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Turgon: *hug*

Finrod: *loves*

Turgon: I was so worried!

Finrod: >.> Sorry.

Turgon: *hugs tight*

Finrod: *leans*

Turgon: Want something to eat?

Finrod: *nods* Please.

Turgon: *fetch!*

Finrod: Thanks.

Turgon: *kisses his cheek* Don't vanish again.

Finrod: I don't plan to...

Turgon: Good.

Finrod: I don't...remember leaving.

Turgon: Trust me, you did.

Finrod: I know, I just...don't remember.

Turgon: We should have people watch you sleep.

Finrod: *gives him a baleful look* No.

Turgon: Why!?

Finrod: Why? Because that's weird!

Turgon: But you're vanishing in your sleep.

Finrod: *weak grin* Well, I always come back. And, that was once.

Turgon: *frown*

Finrod: I just don't want anyone staring at me while I sleep, Turu.

Turgon: *considers a spycat*

Finrod: *I'll kill you*

Turgon: *evil eye*

Finrod: Don't look at me like that.

Turgon: You're being worrisome.

Finrod: Sleep with me tonight, if you like. *shrug*

Turgon: I'll do that.

Finrod: ...Really?

Turgon: Yes.

Finrod: Well. Alright.

Turgon: Good.

Finrod: You'll see.


Finrod: *nothing weird happens as he sleeps*

Turgon: *spoons*

Finrod: *except that, but his sleeping self does not mind*

Turgon: *gets them a nice breakfast*

Finrod: Satisfied?

Turgon: It could be a fluke. Have a pancake.

Finrod: *spreads on butter* Or the nightwalking could have been a fluke.

Turgon: I want to be sure.

Finrod: *looks vaguely unimpressed as he takes a bite of pancake*

Turgon: You're really willing to let creepy stuff slide when it comes to you, you know that?

Finrod: Well. I do wish I knew what the other night was about, that headache and all. But that doesn't mean I need an hour-by-hour babysitter.

Turgon: Indulge me.

Finrod: Indulge you in constant observation? No.

Turgon: Just during the night.

Finrod: ...fine. For two more nights only.

Turgon: Thank you, Finfin.

Finrod: *sigh* You're welcome.

Turgon: See, I'm a little concerned after watching you get viciously mauled. Remember that?

Finrod: Yes, I remember that. I hurt from that.

Turgon: *quick nod* So I'm still worried.

Finrod: If it makes you feel better, I'll follow up with your healer? *albeit reluctantly*

Turgon: It will.

Finrod: I will then.

Turgon: Thank you. Your reward is you can have the rest of the raspberries.

Finrod: *chuckles* Thanks. If I say I'll go this afternoon, do I get the rest of the coffee?

Turgon: *generously* Yes.

Finrod: I want more coffee...

Turgon: Tease.

Finrod: *smiles at him*

Turgon: What were your plans for today, anyway?

Finrod: Going to work.

Turgon: I wonder if Lio works or just spends all his time showing how much he hates me with Celegorm.

Finrod: *laughs* Both. He's very efficient. *winks*

Turgon: How do you even spend time around Celegorm?

Finrod: I don't. Celegorm isn't there.

Turgon: Good. You have my permission to arrest him.

Finrod: *chuckles* I might.

Turgon: "It's a new law about being a bastard."

Finrod: You're wicked.

Turgon: A little wicked, but not too bad.

Finrod: *just shakes his head*


Finrod: *later goes to the houses of Healing, as promised, trying to recall the healer's name*

Laimist:: *making salves*

Finrod: *manages to describe her well enough to the receptionist that she can be called*

Laimist:: *comes out* Ah, I heard you'd returned from your little vacation.

Finrod: *arches an eyebrow* Quite. I promised Turgon I would follow up with you.

Laimist:: *nods* I'll give you a full exam.

Finrod: *nods in return*

Laimist:: *shows him to a table and begins after warming her hands*

Finrod: *sits* I do not remember disappearing.

Laimist:: What is the last thing you remember?

Finrod: Well. I remember Turgon sending for you. I remember falling asleep, at least insomuch as someone can remember such.

