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Helping the temporary boss settle in

So while the King is out of town, Captain Ecthelion is in charge of the city. He's easy enough to work with.

Gelgannel: *looking over Lio's tasks for the day* you have an inspection of the animal sanctuary

Ecthelion: Really? Is there something amiss there?

Gelgannel: no, we do it weekly. From me to you, I think the King just enjoys playing with the animals

Baini: Lio has enough animal. Lio has me. *looks up from frantically chewing on a feather pen*

Ecthelion: *grins at Gel* That sounds about right. *looks down at her* You can come if you'd like, Baini.

Baini: I get eat birds?

Gelgannel: No.

Baini: *sighs and goes back to fighting with the feather*

Gelgannel: It should be a quick visit if we don't get distracted, sir

Ecthelion: Well, hopefully we won't be. I'm not as fond as some of theā€¦ odder creatures as the King is.

Gelgannel: Part of my many duties include keeping this office from becoming a menagerie. *eyes the fish, Idril3, Baini*

Ecthelion: As long as that crab beast is gone....

Gelgannel: Oh, it isn't still in your bushes? I wonder where it got to

Ecthelion: *shudders* Down to the bottom of the lake, hopefully.

Gelgannel: The king did say he released it back into the lake. Thank god in heaven. *looks over the list* and his highness had a dinner date with Maglor. I'm not sure if you're meant to do that one

Ecthelion: I assume that Maglor knows the king is gone.

Gelgannel: I assume so as well. He didn't tell me to inform Lord Maglor, but surely the king told him himself

Ecthelion: Well, if he shows up here for dinner, I'll know why.

Gelgannel: I expect the king does not expect you to act fully in his stead

Ecthelion: He'd better not.

Baini: I do dinner. For you.

Ecthelion: Are you cooking, Baini? *scratches her ears*

Baini: no no. I eating. I eat like King, all good. *purrs and rubs against Lio's fingers*

Ecthelion: Oh, of course.

Gelgannel: well, it's an idea if Lord Maglor shows up, at any rate. I'm sure he won't be able to tell the difference

Baini: yes!

Ecthelion: I'm sure Maglor will enjoy your company.

Baini: I need little crown

Gelgannel: do you need any help with the paperwork, captain?

Ecthelion: I think I'm okay with all this for now. But is there anything else I need to attend?

Gelgannel: that's it for today. Princess Idril has been working on lessening her father's workload.

Ecthelion: Very good of her. What time do I need to go to the animal sanctuary?

Gelgannel: It's scheduled for four. I'll have things ready to go when it's time

Ecthelion: You're very good at your job, Gel. Thank you.

Gelgannel: *pleased nod* If you need me, just call me over the intercom. Otherwise I'll be back in an hour with mid-morning coffee.

Ecthelion: I will do so. Thank you.

Baini: I be secretary while he gone. *tries to pick up the pen she was savaging with her mouth*

Ecthelion: Alright then. *goes back to reading his reports*

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