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(I mentioned I came from the oddest dream?)

On my brother's advice, I sought out my son.
He was pleasantly sane.

Fingolfin: *stands outside Turgon's tower, wondering if there's some sort of procedure or if he should just go in*
Gelgannel: *in the front office, what with being the secretary and all*
Fingolfin: *heads in, finding Gelgannel, crosses his arms* Can you kindly show me to Turukano?
Gelgannel: and who shall I say is calling? *looks up from his work*
Fingolfin: That depends, do you think "your father" or "high king Nolofinwe" would get me an audience sooner? *tiniest glimmer of humour*
Gelgannel: High King. *clicks the intercom* sir, your father is here to see you.
Turgon: *over the intercom* ...what?
Gelgannel: shall I show him in, sir?
Turgon: ah. Er. Yes.
Idril3 the pug: *running around in circles at the door at a new person*
Gelgannel: Please go in, sire.
Fingolfin: Thank you... what was your name? I'll need to remember it. *polite nod before entering Turgon's office*
Turgon: Hello. *half out of his desk to greet Fingolfin*
Idril3: *races around Fingolfin's feet*
Fingolfin: Turukano. *level, while trying to avoid tripping over the pup* I never know whether to be pleased or intensely worried when I see you behind a desk. *heads over, offering a hand*
Turgon: *takes it* when did you arrive? Everyone complains about me and the desk, but they don't complain when the city works.
Fingolfin: Recently. And I have been given to understand that I may indeed be from an alternate... what was the word? *looks Turgon over, studying him, trying to decide how the same he is from his remembered son* I shall say dream.
Turgon: that's a new one. Please, take a seat. I'll make coffee. *tosses some fish food in Bloopy and Lio23's tank as he goes past*
Fingolfin: *under his breath* Thank Eru there's still coffee. *normally, just a hint of annoyance* I wish I could better explain it, but I do not understand myself.
Idril3: *keeps trying to hop up on Fingolfin, legs too short*
Turgon: well, start small. Idril3, DOWN
Idril3: :( *sad pug*
Fingolfin: ...what is with all these creatures? *shakes his head* Anyway. What should I tell you? I hardly know what's relavent.
Turgon: oh. Well, Idril3 is mine, and *points at one of the goldfish* Lio23 is a traditional gift from Ecthelion. He may actually live long enough to meet Lio24. And the other is Bloopy. He's my nephew's fish. I just take care of things.
Turgon: As for what's relevant... well, what is most different?
Fingolfin: *slyly* Would you like the list alphabetically or chronologically?
Turgon: How about we'll start with two
Fingolfin: Two biggest? Your mother isn't here and you don't appear to be shagging everything under the sun. ...please say the second is true, and thank you.
Turgon: *red* I would most certainly not be doing that
Fingolfin: Valar be praised. It was most unbecoming. I've always thought you far better than that. More and more I try to convince myself that before was just a really disturbing dream.
Turgon: I'm a married man!
Fingolfin: Hmmn. Sort of. *looks Turgon over, thinking*
Turgon: Definitely. *firmly*
Fingolfin: *nod, looking a bit like he's gotten lost in that thought* Thus all the pets named after others you don't want to lose?
Turgon: actually, I'm just not good at thinking up names. And it drives Idril up the wall that I keep re-using hers
Turgon: Especially since Idril2 was a giant crab
Turgon: I released it back into the wild because it was terrifying poor Lio
Fingolfin: Oh, of course. *doesn't sound convinced* So tell me; what do I need to know to live here, that I won't be able to figure out on my own?
Turgon: *considers* the dwarves are *supposed* to be here. And sometimes wild animals appear out of nowhere and you'll need to contact the guard so the animals can be brought to the sanctuary
Fingolfin: Fair enough. No major oddities? No fountains spewing alcohol or nude tapestries of your sister up for public viewing? I should hate to make another Valar angry with me. *starts moving about, exploring Turgon's office to try and know him better*
Turgon: *horrified look* there is certainly no nude ANYTHING of my sister.
Turgon's office: *a portrait of a workaholic*
Turgon's office: *who sometimes babysits his toddler nephew*
Fingolfin: All your cousins are their original gender? *sighs and looks at Turgon* I told you, I came from a really bloody bad dream. Tell me I can trust you, here. I... *HATES to show this weakness* I don't have your mother's counsel.
Turgon: everyone is perfectly normal here. Just from the wrong time. *frowns* and of course you can trust me.Fingolfin: *rubbing his head. makes a weak joke* Good, you can be the favourite. At least until I talk to your uncle again.
Turgon: Fingon's gotten very busy with a restaurant he's starting, but my sister and her son are here...
Fingolfin: I'm sure I'll... *pauses* Son?
Turgon: yes. Maeglin. He's very sweet. I'm helping her raise him
Fingolfin: Oh. *frown* I take it she is not married, then. *crosses his arms*
Turgon: her husband is no longer among us. *careful voice*
Fingolfin: *considers* I will speak to her of it, if she wishes. Or not, if you wish.
Turgon: it's not a topic that makes her happy
Fingolfin: I should hope not. A bit of a trend, in our family. *finds a chair* Do you play chess?
Turgon: I do. I was taught by a Satari.
Fingolfin: Brilliant. Unless there is an emergency, you now have plans for every Thursday. I'd say come to my place, but I haven't one here. Shall I bother you about that or just yell at your help?
Turgon: Ada, it is my pleasure to invite you to live in the palace.
Turgon: and please don't yell at Gelgannel, he's the only one who remembers to keep me fed
Fingolfin: Yes, I thought I liked him already. *actual smile* Thank you, Turukano. Perhaps, since I am here, I can help you with some of your duties so you no longer have to work yourself to death.
Turgon: working myself to death is how I give myself life, Ada
Fingolfin: In that way, you are exactly the son I remember. *fatherly kiss to the brow* You will take time off. Willing or no.
Turgon: you sound like Finrod.
Turgon: Or Maglor
Fingolfin: Excellent. You should go hunting with one or both. And I will watch the office.
Turgon: trying to take over? Idril3, show him who's boss of the office
Idril3: *licks Fingolfin's hand*
Fingolfin: Yes, clearly I want your silly little mountain city when I have an entire kingdom. *rolls his eyes and gives Idril3 the slightest pat* I may go through all your books, though. All I seem to have with me is this odd one your mother insisted I give to Findekano. *tosses it on the desk*
Turgon: *picks it up to glance at*
Turgon: my city is not silly. It is majestic
Turgon: child rearing? Fingon hasn't got children. And I doubt he will anytime soon, unless he adopts
Fingolfin: Mine... did. *shrugs* It doesn't matter anymore.
Turgon: ah, well, I can pass this onto Aredhel
Fingolfin: It's technically yours. Your mother took it out of your personal library. Er. Other you's? This is confusing.
Turgon: I winged it with Idril. That's why she's the upstanding citizen she is today.
Fingolfin: You did have a good influence, for a time. Other than myself, of course.
Turgon: you know, they *do* call me the wise
Fingolfin: And so they called me before you. *raises an eyebrow* In your case, it might be a polite way of saying you never stopped working.
Turgon: well, it's not Turgon the Paperworky
Fingolfin: We could always change it? Wouldn't your mother be proud.
Turgon: *wrinkles his nose at his father* I'll show you to the palace, hm?
Fingolfin: It may be safer for your delicate ego, alas.

I daresay if things continue as they have been so far, that I shall be rather content here. Of course, I do not expect that to be the case at all. I feel I need more information still. Perhaps there is a library or somesuch I can seek out?

I shall also have to speak to my brother again. I have many suspicions that need confirming or denying.

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