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We're home! We're home! Where's my dog! Bring my dog!

Turgon: *floats on his back in a hidden pool* Come on, Finrod! We can be otters!

Finrod: Noooo I can't move.

Turgon: Aw *sadfaces*

Finrod: You can. I'll watch you.

Turgon: It works best with two!

Finrod: Well... I guess. Alright. I'll come in with you, anyway.

Turgon: *glee*

Finrod: *slips out of his clothes and steps into the water, standing the the shallow*

Turgon: *lizard wiggles in the shallow water at him*

Finrod: *grins, shaking his head a little, sitting on a rock*

Turgon: Sea monster! *grabs his ankle*

Finrod: Ack! Turu!

Turgon: *looks up with big eyes*

Finrod: I'm glad you're in good spirits.

Turgon: Well, it's fun to swim around.

Finrod: *slides off his rock into the cool water, up to his shoulders, wading around*

Turgon: *dog paddles around him*

Finrod: This does feel nice.

Turgon: See, life's not so bad. And you're healing pretty fast.

Finrod: *smiles* It's funny to hear you saying that. *rubs his shoulder*

Turgon: It's true. I was so worried the other night...

Finrod: *nods vaguely*

Finrod: I'm sorry.

Turgon: It's not your fault. You were lured.

Finrod: Still. Well, I guess I paid for it.

Turgon: But at least you're not going to die.

Finrod: Eru I'm sore though.

Turgon: want it kissed better?

Finrod: *amused* If I say yes? That's a lot of kissing for you.

Turgon: That could get kind of weird.

Finrod: *chuckles* Rather. The water helps. *rubs gingerly at a hard bruise on his forearm*

Turgon: *splashes around* I remember this area, from scouting. We're getting near our destination.

Finrod: That's good, I think.

Turgon: Yeah. I hope our horses went back on their own.

Turgon: That was a really good horse. She doesn't deserve to be terror bird chow.

Finrod: Me too. I imagine they did. Much cleverer than we are.

Turgon: I'll hope that. *swims until he's under the small waterfall as a nice shower*

Finrod: How much longer until we find the gate, do you think?

Turgon: Well, you're walking faster so... we should be safely in the tunnel and on our way home before nightfall. And the tunnel can be lit, so.

Finrod: Oh! That's much closer than I thought.

Turgon: Aye, I just thought we should bathe before returning to civilization.

Finrod: Better than nothing. I'm looking forward to a proper bath.

Turgon: You could try harder here.

Finrod: I just mean soap...

Turgon: Oh, that too.

Finrod: *scrubs at some of the dirt with his hand*

Turgon: *menaces just below the surface*

Finrod: *eyes him*

Turgon: *so relieved about not dying out in the woods has gone back to being himself*

Finrod: *see, not so bad*

Turgon: *splash attack*

Finrod: Ack! *splashes back*

Turgon: *war!*

Finrod: Turu!

Finrod: Enough, enough!

Turgon: oh fine. Fine.

Turgon: Should we dry off and get going?

Finrod: Yeah. I walk slow, remember?

Turgon: Yeah yeah *flops down on the grass*

Finrod: *stretches out next to him*

Turgon: You really do look better already.

Finrod: Except the scarring. *gestures to a few*

Turgon: Could be a lot worse

Finrod: It could. *closes his eyes*

Turgon: *shakes his shoulder later* Time to get going.

Finrod: *groans* Alright...

Turgon: *finds his way to the secret entrance*

Finrod: *trailing after him*

Turgon: Remember to keep this secret, got it?

Finrod: I promise. *looks back over the landscape*

Turgon: *shuts the door*

Finrod: *blinks in the sudden dark*

Turgon: *sets off the lights*

Finrod: *blinks again, rubbing his eyes and squinting* The Feanorian lights are much better...

Turgon: I didn't have access to Feanorians I didn't want to throttle.

Finrod: Ahh...

Turgon: There was a bit of anger. Over the dead wife and such.

Finrod: I know.

Turgon: It's not like it was over nothing.

Finrod: I know, Turgon.

Turgon: *sighs*

Finrod: *puts a hand on his shoulder*

Finrod: Let's get a drink.

Turgon: Yeah. Next vacation we're doing inside

Finrod: Mmm. *climbing, climbing*

Turgon: We'll send some people out to find out what attacked you.

Finrod: No, no... That's unnecessary.

Turgon: Why?

Finrod: Why? There are plenty of dark things beyond Gondolin. If we start chasing them all, we'll just waste resources and put people in danger.

Turgon: *frowns* If you wish it.

Finrod: What would the other way achieve?

Turgon: Well, it'd make me feel better about strange voices attacking my cousin.

Finrod: *smiles reassuringly* It's past, Turgon.

Turgon: *squeezes his hand* If you say so.

Finrod: The sooner we get up this bloody hill though...

Turgon: Elf up, Finrod.

Finrod: Shutup...

Turgon: Love you too.

Finrod: *just tired*

Turgon: *gets them up in the palace and gets Finrod to bed and goes to find his dog*

I am never going out in nature again if I can help it. It's for the dogs.

And our horses did escape.

Nice full moon out tonight too. I'm going to leave my window open tonight to really enjoy it.

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