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By this point you've probably noticed the game has passed on with a whimper. I present to you: the epilogue.

A great deal has been going on under the city while the citizens have slept. Cults, some more beneficial than most, have been at work with the strange whispers of the discord that has pulled people from their time and places.

But everyone felt it all at once. The discord ceased and the harmony of the universe returned. People suddenly felt at peace.

It had many effects.

Some people have returned. Some are still here.

Melkor remained a little girl. She grew up, became a woman, and returned to her status as a valar when she passed away but her time as a human tempered her anger.

Gondolin remained safe. The great evil never came to pass. Eventually only time eroded it away as elves returned to Valinor, or moved onto new experiences.

These days you can find Turgon in Vancouver, being catty over lattes with Maglor. He stayed in Middle Earth for the coffee.

He's on Idril45428 of pets. Right now he and Maglor own Idril4 (for short) and Rockstar, a pair of pugs.

Many humans, their time no longer existed and they remained in Gondolin. In fact to keep the harmony, many of the people closest to them were summoned to keep the time as straight as possible. People who thought they'd never see their families again were re-united. Thanks to Theoden, Eowyn, and Theodred, there was an enormous royal Rohirrim population outbreak.

And that oliphaunt baby not only grew up happy and healthy, but Eressil was able to find much more to keep it company and it lived happily ever after.

What happened to your characters? Any ending you like is possible for them when the universe was put right.
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Great-Grand-Ada sent a package for me and I opened it before Ada saw it! It's these little sticks that make all sorts of colourful marks like they're filled with paint and I am going to make a work of art for Ada.

Elros: *working on his masterpiece with his markers*

Elros: *on the bathroom walls*
Maglor turns on a light. Something is not right! )
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Finrod: *in agony, despite a generous dose of tonic and brandy*

Turgon: A servant sent for me. What happened? We're going to the healers.

Finrod: Agh! Turu... No... Bring them... *presses a hand to his eyes*

Turgon: *nods and hurries to get them fetched*

Finrod: *moans, torn between pain and thoughts of the forest*

Healer: *comes* )
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Turgon: *floats on his back in a hidden pool* Come on, Finrod! We can be otters!

Finrod: Noooo I can't move.

Turgon: Aw *sadfaces*

Finrod: You can. I'll watch you.

Turgon: It works best with two!

Finrod: Well... I guess. Alright. I'll come in with you, anyway.

Turgon: *glee*
After some getting clean festivities, we made our way to the hidden tunnel )

I am never going out in nature again if I can help it. It's for the dogs.

And our horses did escape.

Nice full moon out tonight too. I'm going to leave my window open tonight to really enjoy it.

Page 394.

Jun. 14th, 2014 10:48 am
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Finrod: All considered, this little rock ledge is kind of cozy.

Turgon: That's because you can compress.

Finrod: Well...and it's sheltered. And I know what's at my back: rock.

Turgon: We've been worse places. )

Finrod: *looks out into the night*

Werewolves: *howl*

Finrod: *shivers a little*

Come out, elf. Come and play with us… )
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Elros: *tries to ninja his way back inside after his visit with Feanor*

Maglor: *oh no you don't; is waiting right there*

Elros: *doesn't notice him, thinks he's gotten away with it and starts walking normally* *whistles a little*

Maglor: *coolly* Hello, Elros.

Elros: *little scream*

Maglor: *arms crossed* Come here.

Elros is in severe trouble. )

I don’t know what I’m going to do with that child.
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Oh excellent, a visitor!

Elros: *smacks his hands flat at Feanor's door*
Fëanor: *goes to see who is there*
Elros: *beaming up at him*
Fëanor: Elros! Where's your father?
Elros: I gave him the slip. Can I come in?

Oh, a tiny gangster! Please do! )

That child is in so much trouble.
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Turgon: *cprs Finrod after pulling him out of the river*

Finrod: *coughs*

Turgon: Hi. You still with me?

Finrod: *nods, coughing some more* ...Yeah.

Turgon: Great, great.
Turgon: I have no idea where we are and I can't see any eagles to flag down for directions.

Finrod: *sits up with a groan* Well.

Turgon: I kept my grip on you the whole way down. I want praise for this. Poor Turgon. )
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So while the King is out of town, Captain Ecthelion is in charge of the city. He's easy enough to work with.

Gelgannel: *looking over Lio's tasks for the day* you have an inspection of the animal sanctuary

Ecthelion: Really? Is there something amiss there?

