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After the battle with the cultists is over, and the wounded have all been taken to the House of Healing, Fëanor stays behind in the sewers with the remaining guards. As they scurry about quickly, removing the dead bodies of the cultists, and collecting evidence, Fëanor prowls around the altar room, trying to determine the source of the bad feelings and the evil magic. With the death of the cult members, and the disappearance of the leaders, the feelings are weaker, but not gone. Finally, he stops in front of the altar, and examines it thoroughly.

This is it. It must be destroyed. *pulls his sword out*
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Finrod tries every spell that might corrode the metal into rust, and every spell of strength he can remember to break the chain binding him. It's only when these fail that he thinks of the basic principles of metalwork. The links and bands of steel will have seams for all their outward smoothness. He focuses on the centre chain link first, but though it grows hot enough that he can burn his fingertips if he stretches to touch the chain, the solder does not fail.

He sighs and jerks on the chain in frustration. The cuts on his neck itch. He recalls the girl's - Rae's - words.

"Strong blood makes good magic."

A shiver runs through him even as he finds the joint in the band on his left wrist. It grows red-hot, but he concentrates hard enough to ignore the worst of the pain, even as blood begins to trickle over the metal. He can feel the metal give, bends it on the rung of the chair just enough to work his hand free...

From there it's easy enough to snap the length of chain that had linked his wrists together, and he throws the broken band into the water as soon as he gets out of the room. He can't ignore his wounds indefinitely, and a hot, sick feeling courses through him. Still, he keeps his footsteps silent.

So, from here we'll play in comments for the rescue party arriving and ensuing chaos!
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Rae: *walks into the room where Finrod is held, followed by three
other cult members* Brothers, I see that our guest has been suitably
restrained. *kneels down in front of Finrod* Your time is drawing

The city is restless. )
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Cristaer: *goes out to play the prey for Finrod, setting his cult members to be 'attacking' him, knowing he look the weakest of them* He's coming. Are you prepared?

Rae: *looks around at the rest of the followers* Yes, I think so.

Cristaer: Then we begin. )

It's dark when he comes to, head pounding furiously and mouth bone-dry. Finrod can dimly make out the muffled sound of voices, and water, though he cannot yet make them out clearly. He moves to massage his forehead, but finds himself bound fast...

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Cristaer: *makes sure the way is clear out of the manhole and leads out his followers, along with the ex-elf*

Rae: *climbs out last and looks around* Right over here. *points to a follower* And make sure the feet are pointing this direction.

Finrod: *late leaving work tonight, hears voices and pauses*

Cristaer: *takes his pot of blood from the drained elf and starts writing their symbol on the wall, the tentacle and the eye*
Finrod sees something he should not. )

I must speak with Ecthelion. *rubs his forehead, a headache steadily growing*

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 photo Emilie-de-Ravin.jpg

Grindi: *heading back after a day of work at the House of Artificers, head in the clouds*

Grindi: *or as much as a dwarf's head can be*

Rae: *sits on the edge of the road, holding her ankle* Ohhh..*winces* Ouch. I knew this would happen.

Grindi: *?* You fine there, lass?

Rae: *baleful look* No, sir. I...I think I hurt my ankle. *pulls up her skirt and it looks sort of blue-ish*

Grindi: well, let's take a look at it. *crouches down to examine* that's a nasty bruise you've got there

Rae: *flinches* Yes, sir, and it really hurts. *bats her eyes* If it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you help me to my house? I'd be forever grateful.

Grindi: *smirks and puffs up* sure, lass. *emphasizes the lass and offers his hand*

Rae: *struggles to her feet and leans heavily on the dwarf* Oh, thank you! My house is just over there.

Grindi: *helps her, practically lifting as they walk*

Rae: *points to a small, non-descript house* That's it right there. It should be unlocked, if you could just help me inside...

Grindi: *nods* just hold on, nearly got you there...

Rae: *opens the door and shuffles inside, makes eye contact with two elves waiting in the dark* On the sofa will be just fine.

Grindi: *leads her there and never sees it coming*

Rae: *nods at the elves and they grab him from behind, knocking him out with a sleeping drug* Excellent. I think the ciy will be pleased with this one.
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Takes place two hours after the body is found, on the other side of the city

Cristaer: --and so we must all meditate on what our dreams are telling us. Of the future and most especially of the present. *steps down from his podium in the alley, nodding to his followers*

Rae: *rushes up to him* I agree. Meditation is key to our cause. Your words always inspire me so much. *worshipful look*

Cristaer: I couldn't do what I do without all of you. We are a community... Walk with me, Rae?

Rae: Yes, of course. *feels proud* I want to to tell you that I am completely committed to the cause. Whatever you need for me to do, just say it. I will do anything. Anything at all.

Cristaer: I'm glad to hear that. In fact, we could use help with the solution to that which troubles us. Are you willing to bring us *searches for the word* newcomers to our fold?

Rae: *nods enthusiastically* Yes! I will go door-to-door if you need. There are many newcomers now. I can recruit as many as you'd like.

Cristaer: a different kind. Like the one we gave back to the city the other night.

Rae: Oh...*blinks a few times* I think so. What kind of...offering did you have in mind?

Cristaer: The city is hungry, Rae, and it has brought its meals to it. These newcomers are important, and we must treat them as such. The city has told me in my dreams how we are to return the newcomers to it. But... we must not draw undue attention to ourselves, simply grabbing them off the street.

Rae: *nods slowly* I will meditate on your words and ask the city to reveal the ones it wants first. *stops and closes her eyes* If I concentrate, I can hear it, the rumbling of the city itself. *opens them and looks at Cristfaer* May the city's will be done.

Cristaer: *bows to her* May the city's will be done.


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