think. *elbow jab on the way past*

Alvegil: oof! Well, it's not for the weak. *takes his shot*

Boromir: *flexes a bicep to show he's not weak* I'd say not, especially if pinching is involved...or is that a familiar form of greeting in Dol Amroth?

Alvegil: only if we like you

Boromir: *grins* But will you still like me after I beat you? *takes his shot*

Alvegil: maybe, if you're sweet

Boromir: I'm not sure anyone has called me sweet before, except for my mother.

Alvegil: was she right?

Boromir: *shrugs* Don't know. Like I said, she's the only one who ever said that.

Alvegil: well, the lady always was a good judge of character

Boromir: I'd like to think so. What did she think of you?

Alvegil: well, she would say I needed to be less free with myself but that was just teasing, I suspect

Boromir: *grins* I'm not sure I want an explanation for that comment.

Alvegil: maybe if you win

Boromir: What do you mean, "If" I win? *grins*

Alvegil: well, I never lose...

Boromir: *takes his final shot* Oops. I think you just did. *smug grin*

Alvegil: damn! Is there anything I can do other than shifts?

Boromir: Buy me a beer? Darts make me thirsty.

Alvegil: that I can surely do

Boromir: *lifts his chin* Then, fetch, young Alvegil.

Alvegil: *laughs and fetches them new drinks*
Boromir: *calls from across the bar* You do that really well.

Alvegil: *makes a point of hipswaying like a stereotype waitress as he walks back with the beer*

Boromir: And you've obviously done it before. What's the secret? Is it all in the hips?

Alvegil: the hips and the eyes. The eyes say tip me

Boromir: *laughs and reaches for his beer* Service like that is certainly worth a tip.

Alvegil: *bows and holds out his hand dramatically*

Boromir: *places a couple of coins in his hand* Worth every cent. Maybe you should give me some tips.

Alvegil: I'll teach you to sway anytime

Boromir: *grins* Is that all there is to it? I thought I saw a little wiggle.

Alvegil: You're not ready for all my secrets

Boromir: Maybe not...but if you share one or two, I'll take back one of my Saturday shifts.

Alvegil: okay, there IS a wiggle right before you serve

Boromir: Ah, I thought so. You must practice that a lot.

Alvegil: standard swan knight training

Boromir: *laughs and raises his glass* I would have paid good money to see that.

Alvegil: tsk! *clinks glasses*

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