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Day Unknown of Finrod making me experience fresh air and no responsibilities.

Turgon: *sets his bedroll out for the night*

Finrod: *pokes the fire* See? I told you this would be fun!

Turgon: We're elves, we shouldn't have to deal with mosquitoes, and yet…

Finrod: *grins* There aren't many!

Turgon: They crave my flesh, Finrod. They can tell I'm finer fare than you.

Finrod: *chuckles* Poor you.

Turgon: Are you enjoying your desired vacation?

Finrod: *leans back on his hands* Yes I am.

Turgon: Good, let's go home.

Finrod: Turu!

Turgon: This sick experiment of yours has to end.

Finrod: It's not an experiment!

Turgon: Oh god, what is it then?

Finrod: We're just enjoying ourselves!

Turgon: Oh no...

Finrod: No?

Turgon: You've got some sort of madness.

Finrod: *rolls his eyes* If I do, then so have you.

Turgon: I am exceptional in every way, thank you.

Finrod: Exceptionally mad, maybe. *grins*

Turgon: *flicks a pebble at Finrod's head*

Finrod: Hey!

Turgon: *grins and flicks another*

Finrod: Didn't your mother and father ever tell you not to throw rocks?

Turgon: They said aim for the Feanorians.

Finrod: *laughs* They did not! And I am not a Feanorian.

Turgon: Your name starts the same!

Finrod: "Finrod" does not sound like "Feanorian".

Turgon: Ffffffff.

Finrod: *sticks his tongue out*

Turgon: *reaches out and grabs Finrod's ankle*

Finrod: Turu!

Turgon: *yank*

Finrod: Ack!

Turgon: *miscalculates and get a Finrod on top of him* Oof!

Finrod: *wicked grin* Oh, so you doooo mistake me for a Feanorian!

Turgon: Maybe.

Turgon: Wait.
Turgon: ...
Turgon: *smacks Finrod*

Finrod: *laughs, rolling off him*

Turgon: *goes after him*

Finrod: Hey! HEY! TURU! *self defense!*

Turgon: Vengeance!

Finrod: Geddoff!

Turgon: What'll you give me?

Finrod: Not what Maglor gives you!

Turgon: *smacks again*

Terror Bird: *headtilt as it watches them*

Finrod: Ow!

Terror Bird: *bone-chilling shriek*

Horses: *bolt*

Finrod: What the...

Turgon: o.o *grabs Finrod to his feet and starts running*

Finrod: Won't this just encourage it?!

Turgon: And you think talking to it would be better!?

Finrod: No, I think shooting it would be better!

Turgon: Do YOU have your bow on you!?

Finrod: Well, I would have done if you hadn't grabbed me!

Turgon: Shut up and run!

Come on. Guess what happened under the cut while we run for our lives.