Laimist:: And your dreams?

Finrod: My dreams?

Laimist:: Your dreams from that night.

Finrod: *looks at the ceiling, thinking back* Well... I was reliving the attack, but not quite.

Laimist:: How not quite? *checking his bite-marks*

Finrod: Well, for one there wasn't pain. Second, it just sort of... repeated without progressing.

Laimist:: Explain?

Finrod: *frowns, thinking* It was just a...limbo. It lacked nightmare quality though. *half shrug, wincing slightly at one of the worst bites*

Laimist:: That may be part of the solution to what happened. Where did you wake up?

Finrod: In my rooms.

Laimist:: I'm interested in how no one saw you come in.

Finrod: *rueful smile* Perhaps I was quiet. I'm sorry. I don't know.

Laimist:: The king was frantic.

Finrod: So I've gathered. I can tell you that I woke exhausted, but with the worst of the pain from the night before abated. Beyond that... *half shrug*

Laimist:: At least you're being helped by whatever happened.

Finrod: *cocks his head* How do you mean?

Laimist:: Your pain, you said it had gone.

Finrod: *nods* I don't know though if that was...whatever happened, or your generous dose of painkiller. *sheepish smile*

Laimist:: Well, frankly, whatever weird thing happened to you is more likely.

Finrod: If you say. To be honest, I'm more interested in preventing such an...episode from reoccurring.

Laimist:: Me too. Maybe a locked room would be enough.

Finrod: *unsmiling now* I mean the pain.

Laimist:: Ah. Yes, I can provide you with more painkiller.

Finrod: Is there anything more...specific? That was no normal headache.

Laimist:: I thought it might be an infection, but I can't find any signs of it. That's what I've been checking you for.

Finrod: Nothing at all?

Laimist: I could cut you open to check.

Finrod: *arches an eyebrow*

Laimist:: Not viable.

Finrod: Indeed not.

Laimist:: *pressing him to see if there's pain*

Finrod: *generally nothing, though winces a little over one shoulder, where a wolf had gotten its teeth in and shook*

Laimist:: Describe the pain.

Finrod: Sharp, when you press.

Laimist:: Does it ache otherwise?

Finrod: Yes, dully. It goes if I ignore it.

Laimist:: I'll give you something for that, just in case.

Finrod: *nods* Thank you.

Laimist:: *mixes her medicines and tells Finrod the instructions* You're the first patient I ever lost.

Finrod: *chuckles a little* Really?

Laimist:: Oh yes. I've had patients die, but never go missing.

Finrod: Well. Luckily I resurfaced then.

Laimist:: It would have been a dark mark on my record indeed.

Finrod: So there's not a thing you can find to suggest why the strange, sudden agony?

Laimist:: *taps her lips* You could have been poisoned, but if you were it looks like the worst is out of your system.

Finrod: Well, that's...potentially good, I think?

Laimist:: I think so. If someone's poisoning you, try not to eat anything you don't know everything about.

Finrod: I won't.

Laimist:: Anything else, call immediately if you feel ill and then call law enforcement.

Finrod: *arches an eyebrow at the last bit* I shall.

Laimist:: *wry smile* I'm not very good at anything like that. When I come from didn't exactly have a lot of crime.

Finrod: I can't say I'm particularly familiar with people attempting to poison one another either.

Laimist:: What does elven royalty get up to for intrigue?

Finrod: Inappropriate romances *and kinslaying* mostly.

Laimist:: Sounds like what healers get up to, then.

Finrod: *grins*

Laimist:: Never short on gossip around here. *finds a bag to put Finrod's medicines in*

Finrod: I imagine not!

Laimist:: I've written down the instructions in case you forget, and there's enough painkiller here to help you through another night of that pain in case it crops up again. But try not to take it unless you absolutely have to. It can be habit forming.

Finrod: *nods* I'll be careful.

Laimist:: Tell the king I've given you a temporary freedom from supervision.

Finrod: Thank you. He'll be displeased. *grin*

Laimist:: Try to talk him out of having me beheaded.

Finrod: I will, of course.

Laimist:: Good man.

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