Gelgannel: no, we do it weekly. From me to you, I think the King just enjoys playing with the animals
And it's a regular chore not to come back with a platypus or walrus )


May. 27th, 2014 03:56 am
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Day Unknown of Finrod making me experience fresh air and no responsibilities.

Turgon: *sets his bedroll out for the night*

Finrod: *pokes the fire* See? I told you this would be fun!

Turgon: We're elves, we shouldn't have to deal with mosquitoes, and yet…

Finrod: *grins* There aren't many!

Turgon: They crave my flesh, Finrod. They can tell I'm finer fare than you.

Finrod: *chuckles* Poor you.

Turgon: Are you enjoying your desired vacation?

Finrod: *leans back on his hands* Yes I am.

Turgon: Good, let's go home. )

Come on. Guess what happened under the cut while we run for our lives.
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Turgon: *finishes setting things up so his work can be done without him for the next few weeks*

Finrod: *pokes his head in* Hey.

Turgon: I better have the world's best time, Finrod.

You will, Turgon. You will. )
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Glorfindel: *finds himself wandering in the offices of the guardhouse, trying to figure out how he can best be of help... by snooping through paperwork*

Finrod: *comes into his office, and...someone is already there?*

Glorfindel: *having a hell of a time with (unknown to him) raven-script* What in Varda's name...

Finrod: ...Glorfindel?! *entirely surprised to see him; hasn't the entire time he's been in the city*

Glorfindel and Finrod plot an adventure. )
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Ecthelion is hard at work in his office when he gets interrupted...

Celegorm: *knocks on Lio's door, then sticks his head in* Busy? Need an interruption? I hope so, because here I am.
Ecthelion:: *looks up from his work and grins* I could use one. Please, interrupt away.
Celegorm: *plops down in a chair across from the desk* Huan needed some dog treats, so I thought that was a good excuse to get out...and come see you. What are you working on?

More city craziness... )
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What is it about life that always lands you being caught by friends when you're at your worst? But, it's alright, I'm feeling much better now. So much so that I let Lio buy me a pint.

Well, after a bit of catching up... )
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On my brother's advice, I sought out my son.
He was pleasantly sane.

Well, relatively. )

I daresay if things continue as they have been so far, that I shall be rather content here. Of course, I do not expect that to be the case at all. I feel I need more information still. Perhaps there is a library or somesuch I can seek out?

I shall also have to speak to my brother again. I have many suspicions that need confirming or denying.
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I met my friend Alvegil at the bar for some darts. Betting ensued and I learned a whole new set of rules for darts. He's a lot of fun...and I hope we can play again soon.

Alvegil: *weighs the dart in his hand at the Drunken Maiar* you sure you want to bet money?

Boromir: *spins his red-tipped dart around on his palm* Positive, unless you can think of something better to wager. *grins* Or are you afraid you might lose?

Because I never lose. )
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He's stumbled back, and before the chill of Mandos has even left his bones, he knows too well where he is.


The name is spoken aloud, not for anyone else but simply as an affirmation, an acceptance of fate's (and the Valars') whim. Glorfindel advances slowly, his feet bare and clothing tattered. Clearly this is an elf who has seen better days. Looking close enough, one might notice the eyes which don't match. Closer still and you may even make out the thin scar beneath beneath one eye. These are a remnant of his death, the place where the Balrog's whip licked up to touch him. They are left to him as a reminder of what will be again.

He stumbles, collapsing near the seventh gate. He's tired and sore - his return too quick, he's certain - but he can feel his heart beat strong and knows he is home. Soon he will be himself again, after a rest and a good meal.

If only he had the energy to get back on his feet...
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Ai, dear Ulmo, what's happened? *sitting on the ground, rubbing his head with both hands, before looking around and trying to get his bearings* Such a splitting headache. Everything shook for a moment and now... and now?

*rises* Is this not Gondolin still? But everything... Eru... this is not right.

*checks himself finding his sword, knitting needles, a book on Telerin-style child-rearing (which he'd been planning to lend to Fingon), and a pouch of gold*

Where is my wife? My sons, even. *under his breath* Varda, I swear if this is because I said your entire paper is a lie I will hunt you down.

Well, I suppose I should try to find -someone- familiar and figure out what in Eru's song is going on.
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Maglor: *over-brushes Elrond's hair*

Elrond: Ow.

Maglor: Sorry, darling. *tries to be gentler*

Elrond: Be careful, Ada!

Maglor: *chuckles* Yes, little lord!

Elrond: *leans as Maglor brushes*

Maglor: *works out the knots carefully then sets to braiding*

Elrond: is too damn perceptive. )


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