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Welcome to Gondolin!

The City With A Bit Of A Time Travel Problem

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Name:Gondolindrim, a game with a time travel problem
Website:Gondolindrim Overview
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Welcome to Gondolindrim! Please take a moment to check our website to get an idea of what we're about! You know, besides time travel.

Basic Rules (see our overview page for more general gameplay rules):
  1. All game posts must be made to this community. Out of character discussion goes to GondoBackup, and you can use the character journals for extras.

  2. In case of problems, please contact the mods at the email provided in the profile!

  3. Not a rule, but: OCs are welcome! There's a great deal of room to explore in Tolkien's world, and we'd like to encourage that. We'd like you to be playing a canon character before you create an OC, however. Note on the topic of OCs, characters in general.

  4. The game is set first person. If you prefer to do narration to set up a scene, or such, that's perfectly fine, but most players will be doing first person.

How do you apply to play? Send the mods Benedict (John) and Snacky a message here on DW or an email to the community email with your character concept and we'll set you up.

You may be interested in our NPC journal game mechanic for those of you who like to make lots of characters, but don't have time to play them all.

Game weather is Vancouver:

Click for Vancouver, British Columbia Forecast
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